Land Degradation and Rehabilitation

Dryland Ecosystems

Ed.: Faz A. Cano; A. R. Mermut; J. M. Arocena; Ortiz R. Silla

2009. 432 pages, 134 figures, 92 tables, Catena ISBN 978-3-923381-54-8, US-ISBN 1-59326-247-7, 17x24cm, 1050 g
Language: English

(Advances in Geoecology, Volume 40)

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Synopsis top ↑

This special issue contains a range of papers presented at the Fourth International Conference on Land Degradation, Cartagena, Murcia, Spain, September 12nd—17th, 2004. The main topics include:
1) Geographical perspectives.
2) Historical and archaeological perspectives of soil degradation.
3) Linkages with global issues.
4) Quantifying land resources stresses.
5) Managing land quality to reduce degradation.
6) Human impact on land degradation.
7) Policy and legal framework.
8) Rehabilitation of degraded land.
The book provides information for researchers, educators, graduate students, policy makers, practitioners, and advocates interested in land degradation and sustainable use of soils.

Table of Contents top ↑

Chapter I
History, Perspectives and Cases of Land Degradation
Hari Eswaran, Paul Reich, and Taweesak Vearasilp
Perspectives on Desertification During the Anthropocene 1
Erhan Akça, Yilmaz Bal, Selim Kapur and Hari Eswaran Human-Induced
Late Holocene Degradation of the Asi (Orontes) Delta, Samandag,
Southern Turkey 17
Saturnino De Alba, María Alcázar, Carlos Lacas ta and Gerardo Benito
Water Erosion on Agricultural Lands in a Mediterranean Semiarid
Climate in Central Spain 27
Dora Maria Carmona, Angel Faz Cano and Joselito M. Arocena
Accumulation of Organic Carbon from Pig Manure Added to Surface Soil
in Mined Areas, SE Spain 37
Endla Reintam, Jaanika Puust and Jaan Kuht
Soil Compaction and Nutrient Uptake in an Agroecosystem, Estonia 53
Roque Ortiz Silla, Pura Marín Sanleandro, Antonio Sánchez Navarro,
Ana Garcia Navarro and María José Delgado Iniesta
Evaluation of Salinity in the Fluvisols of the Vega Baja Region, SE
Spain 63
Attanda Mouinou Igué
Impacts of Land Use on Chemical and Physical Characteristics of Soils
in Collines, Benin 71
José Alberto Acosta, Angel Faz and Silvia Martínez Martinez
Evaluation of Land Degradation in an Area Affected by
Different Management Systems, SE Spain 81
M. Angeles Muñoz García, Angel Faz Cano
Soil-Plant Conservation in the Vicuna ( Vicugna vicugna) Habitat in
Apolobamba, Bolivia: Biodiversity in High Altitude Grasslands 97
Gerhard Gerold
Different Land Use Impacts in Tropical Rainforests
- Soil Degradation and Consequences for Land Rehabilitation - 109
Tim Nieman, Angel Faz Cano, Jan Maurits van Mourik,
José Alberto Acosta Avilés and Silvia Martínez Martinez
Impacts of Bio- and Leather Industries on the Quality of
Sediment and Water in the Guadalentin River, SE Spain 119
Mohsen Sheklabadi, Hossein Khademi, Mostafa Karimian Eghbal,
Edward G. Gregorich and Patrick St.-Georges
Overgrazing and Climate Induced Soil Biochemical Degradation
in Central Zagros, Iran 139
Francisco de la Garza, Angel Faz, Carlos Garcia, Yessica Ortiz,
Andrea Zanuzzi, Dolores Coll, Blanca Castro and Patricio Rivera Organic and Inorganic Pollutants Affecting the Soil Quality in Southeast of Spain: A Comparative Study 151
Chapter II
Assessment and Quantification
Jaume Porta
Quantification of Land Degradation Stress: An Overview 163
Carlos Añó, Antonio Valera and Juan Sánchez
Urban Sprawl and Soil Sealing in the Metropolitan Area
of Valencia, Spain 177
László Pásztor, Imre Pálfai, Csaba Bozán, János Kôrôsparti,
Zsófla Bakacsi and József Szabó
Quantifying and Mapping Lowland Excess Water Hazard 185
Raquel Pérez-Rodriguez, Maria Jose Marqués, Luis Jiménez,
