Soil Management for Sustainability

Ed.: Rainer Horn; Heiner Fleige; Stephan Peth; Xinhua Peng

2006. 497 pages, 202 figures, 85 tables, Catena ISBN 978-3-923381-52-4, US-ISBN 1-59326-246-9, 17x24cm, 1180 g
Language: English

(Advances in Geoecology, Volume 38)

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This book contains a wide range of papers presented at the Symposium on Sustainable Land Use and Management of Soils in Arid and Semiarid Regions held in Cartagena, Murcia, Spain, 22nd to 26th September, 2002. Drylands are in the high-risk areas. Erratic rainfall, land degradation, inadequate technologies used, and inappropriate inputs result in unpredictable food production. The objective of the workshop was to widen our understanding of the nature and dynamics of vegetation growth and resilience and encourage the practice of sustainable management in the susceptible drylands.
The book is a useful tool for land and water conservation researchers, educators, graduate students, policymakers, practitioners, and advocates interested in land degradation and sustainable use of soils in arid and semi-arid regions throughout the world.

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Chapter I
Soil Dynamics and Traction
Kai Cui, Pauline Defossez and Guy Richard
A New Approach for Modelling the Vertical Stress Distribution at the
Soil/Tyre Interface to Predict Compaction of Cultivated Soils with
PLAXIS Model 1
Dirk Ansorge and Richard Godwin
High Axle Load - Track - Tire Comparison 9
Athanasios Dedousis, Richard Godwin, Michael O’Dogherty, Nick Tillett
and James Brighton
Effect of Implement Geometry and Inclination Angle on Soil Failure and
Forces Acting on a Shallow Rotating Disc for Inter- and Intra-Row
Hoeing 15
Gholamhossein Shahgoli, Chris Saunders, Jack Desbiolles and John Fielke
An Investigation into the Performance of Vibratory Tillage Using
Straight and Bent Leg Tines 21
Chapter II
Traffic, Tillage and Soil Deformation
Beat Schäffer, Martin Stauber, Ralph Muller and Rainer Schulin
Compaction-Induced Changes in Macro-Pore Structure of Restored Soil 31
Per Schjonning, Mathieu Lamande, Frede A. Tegersen, Johan Arv ids son
and Thomas Keller
Distribution of Vertical Stress at the Soil-Tyre Interface:
Effects of Tyre Inflation Pressure and the Impact on Stress
Propagation in the Soil Profile 38
Wibke Markgraf and Rainer Horn
Rheometry in Soil Mechanics: Microstructural Changes in a
Calcaric Gleysol and a Dystric Planosol 47
Dani Or, Markus Berli, Chistopher G. Eggers and Michael L. Accorsi
Linking Soil Micro-Mechanics and Hydraulic Conductivity 59
Jerzy Lipiec, Bogus law Usowicz and Aldo Ferrero
Management Effects of Sloping Vineyard on Thermal Properties of Soil 71
Aude Gallardo-Carrera, Carolyne Durr, Michel Herbin, Y. Duval and J. Lingrand
Analysis of the Surface Crack Pattern of Seedbeds in a Silt Loam Soil 79
Stephan Gebhardt, Heiner Fleige and Rainer Horn
Stress-Deformation Behaviour of Different Soil Horizons and their
Change in Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity as a Function of Load 86
Chapter III
Conservation Farming and Forestry Landuse Systems and Environmental

