The Soils of Tomorrow

Soils Changing in a Changing World

Ed.: Carmelo Dazzi; Edoardo Costantini

2008. 728 pages, 228 figures, 142 tables, Catena ISBN 978-3-923381-56-2, US-ISBN 1-59326-249-3, 17x24cm, 1610 g
Language: English

(Advances in Geoecology, Volume 39)

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This book gathers a selection of peer-reviewed contributions presented and discussed at the successful 5th ESSC Congress held in Palermo, Italy, between June 25-30 2007.
In keeping with the title of the Congress, “The Soil of Tomorrow: Soils Changing in a Changing World”, this book analyzes and discusses the state of the art and future perspectives of soils. Many of the contributed papers are interconnected with socio-economic and environmental changes underway in EU countries and elsewhere.
Modern society has placed demands on the academic soil science community for new perspectives and orientations in rapidly changing scenarios affected by strong social and biophysical driven forces. The steady trend in the changing pattern of soil use in Europe envisages important future consequences for the landscape, for agrarian production, and for the functioning of terrestrial ecosystems. This book is arranged under eight separate but interrelated headings: Soil and society, Soil erosion, Soil organic matter, Soil degradation and desertification, Soil pollution and contamination, Soil conservation and soil quality, Policies for environmental conservation in a global society, and New approaches and technologies for soil assessment.
There are many questions regarding adequate approaches for the sound management and efficient use of soil as a basic natural resource. The management of land in Europe has always been a complicated issue. The difficulties in developing an EU Soil Framework Directive clearly show the importance and complexity of the challenge. However, uninformed decisions regarding soil management could have irreversible negative consequences. We are already familiar with massive land use changes though urbanization or extreme soil degradation through desertification processes.
The book offers reflections, analysis, facts, new data, suggestions and recommendations on soil issues that need to be addressed. We hope the contributions from this book will help in the continuous and never-ending process of improved and more intelligent interaction with soil - the crucial element in the functioning of the biosphere.

