Challenges: Sustainable Land Management - Climate Change

Ed.: Miodrag Zlatic; Stanimir Kostadinov

2014. 359 pages, 127 figures, 93 tables, Catena ISBN 978-3-923381-61-6, US-ISBN 1-59326-265-5, 17x24cm, 940 g
Language: English

(Advances in Geoecology, Volume 43)

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This book gathers a selection of peer-reviewed contributions presented and discussed at the LANDCON 1209 Conference held in Djerdap National Park in the town Donji Milanovac/Serbia in September 17-21, 2012.
This book is arranged under six separate but interconnected headings:
(1) Land Degradation
(2) Land Conservation
(3) Impact of Climate Change on Environment
(4) Socio Economic Aspects of Land Degradation and Land Conservation
(5) Implemented Global/Regional/National Projects
(6) Education in Land Conservation.
The book offers analysis, facts, new data and suggestions and recommentations on land issues which are the crucial elements in the functioning of environment.

Table of Contents top ↑

Miodrag Zlatic
LANDCON Keynote Paper
Martin Haigh and J. S. Rawat
Landslide Activity and Environmental Change in the Himalaya 1
Chapter I
Land Degradation
Olivera Kosanin, Milan Knezevic and Rade Cvjeticanin Basification Process in some Forest Soils in the Area of Mountain Miroć 12
Snezana Belanovc Simic, Jelena Beloica, Veljko Perovic,
Nuri S. Alnaass, Milan Knezevic, Ratko Kadovic and Branislava Mihailovic
Current State and Threats of Soil Resources in Rasina Catchment
upstream from “Cekije” Water Reservoir 25
Emiliya G. Velizarova, Krasimira M. Nikolova,
Irene G. Ilcheva-Michajlova, Ivan Ts. Marinov and Ivan I. Nikolov
Determination and Mapping of the Hydrologie Soil Groups
for Representative Watersheds of the Struma River Basin, Bulgaria 39
Petar Papic, Zvonimir Milijic, Jana Stojkovićc, Jovana Milosavljevic,
Maja Todorovic, Marina Cuk and Zeljko Kamberovic
Geoenvironmental Investigations at a Smelter Location in Bor (Serbia)
Nelu Popa, Dumitru Nistor and Romul Mircea Margineanu
Soil Erosion Estimates in a small Agricultural Watershed 58
Milica V. Marcovic and Jelica M. Djurdjanovic
Flood Risk Assessment Using GIS: A Case Study of the
Nisava River Sector, Serbia 66
Milutin Stefanovic, Mileta Milojevic, Irina Milovanovic and Jelena Cotric
Analysis of Torrential Floods on the River Pcinja and its Tributaries
in Trgoviste, Southern Serbia in May 2010 74
Predrag Manojlovic, Sanja Mustafic, Ivana Carevic, Jelena Lukovic and
Marko Milosevic
Transport of Dissolved Load and Suspended Load in the Mlava River
Basin (Eastern Serbia) 82
Ratko Kadovic, Snezana Belanovic, Nada Dragovic,
Jelena Beloica,Mirjana Todosijevic, Tijana Andrijanic and Boban Milojkovic
Influence of Soil Organic Carbon on Soil Erodibility in
Forest Soils in Rasina Catchment 99
Ivan Blinkov
An Approach for Conversion of Erosion Data Produced by
EPM Method in Weight Measure 109
Ilyusya Gabbasova, Manfred Fruehauf Ilgiz Khabirov,
Ruslan Suleymanov and Peter Liebelt
Changes in the Properties of Eroded Soils in a Long Time Period 120
Chapter 2
Land Conservation
Sevilay Haciyakupoglu, A. Beril Tugrul, A. Filiz Baytas,
Ferhat Gokbulak, Nesrin Altinsoy, Nilgun Baydogan,
Nilgün Karatepe, Sema Erentürk, Bülent Buyuk and Ertrugrul Demir
Behaviour of KN03 Fertilizer in Soil by the View of Land Conservation 127
Mirjana Todosijevic, Miodrag Zlatic, Nada Dragovic,
