Processes of Iron and Manganese
Modern and Ancient Environments

Ed.: H. C. W. Skinner; R. W. Fitzpatrick

1992. 432 pages, 102 figures, 34 tables, Catena ISBN 978-3-923381-30-2, US-ISBN 978-1-59326-229-7, 17x24cm, 1020 g
Language: English

(Catena Supplements, Volume 21)

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The papers in this volume present an overview of the mineral species, possible mechanisms involved in their precipitation, and the range of depositional environments recorded for Fe and Mn minerals in surficial environments. The documented sites range from intracellular to million ton ore bodies.
Introductory chapters in this volume present background material that outline the crystal chemistry and the common occurrences of Fe minerals and Mn minerminerals.
Contributed papers document some bacterial mechanisms and reactions related to the Fe/Mn oxides in general. The range of mineral types and forms are described associated with and in bacterial species, in fungi and, as part of the special iron oxide minerals-protein complex, ferritin, in man. Modern geodepositional sites are covered by papers on desert varnish, on soils and groundwaters, on marshes, on oceanic sediments and mine ponds, which allow evaluation of, and may possibly contribute to, our understanding of the economic and geologically early (mostly Mn) deposits. The banded iron formations have been topics of investigation and discussion for a long time.

Table of Contents top ↑

H.C.W. Skinner & R.W. Fitzpatrick
Iron and manganese biomineralization 1
U. Schwertmann & R.W. Fitzpatrick
Iron minerals in surface
environments 7
J.B. Dixon & H.C.W. Skinner
Manganese minerals in surface environments 31
J.E. Post
Crystal structures of manganese oxide minerals 51
W.C. Ghiorse & H.L. Ehrlich
Microbial biomineralization of iron and manganese 75
D.R. Lovley
Microbial oxidation of organic matter coupled to the reduction of
Fe(III) and Mn(IV) oxides 101
H. Mann, K. Tazaki, W.S. Fyfe & R. Kerrich
Microbial accumulation of iron and manganese in different aquatic
environments: An electron optical study 115
J.F. Stolz
Magnetotactic bacteria: Biomineralization, ecology, sediment
magnetism, environmental indicator 133
D.A. Bazylinski & R.B. Frankel
Production of iron sulfide minerals by magnetotactic bacteria in
sulfidic environments 147
D.C. Golden, D.A. Zuberer & J.B.
Dixon Manganese oxides producec by fungal oxidation of manganese from
siderite and rhodochrosite 161
J. Webb, T.G.St. Pierre, D.J. Macey, K.C. Tran & P. Pootrakul
Biogenic ferrihydrite: Effect of ϐ-thalassemia/hemoglobin E disease
on the structure of ferrihydrite present in ferritins isolated from
iron-loaded human heart and spleen tissue 169
E.I. Robbins, J.P. D’Agostino, J. Ostwald, D.S. Fanning, V. Carter &
R.L. Van Hoven
Manganese nodules and microbial oxidation of manganese in the Huntley
Meadows wetland, Virginia, USA 179
M.C. Rabenhorst & B.R. James
Iron sulfidization in tidal marsh soils 203
J.M. Bigham, U. Schwertmann &; L. Carlson
Mineralogy of precipitates formed by the biogeochemical oxidation of
Fe(II) in mine drainage 219
A.R. Milnes, R.W. Fitzpatrick, P.G. Self, A.W. Fordham & S.G. McClure
Natural iron precipitates in a mine retention pond near Jabiru,
Northern Territory, Australia 233
R.W. Fitzpatrick, R. Naidu & P.G. Self
Iron deposits and microorganisms in saline sulfidic soils with
altered soil water regimes in South Australia 263
I.R. Willett, R.H. Crockford & A.R. Milnes
Transformations of iron, manganese and aluminium during oxidation of a
sulfidic material from an acid sulfate soil 287
S. Mulsow & D.C. Rhoads
Deposition and accumulation of biogenic magnetite in low oxygen facies
R. Raymond, Jr., G.D. Guthrie, Jr., D.L. Bish, S.L. Reneau & S.J. Chipera
Biomineralization of manganese in rock varnish 321
J. Ostwald
Biochemistry, palaeoenvironments and Mn ore genesis 337
M.D. Hannington & I.R. Jonasson
Fe and Mn oxides at seafloor hydrothermal vents 351
B. Pracejus & B.R. Bolton
Interdependence of Mn, Fe, and clay mineral formation on Groote
Eylandt, Australia: A model for modern and ancient weathering
environments 371
R.G. Schmidt & E.I. Robbins
New evidence of an organic contribution to manganese precipitation in
iron formation and review of sedimentary conditions in the Cuyuna
North range, Minnesota 399
B.S. Shiva Kumar
Late archaean metamorphic banded iron-formations of Bababudans of
Karnataka, India 421