Silvia Garcia-Ormaechea and Ramón Bienes
Testing of Rainfall Simulator Nozzles for Suitability within
Soil Erosion Plots 191
Juergen Schmidt and Frank Mauersberger
Wind Effects on Soil Erosion by Water 201
Giuseppe Baldassarre and Nicola Palumbo
Identification and Assessment of Soil Erosion Processes in a
Widely Cropped Watershed in Southern Italy 207
Carmen Fernández-López, Angel Faz Cano, Ma Angeles Muñoz García and
Joselito M. Arocena
Metal Contents of Soils near the Mining Districts in
El Choro, Bolivia 219
Edoardo A.C. Costantini and Giovanni L'Abate
A Soil Aridity Index to Assess Desertification Risk for Italy 231
Carmen Castañeda, Maria A. Asensio and Juan Herrero
Quantifying Visible Land Degradation of Saline Wetlands in an
Arid Region of NE Spain 243
Ramon Bienes, Luis Jiménez, Raquel Pérez, Silvia García-Ormaechea and
Maria Jose Marques
Shrub Covers and Erosional Withdrawal of Sediments and
Plant Litter from the Soil 251
Jesús Fernández-Gálvez, Javier Palenzuela, Nguyen Van Dao,
José Miguel Barea and Enrique Barahonaf
Soil Degradation Assessment Using a Limited Set of
Simple Physicochemical Tests 263
Pedro Martínez-Pagán, Angel Faz, Silvia Martínez-Martinez,
Jose Alberto Acosta, Enrique Aracil, Marcos Antonio Martinez-Segura,
Dora Maria Carmona and Andrea Zanuzzi
Risk Assessment and Reclamation Possibilities of some Abandoned Mining
Ponds in Murcia Province, SE Spain 273
Héctor Miguel Conesa Alcaraz and Angel Faz Cano
Metal Uptake by Naturally Occurring Vegetation in a Metal
Polluted Salt Marsh in Southeast Spain 287
Chapter III
Rehabilitation of Degraded Landscapes
Rosa Calvo de Anta and Felipe Macias
Remediation of Soils Contaminated with Pyritic Sludge from a
Mine Spill in Aznalcóllar, Spain 295
Antinio Ramalho-Filho, Pedro Luiz de Freitas and Marie Elisabeth
Christine Claessen
Land Degradation and the Zero-Tillage System in Brazil 311
Nieves Alonso Blázquez, Eusebio Francisco De Andrés,
Pablo García Estringana, Jose Luis Tenorio and Jesus Alegre
Use of Sewage Sludge Compost in the Revegetation of
Abandoned Cropland 325
Jesús Fernández-Gálvez and Enrique Barahona f
Effect of Structure Disturbance on Soil Water Retention Curves 333
José Manuel Fernández, Cesar Plaza, Diana Hernández, Raúl del Río,
Héctor Matías Fritis and Alfredo Polo
Organic Matter Transformations in a Soil Amended With Two
Kinds of Sewage Sludges Under Aerobic Incubation 339
Miriam Liona and Angel Faz Cano
Contributions from Pig Slurry to Micro- and Macro-nutrients
Status of Soil Planted with Broccoli 347
Elizabeth Lam Esquenazi and Italo Montofré Bacigalupo
Phytoremediation of Lead and Zinc Using Myoporum laetum
and Brassica nigra in Antofagasta, Northern Chile 355
Linnell Edwards
Challenges of Commercial Bio-Waste Usage to Reverse
Arable Land Degradation in Atlantic Canada 361
Gennaro Brunetti, César Plaza, Donato Mondelli and Nicola Senesi
Reclamation of Degraded Soils by Olive Pomace Amendment: Effects on
Soil Humic Acids 369
Andrea Zanuzzi, Angel Faz Cano and Tom Loring
Recommendations for the Phytostabilization of Acidic Mine
Tailings from SE Spain 377
Ana Caballero, Angel Faz and Juan Bautista Lobera
Bioremediation of Pig Farm Wastewater Using Constructed Wetlands 391
Chapter IV
Economics, Policy and Legal Framework
Luca Montanarella, Richard Arnold and Erika Michéli
Soil Conservation Services in the European Union and in the
United States of America 399
Silvia Martínez-Martinez, Angel Faz and Jose A. Acosta
Background and Reference Levels of Heavy Metals
in Igneous Rocks and Soils in Murcia, SE Spain 411
F. Turkelboom, W. Van Besien and J. Deckers
A Livelihood Centered Land Degradation Assessment
Framework (LILAF) for Dry Areas 427