Metallogeny of the Pacific Northwest (Russian Far East): Tectonics, Magmatism and Metallogeny of Active Continental Margins

INTERIM IAGOD Conference, 1-20 Sept. 2004, Vladivostok, Russia. Excursion Guidebook

Ed.: A. I. Khanchuk; G. A. Gonevchuk; Reimar Seltmann

2004. 176 pages, 121 figures, 29 tables, 21x29cm, 670 g
Language: English

ISBN 978-3-510-65404-8, bound, price: 50.00 €

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This guidebook was prepared for the Interim IAGOD Conference on Metallogeny of the Pacific Northwest: Tectonics, Magmatism and Metallogeny of Active Continental Margins, which took place in September of 2004 in Vladivostok, the southernmost port of the Russian Far East. The book describes the geology of a number of important ore districts and deposits in the region. These are the major deposits of fluorine (Voznesenka), boron (Dalnegorsk), tungsten (Vostok-2), platinum (Konder), gold (Pokrovka), and some smaller deposits of tin, lead, zinc, and other metals.
The guidebook also includes a description of South Kamchatka which is an example of young magmatism and modern ore formation. The chapters devoted to the Okhotsk-Kolyma Province address granitoid magmatism of different geodynamic and geochemical types and related ore mineralization.
This book will be of interest to specialists in regional and economic geology, geodynamics metallogeny, and ore deposits modelling.

Table of Contents top ↑

A.I. Khanchuk, G.A. Gonevchuk andR. Seltmann 3
1. Granitoids of the Okhotsk-Kolyma Divide and Related Ore Mineralization
N.A. Goryachev and M.L. Gelman 5
2. The Konder Massif of Ultramafic and Alkaline Rocks and Related PGM Mineralization
A.M. Lennikov, B.L. Zalishchak andR.A. Oktyabrsky 29
3. The Komsomolsk Ore District
S.M. Rodionov, B.I. Semenyak and V.Yu. Zabrodin 43
4. The Pokrovka Epithermal Gold Deposit
V. Khomich and N.G. Vlasov 72
5. The Arminsky Ore District
V.I. Gvozdev 87
6. The Dalnegorsk Ore District
G.P. Vasilenko 98
7. Southwest Primorye (The Voznesenka Ore District)
M.D. Ryazantseva 125
8. Geology, Magmatism and Gold Mineralization of South Primorye (The Askold Strike-Slip Fault Zone, Sergeevka Terrane)
G.R. Sayadyan 137
9. Miocene-to-Quaternary Center of Volcanic, Hydrothermal and Ore-Forming Activity in the Southern Kamchatka
V.M. Okrugin and M.E. Zelensky 147