Geomorphic Processes
In Environments with Strong Seasonal Contrasts

Vol. I: Hillslope Processes
Selected papers of the "Regional Confernce on Mediterranean Countries", IGU Commission on Measurement, Theory and Application in Geomorphology, Barcelona-Valencia-Murcia-Granada, Sept. 5-14, 1986

Ed.: Anton C. Imeson; Maria Sala

1988. 190 pages, 53 figures, 53 tables, Catena ISBN 978-3-923381-12-8, US-ISBN 978-1-59326-220-4, 17x24cm, 700 g
Language: English

(Catena Supplements, Volume 12)

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The sixteen papers which comprise this volume have been arranged according to the emphasis given to measurement, theory, or application. Six papers present results from ongoing research in Spain. The first three from Catalonia refer to work in forested ecosystems where high amounts of winter precipitation make seasonal contrasts relatively high. The paper by Avila & Roda deals with chemical denudation, in the same area that SALA has measured mechanical erosion. Sevink considers how processes in these areas are influenced by organic soil horizons. The next four papers by Brown, Burt, Rogner and Mietton present the results of measurements from studies in respectively England, California, Israel and Burkina Faso. Brown demonstrates how studies of magnetic susceptibility can increase our insight into processes in Mediterranean environments; Rogner describes measurements of Cavernous weathering in the Negev; Burt draws attention to the seasonality of nitrate leaching in the relatively less seasonal environment of southwest England; and Mietton addresses the technical problems of measuring temperature in the hot dry environment of Burkina Faso. The last two papers, dealing mainly with method both by La Roca & Calvo Cases, describe measurements from marls in Valencia. The role of extreme events in this region in influencing process and morphological development is one of the points stressed. In two papers Poesen & Torri describe how cup size influences splash transport and detachment. This is followed by I Meson & Verstraten who consider how rill initiation is related to physico-chemically controlled soil properties that influence the dynamic response of material to wetting.
Three of the final four papers concerned with application deal with soil erosion based on different approaches. Lewis, working in Rwanda using simple measurements and the USLE, looks mainly at the effect of groundcover on soil loss; Zanchi in Central Italy uses the USLE with plot measurements of soil loss to draw attention to the importance of seasonal variations in soil erodibility. Plot measurements also form the basis of the paper by Goczan & Kertesz who present the result of measurements from Hungary. Finally Lavee shows how geomorphic principles can be applied to locate sites for toxic waste disposal.
Two papers presented during the symposium are not included because of space but will be published elsewhere. These are by Haigh on the Environmental correlates of landslide frequency along new highways in the Central Himalaya and by Gerits on the implications of chemical thresholds and physical-chemical processes for modelling erosion in Spain.

Table of Contents top ↑

A. Ávila & F. Roda
Export of Dissolved Elements in an Evergreen-Oak Forested Watershed
in the Montseny Mountains (NE Spain) 1
M. Sala
Slope Runoff and Sediment Production in Two Mediterranean Mountain
Environments 13
J. Sevink
Soil Organic Horizons of Mediterranean Forest Soils in NE-Catalonia
(Spain): Their Characteristics and Significance for Hillslope Runoff,
and Effects of Management and Fire 31
A.G. Brown
Soil Development and Geomorphic Processes in a Chaparral Watershed:
Rattlesnake Canyon, S. California, USA 45
T.P. Burl
Seasonality of Subsurface Flow and Nitrate Leaching 59
K. Rogner
Measurements of Cavernous Weathering at Machtesh Hagadol (Negev, Israel)
A Semiquantitative Study 67
M. Mietton
Mesures Continués des Températures dans le Socle Granitique en Region
Soudanienne (Février 1982-Juin 1983, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso) 77
N. La Roca Cervigón & A. Calvo-Cases
Slope Evolution by Mass Movements and Surface Wash (Vails d’Alcoi,
Alicante, Spain) 95
A. Calvo-Cases & N. La Roca Cervigôn
Slope Form and Soil Erosion on Calcareous Slopes (Serra Grossa, Valencia) 103
J. Poesen & D. Torri
The Effect of Cup Size on Splash Detachment and Transport Measurements
Part I: Field Measurements 113
D. Torri & J. Poesen
The Effect of Cup Size on Splash Detachment and Transport Measurements
Part II: Theoretical Approach 127
A.C. Imeson & J.M. Verstraten
Rills on Badland Slopes: A Physico-Chemically Controlled Phenomenon 139
L.A. Lewis
Measurement and Assessment of Soil Loss in Rwanda 151
C. Zanchi
Soil Loss and Seasonal Variation of Erodibility in Two Soils with
Different Texture in the Mugello Valley in Central Italy 167
L. Gôczân & A. Kertész
Some Results of Soil Erosion Monitoring at a Large-Scale Farming
Experimental Station in Hungary 175
H. Lavee
Geomorphic Factors in Locating Sites for Toxic Waste Disposal 185