Julia Krummelbein, Zhongyan Wang, Ying Zhao, Stephan Peth and Rainer Horn
Influence of Various Grazing Intensities on Soil Stability, Soil
Structure and Water Balance of Grassland Soils in Inner Mongolia,
P.R. China 93
Olga P. Gate, Ewa A. Czyz and Anthony R. Dexter
Soil Physical Quality, 5*, as a Basis for Relationships between some
Key Physical Properties of Arable Soils 102
Sebastian Ulrich, Bodo Hofmann, Sabine Tischer and Olaf Christen
Influence of Tillage on Soil Quality in a Long-Term Trial in Germany 110
Alan JFranzluebbers and John A. Stuedemann
Soil Physical and Biological Responses to Cattle Grazing of Cover Crops 117
Mirko Castellini, Domenico Ventrella, Donato De Giorgio, Michele
Maiorana, Angelo Fiore and Francesco Fornaro
Hydraulic Properties as Affected by Tillage and Crop Residues
Management in a Vertisol of Southern Italy 124
Oswaldo Ernst and Guillermo Siri-Prieto
Soil Organic Carbon and Total Nitrogen in Relation to Tillage and
Crop-Pasture Rotation 132
Chapter IV
Soil Biological Quality and Health
Hans-Rudolf Oberholzer, Monika Wysser, Martin Hartmann and Franco Widmer
Regeneration of Impaired Biological Soil Properties Caused by
Physical Soil Impact 140
Isabel Brito, Mario de Carvalho, Diederik van Tuinen and Michael Goss
Effects of Soil Management on Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi in
Autumn-Sown Crops in Mediterranean Climates 149
Endla Reintam, Jaan Kuht, Katrin Triikmann and Virgo Raats
Soil Compaction and Fertilization Effect on Weed Community and
Nutrient Uptake on Spring Barley Field 157
Peter Weisskopf Hans-Rudolf Oberholzer and Jan Rek
Influence of Different Regeneration Courses on Structural and
Microbial Properties of a Compacted Soil 170
Laura Alakukku
Emergence of Small Grain Cereals at Different Water Potentials
of Clay and Sandy Soil 175
Katrin Rutt, Andreas Gransee and Olaf Christen
Long-term Effects of Potassium on Parameters of the Soil
Water Balance 181
Bill Deen, Ken Janovicek, Tony Vyn and David Lapen
Effect of Intermittent Tillage on Yield and Soil Quality in a
Corn/Soybean/Wheat Rotation 189
Bandula Premalal and Bill Deen
Response of Early Corn (Zea mays L.) Growth to Soil Aggregate Size 195
Chapter V
Soil Amendments
M. Stanley Liphadzi and Mary Beth Kirkham
Availability of Heavy Metals in Soil with Injected Sludge and
Composted-Sludge Soil 203
Chapter VI
Precision Agriculture
Abdul Mounem Mouazen, Mohammad Reza Malaki, Josse De Baerdemaeker and
Herman Ramon
Primary Results on On-line Measurement of Some Selected Soil
Properties Using a VIS-NIR Sensor 215
Dainis Lapins, Arvids Vilde, Andris Berzins, Aigars Plume, Adolfs Rue ins
Investigations in Precision Agriculture in Latvia Studies of Soil
Properties and Tillage 223
José A. Terra, Fernando Garcia-Préchac, Lucía Salvo, and Jorge Hernández
Soil Use Intensity Impact on Total and Particulate Soil Organic Matter
in No-till Crop-Pasture Rotations under Direct Grazing 233
Andrew Whitlock
Precision Farming - Supporting Innovation 242
W.C.T. Chamen
Controlled Traffic Farming on a Field Scale in the UK 251
Hauke Petersen, Heiner Fleige, Wolfgang Rabbel, Rainer Horn
Geophysical Methods for Imaging Soil Compaction and Variability
of Soil Texture on Farm Land 261
Chapter VII
Soil Erosion and its Control
Peter Fiener and Karl Auerswald
Rotation Effects of Potato, Maize and Winter Wheat on Water
Erosion from Cultivated Land 273
Sheng Li, David A. Lobb and Michael J. Lindstrom
Measuring and Modeling Tillage Translocation and Tillage Erosion
in Cereal-Based Production in the Canadian Prairies 281
Anke Knapen and Jean Poes en
Enhancing the Soil’s Erosion Resistance During Concentrated Runoff by
Reducing Tillage Disturbance 290
Liisa Pietola, Kimmo Rasa, Mari Räty, Jaana Uusi-Kämppä, Markku