Vukasin Milcanovic, Tijana Vulevic and Gordana Vukelic
Sustainable Management of Soil Resources in Mountainous
Areas of Western Serbia Using Conservation Measures 136
Panagiotis Stefanidis, Marios Sapountzis, Fani Tziaftani and Stefanos Stefanidis
Torrent Control Works at the Region of Peloponnese (Greece)
After Forest Fire of 2007 148
Stanimir Kostadinov, Ana Borisavljevic and Dragan Mladjan
Torrents and Torrential Floods in Serbia: Characteristics and
Possibilities of its Control 156
Slobodan Petkovic
Sediment Management in the Catchment of the River Ibar in Serbia,
Related to the Project of Hydropower System 173
Chapter 3
Impact of Climate Change
Jana Podhrázská, Josef Kucera, Filip Chuchma, Tomás Streda,
Hana Stfedova and Miroslav Dumbrovsky
Affect of Changes in Selected Climatic Factors on Wind
Erosion Risks 185
Ildefonso Pia Sentis
Conflicting Issues in Controlling Land Degradation and
Global Climatic Changes 192
Dragoljub Cvijan Todic, Mirjana Todosijevic and Ana Vladimir Grbic
Land Protection and Climate Changes in the Regulations of the Republic
of Serbia (Harmonization of the National Legislation with EU
Legislation) 211
Lado Kutnar and Andrej Kobler
Possible Impacts of Global Warming on Forst Tree Species Composition
in Slovenia 221
Nenad Rankovic, Dragan Nonic, Jelena Nedeljkovic and Sasa Stamatovic
Relationship of some Climate Elements and Collected Quantities of
Non-Wood Forest Products in Serbia in the Period 1993-2011 231
Chapter 4
Socio-Economic Issues and Policy of Land Degradation and Land Conservation
Ivaylo Velichkov, Bojan Srdjevic and Milena Lakicevic
An Example of AHP Application in Forestry 243
Gordana Vukelic, Miodrag Zlatic and Mirjana Todosijevic
Economic Justification of the Model of Anti Hail Protection
of Multi-Year Plants 250
Jelena Tomicevic, Ana Kostic, Werner Konoid and Ivana Zivojinovic
Landscape Modification and Landscape Perception by the Local
Population in the Village of Kupinovo within a Protected Area 259
Slavoljub S. Dragicevic, Marija P. Martinovic, Mikica Z. Sibinovic,
Ivan D. Novkovic, Radislav S. Tosic and Stefana Lj. Babovic
Recent Changes of the Erosion Intensity Caused by Socio-Demographic
and Land Use Changes in Knjazevac Municipality, Serbia 271
Ljiliana M. Keca and Nenad D. Keca
Investment Appraisal in Poplar Plantations in Serbia and its Relations
with Sustainable Land Management 287
Boris P. Radic, Ratko U. Ristic, Miodrag D. Zlatic,
Nevena B. Vasiljevic and Ivan Malusevic
Modification of Landscape Stability as Response on Rural
Depopulation: Example of Watershed of Kupinovacka River,
Serbia 297
Chapter 5
Implemented Global/Regional/National Projects
Ana Nikezic and Dragan Markovic
Visitor Center as a Viable Alternative for Cultural Landscape:
The Case of the Remains of the Trajan Bridge on the
Rive Danube 308
Chapter 6
Environmental Issues
Vesna Dukic
Analysis of Groundwater Recharge of the Basin of
Kolubara River in Serbia 322
Branko Glavonjic, Milan Nesic, Slavica Petrovic and Snezana Belanovic
Environmental Aspects of Charcoal Production in Serbia:
Current Situation and Assessment of Harmonization with
ISO Declaration 14025 337
Dragica D. Obratov-Petkovic, IvanaR. Bjedov, Branislav G. Jurisic,
Marija M. Nesic and Verica B. Stojanovic
Relationship between Invasive Plant Species and Species Richness in Urban and Suburban Habitats of Belgrade (Serbia) 348