Arid and Semi-Arid Environments

Geomorphological and Pedological Aspects
Selected papers of the Workshop on Erosion, Transport & Deposition Processes, IGU, Commission Measurement, Theory & Application in Geomorphology, Jerusalem, Sede Boqer, Elat, March 29 - April 4, 1987

Ed.: Aaron Yair; Simon Berkowicz

1989. 157 pages, 59 figures, 31 tables, Catena ISBN 978-3-923381-17-3, US-ISBN 978-1-59326-222-8, 17x24cm, 620 g
Language: English

(Catena Supplements, Volume 14)

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This special CATENA volume is an outcome of the Workshop on Erosion, Transport and Deposition Processes in Semi-Arid and Arid Areas. The Workshop, held in Israel in the Spring of 1987 was organized as a joint venture between the International Commission on Continental Erosion (IRHS) and the Commission on Measurement, Theory and Application in Geomorphology (IGU). This cooperation reflected the need for scientific interchange between hydrologists and geomorphologists, both groups having a common interest in the study of runoff and erosion processes. The meeting improved avenues of communication and enhanced cooperation in the boundary area shared by hydrology and geomorphology.
The present volume contains selected papers dealing with geomorphic and pedo-logic aspects of semi-arid and arid zones. They cover a wide range of physiographic conditions, extending over four continents (North America, Europe, Asia and Africa). As might be expected, the topics covered are highly diversified. Some are theoretical or are of an applied nature while other papers deal with hillslopes or channels. Although the temporal and spatial scales differ from one paper to another, all exhibit a strong interest towards the understanding of processes shaping the land.

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G.F. Dardis
Quaternary Erosion and Sedimentation in Badland Areas of Southern
Africa 1
A.C. Imeson & J.M. Verstraten
The Microaggregation and Erodibility of Some Semi-Arid and
Mediterranean Soils 11
R. Jahn, D. Pfannschmidt & K. Stahr
Soils from Limestone and Dolomite in the Central Algarve (Portugal),
Their Qualities in Respect to Groundwater Recharge, Runoff, Erodibility
and Present Erosion 25
R. Kadmon, A. Yair & A. Danin
Relationships between Soil Properties, Soil Moisture, and Vegetation
Along Loess-Covered Hillslopes, Northern Negev, Israel 43
F. Lopez-Bermudez & M.A. Romero-Diaz
Piping Erosion and Badland Development in South-East Spain 59
M. Madeyski & K. Banasik
Applicability of the Modified Universal Soil Loss Equation in Small
Carpathian Watersheds 75
J. De Ploey
A Model for Headcut Retreat in Rills and Gullies 81
B.L. Rhoads
Longitudinal Variations in the Size and Sorting of Bed Material Along
Six Arid-Region Mountain Streams 87
K.-H. Schmidt
Talus and Pediment Flatirons
Erosional and Depositional Features on Dryland Cuesta Scarps 107
P. Shaw
Fluvial Systems of the Kalahari — A Review 119
K. Stahr, R. Jahn, A. Huth & J. Gauer
Influence of Eolian Sedimentation on Soil Formation in Egypt and
Canary Island Deserts 127
A. Yair & S.M. Berkowicz
Climatic and Non-Climatic Controls of Aridity: The Case of the
Nothern Negev of Israel 145