Yli-Halla, Rainer Horn and Rolf Tippkötter
Management-Induced Changes of Soil Physical Properties in Vegetated
Buffer Zones 301
Rainer Duttmann and Michaela Bach
Long-Term Wind Erosion and its Impact on Soil Heterogeneity
in Sandur Plain Landscapes in Northern Germany 309
Chapter VIII
Economical Aspects
Victor Adamiade, Pauline Defossez, Bruno Mary and Guy Richard
Prediction of Soil Physical Behavior According to Organic Carbon
Content in the Context of Straw Exportation for Energy Production 320
Zofia Stqpniewska and Pavel Misztal
Oxygenation Level and Gas Dynamics in a Loess Soil Suspension after
Exposure to Visible Light 328
Chapter IX
Soil Management Induced Global Change Effects
Jaana Uusi-Kämppä
Vegetated Buffer Zones for Agricultural Non-Point Source
Pollution Control 337
Manon Janssen and Bernd Lennartz
Horizontal and Vertical Water Fluxes in Paddy Rice Fields of
Subtropical China 344
Virginijus Feiza and Gintautas Cesevicius
Soil Physical Properties:An Approach to Optimize Tillage in Crop
Production System in Lithuania 355
Katrin Trükmann, Endla Reintam, Jaan Kuht, Virgo Rääts
Growing of Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris L.), Canadian Thistle
(Cirsium arvense L.) and Yellow Lupine (Lupinus luteus L.) on
Compacted Soil 362
Gerard Jitäreanu, Costicä Ailincäi and Daniel Bucur
Influence of Tillage Systems on Soil Physical and Chemical
Characteristics and Yield in Soybean and Maize Grown in the
Moldavian Plain 370
Horst H. Gerke
Exploring Preferential Flow in Forest-Reclaimed Lignitic Mine Soil 380
Maria I. Kokkora, Mike J. Hann, Richard J. Godwin Biowaste and
Vegetable Compost Utilization in Agriculture:
An Agronomic and Environmental Assessment 388
Bärbel Tierney er, Bernd Lennartz and Petra Kahle
Analysing Nitrate Fluxes at Different Scales in an Artificially
Drained Lowland Catchment by a Combined Hydrograph
Separation-Mixing Mode 395
RalfLoges, M.R. Kelm F. and Taube
Nitrogen Balances, Nitrate Leaching and Energy Efficiency of
Conventional and Organic Farming Systems on Fertile Soils
in Northern Germany 407
Chapter X
Soil Structure Formation and Physical Processes
Guy Richard, Arlene Besson, Abdoulnasser Aboubacar Sani,
Philippe Cosenza, Hubert Boizard and Isabelle Cousin
A New Approach of Soil Structure Characterisation in Field
Conditions Based on Electrical Resistivity Measurements 415
Lloyd D. Norton, Amrakh I. Mamedov, Chi-hua Huang and Guy J. Levy
Soil Aggregate Stability as Affected by Long-Term Tillage and
Clay Mineralogy 422
Bar bora Badalikova and Jan Hruby
Influence of Minimum Soil tillage on Development of Soil Structure 430
Azadeh Safadoust, Mohammad Reza Mosaddeghi and Ali Akbar Mahboubi
Tensile Strength of Air-Dry Soil Aggregates as Influenced by
Short-Term Management Practices in Western Iran 436
Imke Janfien, Xinhua Peng and Rainer Horn
Physical Soil Properties of Paddy Fields as a Function of Cultivation
History and Texture 446
Alvin J.M. Smucker and Eun-Jin Park
Soil Biophysical Responses by Macroaggregates to Tillage of Two
Soil Types 456
Bev Kay and Nathaniel Novosad
Quantifying the Role of Anaerobic Microsites on the Onset of
Denitrification in Soils of Different Texture, Structure and Water
Content 461
Emilia Jasinska, Paul Hallett and Rainer Horn
Spatial Distribution of Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Compounds
and Repellency in Aggregat 467
Debbie S. Feeney, A.Glyn Bengough, Paul D. Hallett, Sheena Rodger,
Nia White and Iain M. Young
Assessing the Impact of Biological Exudates Associated with Soil
Water Repellency 475
Kyriakos P. Panayiotopoulos and Efrosini Babatsikou
Migration of Dispersed Clay in Alfisols 484
Jan J.H. van den Akker
Evaluation of Soil Physical Quality of Dutch Subsoils in two
Databases with some Threshold Values 490