State of Lake Ontario

Past, Present and Future

Ed.: M. Munawar

2003. XVIII, 664 pages, 201 figures, 54 tables, 16x25cm, 1590 g
Language: English

(Ecovision World Monograph Series)

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This State of Lake Ontario volume reflects the breadth of scientific inquiry, the wealth of information on the past and present, and the future of this large ecosystem. The luxury of knowledge and understanding of the Lake Ontario ecosystem speaks volumes to its uniqueness as a long term ecological site and, more importantly, as a barometer of ecological change globally.

Table of Contents top ↑

M. Munawar: Editorial
E. Mills: Preface
J. Leach: Foreword
Physical and Chemical Regime
W.M. Schertzer: Physical limnology and hydrometeorological
characteristics of Lake Ontario with consideration of climate impacts
J.P. Coakley, C.F.M. Lewis: Sedimentary environment of Lake Ontario:
Geologic setting, sediment processes, and related environmental issues
E.S. Millard, O.E. Johannsson, M.A. Nielson, A.H. El-Shaarawi:
Long-term seasonal and spatial trends in nutrients, chlorophyll a and
light attenuation in Lake Ontario
Base of the Food-web
M. Munawar, M. Legner, I.F. Munawar: Assessing the microbial food web
structure in Lake Ontario
D.H. Lynn, M. Munawar, S. Carou, H. Niblock, P. Humby-Searle:
Abundance, biomass, and diversity of planktonic ciliates (Ciliophora)
in Lake Ontario
M. Munawar, I.F. Munawar: Changes in phytoplankton community structure
and primary production of Lake Ontario
O.E. Johannsson: A history of changes in zooplankton community
structure and function in Lake Ontario: Responses to whole-lake
remediation and exotic invasions
O.E. Johannsson, L.G. Rudstam, G. Gal, E.L. Mills: Mysis relicta in
Lake Ontario: Population dynamics, trophic linkages and further
O.E. Johannsson, L.G. Rudstam, G. Gal, E.L. Mills, T.J. Morris,
W.G. Sprules: A comparison of egg ratio and optical plankton counter
methodologies for estimating zooplankton production: Spatial and
temporal trends in Lake Ontario 1991-1997
R. Dermott, M. Geminiuc: S.J. Lozano, T.F. Nalepa: Disruption of the
benthic community in Lake Ontario Changes in the benthic fauna of Lake
Ontario 1990-1995, with local trends after 1981
Fish Community dynamics
J.M. Casselman, K.A. Scott: Fish community dynamics of Lake Ontario:
Long term trends in the fish populations of eastern Lake Ontario and
the Bay of Quinte
L.M. Kracker, L. Zhou, J.M. Jech, J.K. Horne, J.A. Tyler, S.B. Brandt:
Spatial and temporal structure in fish distributions: A Lake Ontario
case study
R.W. Owens, R. O'Gorman, T.H. Eckert, B.F. Lantry: The offshore fish
community in southern Lake Ontario, 1972-1998
J.E. McKenna, Jr.: Biological structure and dynamics of fish
assemblages in tributaries of eastern Lake Ontario
J.A. Hoyle, J.M. Casselman, R. Dermott, T. Schaner: Resurgence and
decline of lake whitefish (Coregonus clupeaformis) stocks in eastern
Lake Ontario, 1972 to 1999
J. Fitzsimons, B. Lantry, R. O'Gorman: A review of lake trout
(Salvelinus namaycush) restoration in Lake Ontario from an early life
history perspective
T.J. Stewart, J.R. Bowlby, M. Rawson, T.H. Eckert: The recreational
boat fishery for salmonids in Lake Ontario 1985-1995
Invasion of Exotics
I.C. Duggan, S.A. Bailey, R.I. Colautti, D.K. Gray, J.C. Makarewicz,
H.J. MacIsaac: Biological invasions in Lake Ontario: Past, present and
T.L. Negley, E.L. Mills, B. Baldwin, R. O'Gorman, R.W. Owens: The
ecology and impact of the invasion of Lake Ontario by the zebra mussel
(Dreissena polymorpha) and quagga mussel (D. bugensis)
R. Dermott, M. Munawar: Influence of Dreissena on the benthos and
primary production in Lakes Ontario and Erie Contaminants
D.V.C. Weseloh, C. Pekarik, R. Joos, J.F. Farquhar, J.L. Shutt,
T. Havelka, I. Mazzocchi, G. Barrett, R. McCollough, R.L. Miller,
A. Mathers: Monitoring Lake Ontario's waterbirds: contaminants in
Herring Gull eggs and population changes in the Lake's nearly
1,000,000 colonial waterbirds