History of Soil Science

International Perspectives

Ed.: Dan H. Yaalon; S. Berkowicz

1997. 438 pages, 37 figures, 16 tables, Catena ISBN 978-3-923381-40-1, US-ISBN 1-59326-237-X, 17x24cm, 1020 g
Language: English

(Advances in Geoecology, Volume 29)

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These papers demonstrate the important role played by soils in the function of both natural and managed ecosystems. Understanding the impact of environmental factors on these ecosystems therefore requires a knowledge of soil processes ranging from molecular to landscape in scale. The properties and spatial distribution of soils and their mineral constituents are especially useful as indicators of both present and past environmental conditions. Soils and soil minerals form or transform in direct response to biogeochemical factors that are driven by local, regional or global processes. Through a series of case studies, this text demonstrates that linkages can be made between measurable soil and mineral properties and the processes that shape the weathering environment. Examples include layer silicates, carbonates, sulfides, and both iron and aluminium oxides. Several papers also emphasize the role of biotic factors in soil systems, the sensitivity of these factors to management practices, and the frequently overlooked interactions that exist between organic and inorganic compartments of soils and surface waters. Finally, this text recognizes that spatial and temporal variability are inherent attributes of soils and landscapes that must be quantified and properly managed if ecological and environmental harmony are to be maintained. The buffering function of soils and the importance of this function to the release and flux of nutrients in terrestrial ecosystems are given special consideration.

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H. Stanjek, K. Auerswald & J. Bigham
Exploring soil processes from mineral to landscape scale:
A dedication to Udo Schwertmann 1
B. Ulrich
The role of soil processes in the process hierarchy of forest ecosystems 11
A.C. Scheinost, W. Sinowski & K. Auerswald
Regionalization of soil buffering functions: A new concept applied to
K/Ca exchange curves 23
K. Auerswald, R. Sippel, M. Kainz, M. Demmel, S. Scheinost, W. Sinowski & F.X. Maidl
The crop response to soil variability in an agroecosystem 39
D. Nill
Valuation of erosion-determining-factors and their quantitative influence on
soil loss in tropical Africa 55
H.-P.Blume, L. Beyer, M.Bolter, H. Erlenkeuser, E. Kalk, S. Kneesch, U. Pfisterer & D. Schneider
Pedogenic zonation in soils of the southern circum-polar region 69
A.S. Campbell
Occurrence of gibbsite in a chronosequence of New Zealand Soils 91
B.-M. Wilke
Effects of non-pesticide organic pollutants on soil microbial activity 117
S.R. Poonia
Exchange equilibria of potassium in relation to organic matter,
potassium status and clay mineralogy of soils 133
D.S. Fanning & S.N. Burch
Acid sulphate soils and some associated environmental problems 145
B. Singh, P.J. Harris & M.J. Wilson
Geochemistry of acid mine waters and the role of micro-organisms in such
environments: A review. 159
J.M. Bigham & E. Murad
Mineralogy of ochre deposits formed by the oxidation of iron sulfide
minerals 193
R.W. Fitzpatrick & P.G. Self
Iron oxyhydroxides, sulfides and oxyhydroxysulfates as indicators of
acid sulfate weathering environments 227
P.M. Huang & M.K. Wang
Formation chemistry and selected surface properties of iron oxides 241
E. Wolska
The substitution of Fe, Al, and OH in synthetic and natural iron oxides
and hydroxides 271
H.D. Ruan & R.J. Gilkes
The crystal properties of dehydroxylated aluminous goethite 283
R.J. Gilkes & H.D. Ruan
Acid dissolution and phosphate sorption/desorption by dehydroxylated
aluminous goethite 305
J. Torrent
Interactions between phosphate and iron oxide 321
D.G. Lewis
Factors influencing the stability and properties of green rusts 345
Ch. Bender Koch & H.Ch. Bruun Hansen
Reduction of nitrate to ammonium by sulphate green rust 373
J.W. Stucki
Redox processes in smectites: Soil environmental significance 395
H.E. Doner & M. Zavarin
The role of carbonates in trace and minor element chemistry 407