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José Rubio
Topic 1
Soils and Society
Ahmet Ruhi Mermut
Understanding Soils within the Context of Earth Surface Systems 1
Victor Targulian
Soil and Society: Human Impacts and Soil Responses 13
Raimo Kolli, Tiina Köster, Tönu Tönutare and Karin Kauer
Influence of Land Use Change on Soil Humus Status and on
Soil Cover Environment Protection Ability 27
Juan-José Ibáñez, Juan Sánchez-Díaz, Antonio Rodríguez-Rodríguez and
William R. Effland
Preservation of European Soils: Natural and Cultural Heritage 37
Carmelo Dazzi, Giuseppe Lo Papa and Vanessa Palermo
Spatio-temporal Effects of Land Use Change on Anthropogenic Soils
Diffusion: A Case Study in a Mediterranean Vineyard Area 61
Sergio Vacca, Andrea Buondonno, Gian Franco Capra,
Elio Coppola, Maria Teresa Rubino, Pier Caudio Odierna,
Salvatore Madrau, Adriano Colella and Alessio Langella
Pedovariability and Expression of Andie Soil Properties on the
Basalts of Macomer (Sardinia): Influence of Vegetal Cover 81
Roser Cots-Folch, José A. Martinez-Casasnovas and M. Concepción Ramos
Farming Strategies and Landscape Implications in the Priorat Vineyard
Region (NE Spain) 101
Irén Puskás and Andrea Far sang
Evaluation of Human-impacted Soils in Szeged (SE Hungary) with Special
Emphasis on Physical, Chemical and Biological Properties 117
Miodrag Zlatic, Nada Dragovic, Mirjana Todosijevic and Jelena Tomicevic
Stakeholder Participation in Soil Management for Sustainability in
Mountainous Regions of Serbia 149
Topic 2
Soil Erosion
Eric Roose
Soil Erosion, Conservation and Restoration: A few Lessons from 50
Years of Research in Africa 159
Nyoman Suwartha, Takashi Yamada and Sachio Shimomura
Proposing an Erosion Velocity Equation for Cohesive Soils
in Steeply Sloping Cultivated Fields in Indonesia 181
Giovanni Callegari, Francesco Catona, Vito Ferro and Paolo Porto
Validating a SEdiment Delivery Distributed (SEDD) Model in a
Small Calabrian Basin 203
Raffaele Casa, Gerardo Fratini, Fabio Pieruccetti, Hogwen Li,
Riccardo Valentini and Benedetto Lo Cascio
Measurement and Modelling for the Assessment of Soil Tillage
Effects on Wind Erosion in the Beijing Area 219
Hossein Asadi, Hassan Rouhipour and Hossein Ghadiri
Evaluation of Interrill Component of the WEPP Model for three
Contrasting Soil Types in Iran 237
Slobodan B. Mickovski, Paul D. Hallett, Anthony G. Bengough,
Mark F. Brans by, Michael C.R. Davies and Rene Sonnenberg
The Effect of Willow Roots on the Shear Strength of Soil 247
Thomas Ledermann, Karl Herweg, Hanspeter Einiger,
Flurina Schneider, Hans Hurni and Volker Prasuhn
Erosion Damage Mapping: Assessing Current Soil Erosion
Damage in Switzerland 263
Topic 3
Soil Organic Matter
Nicola Senesi and César Plaza
Organic Matter Actions in Protecting Soil from Physical, Chemical and
Biological Degradation 285
Eleonora Bonifacio, Gloria Falsone, Gennady Simonov and Luisella Celi
Estimates of C Stocks and Pedogenic Processes in the Russian Taiga 299
Livia Vittori Antisari, Gilmo Vianello, Francesca Pontalti,
Samantha Lorito and Massimo Gherardi
Land Use Effects on Organic Matter in Brown Soils of the
Emilian Apennines 311
Julian Campo, Vicente Andreu, Eugenia Gimeno-Garcia,
Oscar Gonzalez-Pelayo and Jose Luis Rubio
Medium Term Evolution of Soil Aggregate Stability, Organic
Matter and Calcium Carbonate of a Mediterranean Soil Burned
at two Different Fire Intensities 329
Alessandro Marchetti, Chiara Piccini, Rosa Francaviglia,
Sergio Santucci and Igino Chiuchiarelli
Evaluation of Soil Organic Matter Content in Teramo Province,
Central Italy 345
Luigi Pagano, Paola lovieno, Massimo Zaccardelli and Luigi Morra
Soil Organic Matter Dynamic as Affected by Municipal Food Waste
Compost Fertilization in Southern Italy 357
Keiichi Hayashi, Tahirou Abdoulaye, Ryoichi Matsunaga, Hitoshi Shinjo,
Ueru Tanaka, Satoshi Tobita and Ramadjita Tabo
Sustainable Management of Soil Organic Matter for Agricultural
Land in the Sahel, West Africa 371
Annemie Van den Bossche, Stefaan De Nev and Georges Hofman
Influence of Tillage System on the Decomposition of Crop Residues of
Winter Wheat in a Temperate Climate 379
Maria Teresa Dell'Abate, Francesca Baroccio, Carlos Eduardo P. Cerri, Carlos Clemente Cerri, David S. Powlson and Phil C. Brookes
Impact of Land Use Change and Management on Soil Organic Matter Pools
in a Tropical Environment 381
Topic 4
Soil Degradation and Desertification
Marcello Pagliai
Soil Degradation and Desertification 401
Leo Stroosnijder and Monique Siegers
Soil Degradation and Droughts in Sub-Saharan Africa 413
