State of Lake Michigan

Ecology, Health and Management

Ed.: T. Edsall; M. Munawar

2005. XIV, 639 pages, 153 figures, 53 tables, 17x25cm, 1550 g
Language: English

(Ecovision World Monograph Series)

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This book is the formal outcome of an international symposium on Lake Michigan organized by the Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Management Society. The symposium was convened as a special session at the 44th conference on Great Lakes Research, International Assoc. of Great Lakes Research, which was held at the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay, Wisconsin, June 10-14,2001. This book reviews the status of the major Lake Michigan ecosystem components and provides a basis for evaluating natural resource. The papers that this book comprises are invited, peer-reviewed presentations from professionals in the Great Lakes region who are recognized for their contributions to the advancement of Great Lakes science and management. The papers are arranged in the following 6 sections: Physical and chemical regimes, Food web, Water birds, Wetlands, Management and initiatives, Summary and synthesis

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T. Edsall, M. Munawar: Editorial
L. Pollack: Foreword
Physical and chemical regimes
D.J. Schwab, T.E. Croley II, W.M. Schertzer: Physical, limnological and hydrological characteristics of Lake Michigan
E.F. Stoermer: Lake Michigan paleolimnology
B.J. Eadie, J.A. Robbins: Composition and accumulation of recent sediments in Lake Michigan
J. Janssen, M.B. Berg, S.J. Lozano Submerged terra incognita: Lake Michigan's abundant but unknown rocky zones
G.J. Warren: Recent and long-term nutrient trends in Lake Michigan
R.N. Brent, G.J. Warren: Atrazine in the Lake Michigan ecosystem: Monitoring results from the Lake Michigan mass balance study
M. Munawar, I.F. Munawar, M. Fitzpatrick, D. Lynn: A preliminary assessment of the planktonic food web in Lake Michigan
J.C. Makarewicz: The pelagic phytoplankton community of Lake Michigan, 1983 to 1999
R.P. Barbiero, L.L. Schacht, R.E. Little, M.L. Tuchman: Crustacean zooplankton communities in Lake Michigan
T.F. Nalepa, D.L. Fanslow, G.A. Lang, S.A. Ruberg: Recent trends in benthic macroinvertebrate communities in Lake Michigan
C.P. Madenjian: Role of a lake-wide prey fish survey in understanding ecosystem dynamics and managing fisheries of Lake Michigan
D. Jude, J. Janssen, E. Stoermer: The uncoupling of trophic food webs by invasive species in Lake Michigan
N.E. Seefelt, J.C. Gillingham: The Double-crested Cormorant in Lake Michigan: A review of population trends, ecology and current management
C.R. Dykstra, M.W. Meyer, S. Postupalsky, K.L. Stromborg, D.K. Warnke, R.G. Eckstein: Bald eagles of Lake Michigan: Ecology and contaminants
D.V.C. Weseloh, R.A. Faber, C. Pekarik: Temporal and spatial trends of organochlorine contaminants in herring gull eggs from Lake Michigan, 1976-2002.
D.A. Wilcox: Lake Michigan wetlands: classification, concerns and management opportunities
D. Jude, D. Albert, D.G. Uzarski, J. Brazner: Lake Michigan's coastal wetlands: Distribution, biological components with emphasis on fish and threats
T.P. Simon, R.L. Dufour, P.M. Stewart, M.L. Moffett: Distribution, classification and selection rationale of coastal wetlands in Lake Michigan
Management and initiatives
P. Bertram, C. Forst, P. Horvatin: Developing indicators of ecosystem health
T.N. Trudeau: The state of Lake Michigan in 2000 and its linkage to the joint strategic plan for management of the Great Lakes fisheries
D.S. Lavis: A review of sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus) control in Lake Michigan, 1960-2001
P.W. Seelbach, M.J. Wiley: An initial, landscape-based information system for ecological assessment of Lake Michigan tributaries
M.B. Nevers, R.L. Whitman: Protecting visitor health in beach waters of Lake Michigan: Problems and opportunities
Summary and synthesis
T. Edsall, M. Munawar: Epilogue