Karst Terrains

Environmental Changes and Human Impact

Ed.: Paul W. Williams

1993. 268 pages, 55 figures, 21 tables, Catena ISBN 978-3-923381-34-0, US-ISBN 978-1-59326-233-4, 17x24cm, 780 g
Language: English

(Catena Supplements, Volume 25)

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Natural environmental change and that induced by human activity have operated concurrently in karst terrains for about 0.5 Ma, although significant human impact is only recognizable for the last 10 000 years or so. Natural and human induced changes are sometimes difficult to separate, but human impacts occur at a different rate and are often of a different type to those changes caused by natural processes. Human impacts on karst terrains have been caused by cave occupation, deforestation, agricuture, water exploitation, quarrying and mineral extraction, urbanization, military activity, and tourism and recreation. Undoubtedly the most profound impact has come from devegetation of karsts and follow-up agricultural activity that results, at its extreme, in a very severe form of land degradation justifiably termed ’rocky desertification’, which is widespread in parts of the Mediterranean basin and is still spreading in southern China. Water resource depletion by excessive pumping and contamination is also a widespread and growing problem. In karst, impacts occur both above and below ground and may arise from both direct and indirect activities both within and beyond the confines of the karst terrain. There is often urgent need for appropriate land and water management to promote rehabilitation, ensure ecosystem sustainability, and conservation of potential world heritage sites.

Table of Contents top ↑

P.W. Williams
Environmental Change and Human Impact on Karst Terrains:
An Introduction 1
S.-E. Lauritzen
Natural Environmental Change in Karst: The Quaternary Record 21
D.I. Smith
The Nature of Karst Aquifers and their Susceptibility to Pollution 41
I. Gams, J. Nicod, M. Sauro, E. Julian & U. Anthony
Environmental Change and Human Impacts on the Mediterranean
Karsts of France, Italy and the Dinaric Region 59
Yuan Daoxian
Environmental Change and Human Impact on Karst in Southern China 99
M.J. Day
Human Impacts on Caribbean and Central American Karst 109
D. Gillieson
Environmental Change and Human Impact on Karst in Arid and Semi-Arid
Australia 127
V. Andrajchouk & A. Klimchouk
Environmental Change and Human Impact on Karst in the
Western Ukraine 147
H.S. Goldie
Human Impact on Karst in the British Isles 161
J. Gunn
The Geomorphological Impacts of Limestone Quarrying 187
S.T. Trudgill & R. Inkpen
Impact of Acid Rain on Karst Environments 199
K. Urushibara-Yoshino
Human Impact on Karst Soils: Japanese and Other Examples 219
P. Hardwick & J. Gunn
The Impact of Agriculture on Limestone Caves 235
G. Huppert, E. Burri, P. Forti & A. Cigna
Effects of Tourist Development on Caves and Karst 251