Pedro Gonzâlez-Fernândez, Ignacio Llanos-Trivino, Juan Jorrin Novo and Rafaela Ordohez-Fernandez
Evolution of Organic Matter and Acidity on Cropped, Limed-cropped and
Uncropped Mediterranean Ultisols 427
C. Lopez-Fando and M. T. Pardo
Tillage Impacts on Soil Physical Properties of a Semiarid Soil
from Central Spain 435
Topic 5
Soil Pollution and Contamination
Tamara Polubesova and Benny Chefetz
Sorption of Herbicides and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons by Kishon
River Sediment 443
Sinéad E. Smith and Abir Al-Tabbaa
Impacts of Climate Change on the Leachability and Microstructure of
Stabilised/Solidified Contaminated Soils 457
Vassilios D. Tsatiris, Konstantinos G. Serelis, Chariklia S. Kallianou
and Anastasios Tsagalidis
Impact of Serpentinization on Soil Properties and Metal Availability 477
Marketa Vyslouzilova, Radim Vacha, Jarmila Cechmankovd and Viela Horvathova
Natural and Induced Lead Phytoextraction by Brassica juncea
Grown in a Contaminated Soil 493
Andrea Buondonno, Abner Colella, Elio Coppola, Alessio Langella and
Antonio P. Leone
Mineralogical, Chemical-physical and Mechanical Implications of Soil
Contamination 503
Radu Lacatusu, Mihaela Lungu, Anca Rovena Lacatusu, Carmen Burtea and
Iuliana Gabriela Breaban
Lead Behavior in a Soil-Plant System from Polluted and
Unpolluted Areas in Romania 519
Topic 6
Soil Conservation and Soil Quality
Ranjan Bhattacharyya, Kathy Davies1, Michael A. Fullen and Colin A. Booth
Effects of Palm-mat Geotextiles on the Conservation of Loamy
Sand Soils in East Shropshire, UK 527
Luciano Gristina, Tommaso La Mantia, Salvatore Pasta and Ignazio Poma
An Analysis of Carbon Storage in Protected Areas with
Relation to Agroforestry Management and Biodiversity 539
Elena Armenise, Anna Maria Stellacci and Angelo Caliandro
Effect of Different Cropping Systems on Some Basic Soil Quality
Indicators 555
Peter Ldszlo, Miklos Dombos, Csaba Gyuricza and Josef Rosner
The Effect of Conservation Tillage Systems on some Physical
and Biological Properties of Sandy Loam Soil in Corn
Monoculture 563
Stefano Mocali, Maurizio Castaldini, Arturo Fabiani, Andrea Marcucci,
Marcello Pagliai and Anna Benedetti
Impact of Different Transgenic Bt Corn Varieties on
Microorganisms and Soil Quality 569
Hong Wang, Brian G. McConkey, Robert P. Zentner, Con A. Campbell,
Fernando Selles, Reynald Lemke and Herb Cutforth
Long-term Tillage Effects on Biomass Production of Wheat in a Canadian
Brown Soil 581
Silvia Stanchi, Michele Freppaz, Elisa Oberto, Angelo Caimi and Ermanno Zanini
Plastic and Liquid Limits in Alpine Soils: Methods of Measurement and
Relation to Soil Properties 593
Topic 7
Policies for Environmental Conservation in a Global Society
Dalia Feiziene, Virginius Feiza, Sigitas Lazauskas, Grazina Kadziene,
Danute Simanskaite and Irena Deveikyte
Long-term Tillage and Fertilization Influence on a Cambisol
in Lithuania 605
Pavel Novak, Jiri Obrslik, Jan Vopravil and Monika Cermakova
Impact of Political and Socio-Economic Changes in the
Czech Republic on Long-term Development of Sheet
Water Erosion 621
Topic 8
New Approaches and Technologies for Soil Assessment
Paolo Sequi, Massimiliano Valentini and Liviana Leita
New Approaches and Technologies for Soil Assessment:
An overview for present problems 629
Micheál L. Golden and Jonathan W. Hempel
Modernizing the Soil Survey of the United States 649
Jerry Lemunyon and Robert Lynn Kellogg
Assessment of Conservation Benefits Derived from
Conservation Practices in the United States 659
Sergio Vacca, Gian Franco Capra, Martin Banov, Paraskev Petrov,
Herbert Muntau, Andrea Buondonno, Elio Coppola, Vassilka Mladenova,
Guido Cerri, Marco Biagioli, Maria Giustina Duras, Giusepina Selis,
Stefano Conti and Antonio Brundu
Possibilities for Reclamation of Disturbed Environments
in the Mining District of Vratza, Northwestern Bulgaria 669
Antonio P. Leone, Gaetano Calabro, Elio Coppola, Carmine Maffei,
Massimo Menenti, Maurizio Tosca, Mauro Vella and Andrea Buondonno
Prediction of Soil Properties with VIS-NIR-SWIR Reflectance
Spectroscopy and Artificial Neural Networks: A Case Study on three
Pedoenvironments of the Campania Region, Italy 685
Liming Ye, Ann Verdoodt, Rachid Moussadek, Huajun Tang and Eric Van Ranst
Assessment of China’s Food Producing Capacities Using a
Web-based Land Evaluation Engine and a Grid-based GIS 699
Mariateresa Rubino, Anna Benedetti, Elio Coppola,
Maria Teresa Dell Abate and Andrea Buondonno
A New Oxidation Method for the Determination of Soil Extracted
and Humic Substances 719