Soil Erosion Protection Measures in Europe

Proceedings of the European Community Workshop on Soil Erosion Protection, Freising, Germany, May 24-26, 1988

Ed.: U. Schwertmann; R. J. Rickson; K. Auerswald

1989. 216 pages, 80 figures, 56 tables, Catena ISBN 978-3-923381-16-6, 17x24cm, 740 g
Language: English

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The aim of the European Community Workshop on Soil Erosion Protection in 1988 was to focus on protection measures against soil loss and offsite effects suitable for the wide range of soil and agricultural conditions in the various European countries.
The workshop was attended by 35 specialists from ten member countries of the EEC and from Austria and Yugoslavia who presented 19 papers in a technical session. In addition, field trips were organized to inspect and discuss steep slope stabilization in Allgäuer Alps area, land consolidation with special reference to soil erosion protection, and soil conservation practices under maize and sugar beet in the agricultural area of Lower Bavaria.
At the end of the workshop the attendents released recommendations for further activities which are also included in this volume.
This volume contains 20 papers presented during the workshop including two paper which report the work demonstrated during one of the field trips. The papers were accepted for publication after being reviewed by at least two independent, anonymous reviewers.

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L.A.A.J. Eppink & W.P. Spaan
Agricultural Wind Erosion Control Measures in the Netherlands 1
R.P.C. Morgan
Design of In-Field Shelter Systems for Wind Erosion Control 15
Chr. Als
How to Succeed in Planting 900 km of Shelterbelts per Year in a Small Country like Denmark 25
F. Papy & J. Boiifin
The Use of Farming Systems for the Control of Runoff and Erosion
(Example from a given country with thalweg erosion) 29
J.W.A. Poesen
Conditions for Gully Formation in the Belgian Loam Belt
and Some Ways to Control them 39
G. Chisci
Measures for Runoff and Erosion Control on Clayey Soils:
A Review of Trials Carried out in the Apennines Hilly Area 53
C. Zanchi
Drainage as a Soil Conservation and Soil Stabilizing Practice on Hilly Slopes 73
J. Goeck & G. Geisler
Erosion Control in Maize Fields in Schleswig-Holstein (F.R.G.) 83
J. De Ploey
Erosional Systems and Perspectives for Erosion Control in European Loess Areas 93
M. Kainz
Runoff, Erosion and Sugar Beet Yields in Conventional and Mulched Cultivation
Results of the 1988 Experiment 103
Y.B. Abrahim & R.J. Rickson
The Effectiveness of Stubble Mulching in Soil Erosion Control 115
L. Hansen
Soil Tillage, Soil Structure and Soil Erosion in Denmark 127
D. Gabriels, P. Michiels, W. Cadron & J. Rejman
The Use of Organic Waste Materials and Plant Cover for Soil Surface Protection and Crop Production 133
J.V. Giraldez, A. Laguna & P. Gonzalez
Soil Conservation under Minimum Tillage Techniques in Mediterranean Dry Farming 139
G. Richter
Erosion Control in Vineyards of the Mosel-Region, FRG 149
JJ. Gril, J.P. Canler & J. Carsoulle
The Benefit of Permanent Grass and Mulching for Limiting Runoff and Erosion in Vineyards.
Experimentations Using Rainfall-Simulations in the Beaujolais 157
E. Ankenbrand & U. Schwertmann
The Land Consolidation Project of Freinhausen, Bavaria 167
R. Landi
Revision of Land Management Systems in Italian Hilly Area 175
J. Porta, R.Ma. Poch & J. Boixadera
Land Evaluation and Erosion Control Practices on Mined Soils in NE Spain 189
J.L. Rubio, Ma.J. Molina & J. Sanchez
Land Use Recommendations for Soil Conservation Planning in Mediterranean Environments 207