Innovative Strategies and Policies for Soil Conservation

Ed.: Michael A. Fullen; Joseph Famadimu; Theodore Karyotis; Christos Noulas; Andreas Panagopoulos; Jose L. Rubio; Donald Gabriels

2015. 262 pages, 80 figures, 51 tables, Catena ISBN 978-3-923381-62-3, US-ISBN 1-59326-266-3, 17x24cm, 740 g
Language: English

(Advances in Geoecology, Volume 44)

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The special issue contains a variety of interesting papers presented at the 6th ESSC Congress and includes the following topics:
1. Policies and thematic strategies for soil protection.
2. Forest fire impacts on natural resources and cultural heritage.
3. Sustainable management of wetlands and drylands.
4. Soil and water management under global climatic change scenarios.
5. Conservation and management of soil biodiversity.
6. Restoration and remediation of degraded lands.
7. Education in soil conservation and public awareness.
The aforementioned topics included in this special issue have and are generating innovative ideas to efficiently and effectively tackle "Strategies and Policies for Soil Conservation". The compilation provides a valuable tool for educators, NGOs and policy-makers, assisting them to develop a series of innovative measures and modern strategies for soil conservation.

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N.J. Yassoglou
A Critique of Strategies and Policies for Soil Conservation through
the Centuries 1
E.A.C. Cos tan t ini, I. De Meo, M. Fantappie, F. Guaitoli and M.G. Matranga
Using a Spatial Data Infrastructure in Land Planning and Application
of Soil Protection Measures: A Case Study in Sicily 11
J. Krasa, T. Dostal, P. Rosendorf, J. Borovec and J. Hejzlar
Modelling of Sediment and Phosphorus Loads in Reservoirs in the
Czech Republic 21
J. Kwiatkowska-Malina
The Comparison of Structure of the Humic Acids from Soil Amended with
Diverse Sources of Organic Matter using the Electron Paramagnetic
Resonance (EPR) Technique 35
Ivan Novotny, Vera Vahova, Jana Smolikova, Hana Kristenova and Ivana Pirkova
Soil Conservation in the Czech Republic and Implementation of DZES5
requirements 42
A. Tsitouras, M. Toulios and L. Toulios
Merging Analogue and Digital Soil Survey Reports and Maps in Thessaly
(Greece) 50
J.L. Rubio, E. Gimeno-Garcia, J. Campo, O. Gonzdez-Pelayo and V. Andreu
Impact of Repeated Fires on Soil Properties in a Mediterranean
Shrubland: The Case-Study at La Concordia Experimental Station
(Valencia, Spain) 60
C.R. Antunes and M.A. Cout in ho
Modelling Water Balance and Erosion in Agro-Forestry: Water
Retention in Tree and Bush Canopies 70
T. La Mantia, A. Novara, L. Gristina, S. Pasta and J. Riihl
Effect of Afforestation on Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Content on a
Mediterranean Island (Lampedusa, Italy) 79
A.M. Agustsdottir, S. Runolfsson and P. Petursdottir
Icelandic Soil Conservation in the European Context: Laws, Policies
and Approaches 91
K. Miksikova, P. Rosendorf K. Vrana and T. Dostal
Fishponds during Harvesting and Manipulation - A Source or a Trap for
Sediment and Phosphorus? 100
A. Panagopoulos, Ch. Domakinis, G. Arampatzis, A. Charoulis,
I. Vrouhakis and A. Panoras.
Seasonal variations of Aquifer Intrinsic Vulnerability in an
Intensively Cultivated Vulnerable Basin in Greece 118
Teodor Rusu, David Weiindorf, Beatricx Juarice Haggard,
Paula Ioana Moraru and Maria Lucia Sopterean
Soil Temperature and Moisture Monitoring and Recommendations on the
Optimum Sowing Period for the Main Crops on the Transylvanian Plain
C. Noulas, I. Alexiou, T. Karyotis, J.M. Herrera and M. Toulios
Relationship between the ‘Isotope Dilution9 and the ‘Difference’
Methods for Assessing Fertilizer Nitrogen Recovery Efficiency 143
B. Muziková, R. Nolz, H. Stredova, F. Chuchma and M. Stastna
Simulated and Measured Water Balance: Validation of the Model using
Lysimeter Data 154
P. Panagos, I. Diafas, S. Jeffery, C. Gardi and L. Montanarella
Soil Biodiversity: Threats, Economics and Policy 164
A.M. Conte e Castro, C.J. Alcides Gomes, M.S. Marchione, E. Meneghel Rando,
O. Sato and K.H. dos Santos
Effects of Poultry Litter as a Source of Organic Matter and Effects on
Soil Physical Properties under Tillage and No Tillage Systems in
Brazil 174
M.S. Marchione, A.M. Conte e Castro, C.J. Alcides Gomes and K.H. dos Santos
Physical Attributes of the Soil in Different Years of Sugar Cane
Plantation in Brazil 185
N. Misopolinos, V. Takavakoglou, G. Bilas and G. Zalidis
Challenges and Opportunities in the Degradation and Remediation of
Mediterranean Soils: Focus on Climate Change and Salt Affected Areas 193
Asha Kelay, Craig D. Williams and Michael A. Fullen
Remediation of Oil Spills using Zeolites 199
J. Konecna, J. Podhrazska, F. Toman and J. Prazan
Land Consolidation as an Opportunity for Soil and Water Conservation
in the Czech Republic 210
S. Theocharopoulos, A. Charoulis, V. Epitropou, K. Karatzas, C. Kolovos,
L. Vavoulidoii and D. Arapakis
Development of a GEOPORTAL in Greece to Offer Access to Multilingual
Soil Data to European Citizens for Soil Conservation Practises 216
D. Daravinga and L. Stylianou
Sustainable Land Management: Educational Activities Implemented by the
Centre of Education for Environment and Sustainability, Naoussa,
Greece 226
V. Iakovoglou, P. Kostopoulou and K. Radoglou
The Effect of Soil Substrate and Volume on Pine Seedlings 238
M. Pulido-Moncada, D. Gabriels, J.C. Rey, K. De Beuf S. Sleutel, S. De
Neve and D. Lobo
Soil Quality Indicators of Soil Surface Degradation Risks of Loamy
Soils under Conventional Tillage in Venezuela 250