Ore-Bearing Granites of Russia and Adjacent Countries

International Geological Correlation Programme IGCP-373

Ed.: A. Kremenetsky; B. Lehmann; Reimar Seltmann; IAGOD: International Association on the Genesis of Ore Deposits; INTAS: Int. Assoc. for the Promotion of Coop. with Scientists from the New Independent States of the Former Soviet Union

1999. II, 371 pages, 201 figures, 63 tables, 20x28cm, 990 g
Language: English

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This volume presents a selection of papers resulting from the INTAS Project 93-1783 “Ore-bearing granites of Eurasia: Anatomy and mag-matic-hydrothermal mechanisms of ore deposition” (INTAS = International Association for the Promotion of Cooperation with Scientists from the New Independent States of the Former Soviet Union). It is the second monograph from this project, after our 1996 publication of “Granite-Related Ore Deposits of Central Kazakhstan and Adjacent Areas” (Shatov et al, 1996).
The monograph contains 19 contributions of which 14 papers provide regional overviews on a number of important granite and ore provinces (northern and central Kazakhstan, Urals, Mongolia, Caucasus, Siberia, Yakutia, Pamirs). Five other papers are on general aspects of granite magmatism (geophysics, metasomatic zoning, volatile composition, petrogenetic tracing). An introductory paper compiles hitherto unavailable data on ore resources, mining production, uses, and applications for more than one hundred major granite-related rare-metal ore deposits of the former Soviet Union. Figure 1 illustrates the location of those areas treated in this volume. There are a number of significant rare-metal granite areas which are not covered by review papers. These gaps result from the fact that our INTAS project cooperation could only reach a limited number of FSU research groups, and that several papers submitted could not be accepted for publication.
This volume provides a first and hitherto unavailable overview of the geology and metallogeny of major granite-related rare-metal deposits of Russia and adjacent countries. The papers may be used as astarting point for those interested in a particular area. The publication will be useful to the mineral exploration and mining community, and to all geoscientists interested in granite-related metallogeny.

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Lehmann, B., Seltmann, R., and Kremenetsky, A.A
Ore-bearing granites of Russia and adjacent countries - Editorial 1
Kremenetsky, AA., Beskin, S.M., Lehmann, B., and Seltmann, R.
Economic geology of granite-related ore deposits of Russia and other
FSU countries: an overview 3
Bushlyakov, I N. and Kholodnov, V.V.
Fluorine and chlorine as indicators of granite magma productivity 57
Dukhovsky, A.A.
Granite-related Sn, W and Mo ore-magmatic systems: 3-D models
and regularities of localization 69
Ermolov, P.V.
Granite-related ore systems of Kazakhstan 83
Fershtater, G.B. and Rapoport, M.S.
Granite magmatism and related ore mineralization in the Urals, Russia 97
Gonevchuk, V.G., Seltmann, R., and Gonevchuk, G.A. Tin mineralization
and granites of the main ore districts of Central Amur region, Russian
Far East 113
Holl, R.; Borisenko, A.; Obolenskiy, A.; Grechistchev, 0.;
Shcherbakov, Yu. Sn and Ta granitoid-related ore-magmatic systems:
Deputatsky and Ulug-Tanzek deposits, Russia 127
Kostitsyn, Yu.A.
Origin of peraluminous rare-metal granites: A review of Rb-Sr
and Sm-Nd isotopic data 143
Kovalenko, V.I., Yarmolyuk, V.V., Tsaryeva, G.M., Sal’nikova, E.B.,
Kovach, V.P., Kotov, A.B., Yakovleva, S.Z., and Budnikov, S.V. Age
and origin of the granitic rocks in the Yugodzyr metallogenic region,
southeastern Mongolia: Results of geochemical and isotopic studies
Letnikov, F.A.
Rare-metal granites of the Kokshetau Block, Northern Kazakhstan 177
Lobach-Zhucheriko, S B., Chekulaev, V.P., Ivanikov, V.V., Kovalenko,
A.V., and Bogomolov, E.S. Late Archean high-Mg and subalkaline
granitoids and lamprophyres as indicators of gold mineralization in
Karelia (Baltic Shield), Russia 193
Popov, V S., Kostitsyn, Yu.A., Lyapunov, S.M., and Zhuravlev, A.Zh.
Volcanic andplutonic fades in Late Pliocene-Quaternary magmatic system
of the northern Caucasus, Russia, and related mineralization 213
Rodionov, S.M.
Tin metallogeny of the Russian Far East 237
Sotnikov, V.I. and Berzina, A.P.
Porphyry Cu-Mo ore-magmatic systems of Siberia and Mongolia 263
Sviridenko, L.P. and Ivashchenko, V.I.
Ore-bearing granites of Karelia, Russia 281
Trunilina, V.A., Orlov, Yu.S., Roev, S.P., and Ivanov, P.O.
Ore-bearing granitic complexes of Eastern Yakutia 295
Trunilina, V.A., Orlov, Yu.S., Roev, S.P., and Ivanov, P.O.
Late Mesozoic longitudinal and transverse granitoid belts of the Verkhoyansk-
Kolyma Mesozoides 315
Vladimirov, A.G., Borisenko, A.S., Rudnev, S.N., Chupin, V.P., Kruk,
N.N., Titov, A.V., Borovikov, A.A., Pavlova, G.G., Averkin, Yu.A.,
Turkina, O.M., Vladimirov, V.G., and Mortsev, N.K. Ore-bearing
granite plutons of the Southern Pamir, Tajikistan 331
Zaraisky, G.P.
Experimental modeling of metasomatism in granitic systems 349
Index: List of granite-related mineral deposits of Russia and other
FSU countries 367