Tectonic Evolution and Metallogeny of the Chinese Altay and Tianshan

Internat. Symp. on the IGCP-473 project in Urumqi and Field Excursion in Xinjiang, China, August 9-21, 2003. IAGOD Guidebook Series 10

Ed.: Jingwen Mao; Richard J. Goldfarb; Reimar Seltmann; Denhong Wang; Wenjiao Xiao; Craig Hart

2003. IV, 282 pages, 106 figures, 44 tables, 21x30cm, 1030 g
Language: English

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This monograph, which is to represent, in part, a guidebook for a field excursion in northern Xinjiang from August 9-21, 2003, is sponsored jointly by the IGCP-473 Project “GIS Metallogeny of Central Asia”, China Geological Survey, China University of Geosciences (Beijing, CUGB), National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), Chinese National Research Project (305) for Mineral Resources, The Society of Economic Geologists (SEG), The Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits (SGA), The International Association on the Genesis of Ore Deposits (IAGOD), the Center for Russian and Central Asian Mineral Studies (CERCAMS, Department of Mineralogy, Natural History Museum London) and the USGS. The volume presents 16 invited papers, which systematically introduce the regional distribution of base, precious, and rare metal deposits that are representative of the metallogeny of this part of the oro-gen, to an overseas non-Chinese readership for the first time. The papers reflect the current status of research on northern Xinjiang ore deposits and allow for an improved understanding of the regional geology and metallogeny of this part of the Altaid orogen.
The monograph is designed for specialists in regional geology, geodynamics, metallogeny, ore deposits modeling and economic geology as a reference book on tectonic evolution and metallogeny of the Chinese Altay and Tianshan.

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Preface, by Mao J., Goldfarb R., Seltmann R., Wang D., Xiao W., Hart
C. 1
1. Tectonics and metallogeny of the western part of the Altaid
orogenic collage, by Yakubchuk A., Seltmann R., Shatov V 7
2. Tectonic and metallogenic evolution of the Altay Shan, Northern
Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Northwestern China, by Goldfarb R.,
Mao J., Hart C., Wang D., Anderson E., Wang Z. 17
3. Neoproterozoic-Paleozoic tectonostratigraphy, magmatic activities
and tectonic evolution of eastern Xinjiang, NW China, by Li J., Xiao
W., Wang K., Sun G., Gao L. 31
4. Granitoids and related metallogeny of the Central Asian Orogenic
Belt, by Hong D., Wang S., Xie X., Zhang J., Wang T. 75
5. Relation of regional aeromagnetic data to geology and mineral
deposits, Altay Shan and Junggar Basin, Northwestern China and Eastern
Kazakhstan, by Finn C., Anderson E., Goldfarb R. 107
6. Major types and regional metallogeny of rare metal deposits in the
Altay Mountains, Xinjiang, by Wang D., Xu Z, Zou I, Chen Y., Wang
L. 117
7. Kalatongke magmatic copper-nickel sulfide deposit, by Yan S., Zhang
Z., Wang D., Chen B., He L., Zhou G. 131
8. Geology, geochemistry and geodynamics of the Ashele VHMS Cu-Zn
deposit, Northwestern Xinjiang, by Wang D. 153
9. The Koktal Pb-Zn massive sulfide deposit, by Wang J., Wang Y., Wang
S., Ding R. 169
10. Geology of the Mengku iron deposit, Xinjiang, China — A
metamorphosed VMS?, by Wang Y., Wang J., Wang S., Ding R., Wang,
L. 181
11. Shear-zone related gold deposits of the southern Altay Mountains,
northwestern China, by Liu Y., Zhu, Y., Wang D. 201
12. Axi and associated epithermal gold deposits in the western
Tianshan, Xinjiang, P. R. China, by Hart C., Wang Y., Goldfarb R.,
Begg G., Mao J., Dong L. 209
13. Overview of major Au, Cu, Ni and Fe deposits and metallogenic
evolution of the eastern Tianshan Mountains, Northwestern China, by
Qin K., Zhang L., Xiao W., Xu X., Yan Z., Mao J. 227
14. Geological characteristics of the Tuwu copper deposit, Hami,
Xinjiang, by Han C., Yuan W., Rui Z, Mao J., Yang J., Wang Z. 249
15. Geological and geochemical features of the Permian Shiyingtan low
sulphidation epithermal gold deposit, eastern Tianshan, NW China, by
Zhang L., Qin K., Ji J., Yang X., Xue C., Feng C. 261
16. The Kanggur and Matoutan gold deposits, eastern Tianshan,
Xinjiang, by Wang Y., Mao J., Wang Z, Li H., Yang J. 271