Soils and Geomorphology

Ed.: Peter D. Jungerius

1985. 174 pages, 47 figures, 28 tables, 2 plates, Catena ISBN 978-3-923381-05-0, US-ISBN 978-1-59326-214-3, 17x24cm, 530 g
Language: English

(Catena Supplements, Volume 6)

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The papers are grouped into 5 categories: 1) the response of soil to erosion processes, 2) soils and slope development, 3) soils and land forms, 4) the age of soils and land forms, and 5) weathering (including karst).

Table of Contents top ↑

P.D. Jungerius
Soils and geomorphology 1
The response of soil to erosion processes
C.H. Quansah
The effect of soil type, slope, flowrate and their
interactions on detachment by overland flow with and without rain 19
D.L. Johnson
Soil thickness processes 29
Soils and slope development
M. Wieder, A. Yair & A. Arzi
Catenary soil relationships on arid hillslopes 41
D.C. Marron
Colluvium in bedrock hollows on steep slopes, redwood
creek drainage basin, northwestern California 59
Soil and landforms
D.J. Briggs & E.K. Shishira
Soil variability in geomorphologically
defined survey units in the albudeite area of Murcia Province, Spain
C.B. Crampton
Compacted soil horizons in western Canada 85
The age of soils and landforms
D.C. van Dijk
Soil geomorphic history of the Tara clay plains S.E. Queensland 95
H. Wiechmann & H. Zepp
Zur morphogenetischen Bedeutung der Graulehme in der Nordeifel 121
M.J. Guccione
Quantitative estimates of clay-mineral alteration in a
soil chronosequence in Missouri, U.S.A. 137
Weathering (including Karst)
A.W. Mann & C.D. Ollier
Chemical diffusion and ferricrete formation 151
M. Gaiffe & S. Bruckert
Analyse des transports de matières et des
processus pédogénetiques impliqués dans les chaînes de sols du karst
jurassien 159