Geomorphic Processes
In Environments with Strong Seasonal Contrasts

Vol. II: Geomorphic Systems
Selected papers of the "Regional Confernce on Mediterranean Countries", IGU Commission on Measurement, Theory and Application in Geomorphology, Barcelona-Valencia-Murcia-Granada, Sept. 5-14, 1986

Ed.: Adrian M. Harvey; Maria Sala

1988. 164 pages, 63 figures, 16 tables, Catena ISBN 978-3-923381-13-5, US-ISBN 978-1-59326-221-1, 17x24cm, 620 g
Language: English

(Catena Supplements, Volume 13)

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The eleven papers which comprise this volume have been arranged in relation to spatial and temporal scales. The first four papers all deal with erosion and sediment transport in badland catchments. Romero-Diaz et al. and Bryan et al. consider relatively short-term erosion rates and processes in southeast Spain and in Canada and Kenya respectively. Clotet-Perernau et al. working in the Spanish Pyrennees, compare short and medium-term timescales and Gutierrez et al. consider the influence of piping on the morphological development of badlands in the Ebro Basin of northern Spain. The next two papers deal with geomorphic response to meteorological sequences, Suwa & Okuda with process-seasonality in Japan and Gallart & Clotet-Perernau with response to an extreme rain in the Spanish Pyrennees. The following three papers all consider the relationships between sediment source areas and depo-sitional sites. Ergenzinger specifically considers temporal and spatial scales in sediment production, transport and erosion rats in Calabria, Sorriso-Valvo, also working in Calabria and Harvey working in southeast Spain both deal with alluvial fans. Next Sancho et al. consider long-term slope development in the Ebro basin and finally Conacher examines the significance of short-term process measurements to the understanding long-term landform development in Western Australia.
Several papers presented at the meeting are not included in this volume and are being developed for publication elsewhere. These include papers by GUPTA on channel morphology in India, Segura on stepped channels in Spain and Bordas on Thermo-Luminescence dating of soils in Spain.

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M.A. Romero-Díaz, F. López-Bermúdez, J.B. Thornes, C.F. Francis & G.C. Fisher
Variability of Overland Flow Erosion Rates in a Semi-arid
Mediterranean Environment under Matorral Cover, Murcia, Spain 1
R.B. Bryan, I.A. Campbell & R.A. Sutherland
Fluvial Geomorphic Processes in Semi-arid Ephemeral Catchments in
Kenya and Canada 13
N. Clotet-Perarnau, F. Gallart & C. Balasch
Medium-term Erosion Rates in a Small Scarcely Vegetated Catchment in
the Pyrenees 37
M. Gutiérrez, G. Benito & J. Rodriguez
Piping in Badland Areas of the Middle Ebro Basin, Spain 49
H. Suwa & S. Okuda
Seasonal Variation of Erosional Processes in the Kamikamihori Valley
of Mt. Yakedake, Northern Japan Alps 61
F. Gallart & N. Clotet-Perarnau
Some Aspects of the Geomorphic Processes Triggered by an Extreme
Rainfall Event: The November 1982 Flood in the Eastern Pyrenees 79
P. Ergenzinger
Regional Erosion: Rates and Scale Problems in the Buonamico Basin,
Calabria 97
M. Sorriso-Valvo
Landslide-related Fans in Calabria 109
A.M. Harvey
Controls of Alluvial Fan Development: The Alluvial Fans of the Sierra
de Carrascoy, Murcia, Spain 123
C. Sancho, M. Gutiérrez, J.L. Peña & F. Burillo
A Quantitative Approach to Scarp Retreat Starting from Triangular
Slope Facets, Central Ebro Basin, Spain 139
A.J. Conacher
The Geomorphic Significance of Process Measurements in an Ancient
Landscape 147