Geodynamics and Metallogeny of Mongolia with a special emphasis on copper and gold deposits

SEG-IAGOD Field Trip to Copper and Gold Deposits of Mongolia, 14-16 August 2005. Pre-Conference Excursion of the 8th Biennial SGA Meeting, Beijing, China, 18-21 August 2005

Ed.: Reimar Seltmann; Ochir Gerel; Douglas Kirwin; IAGOD: International Association on the Genesis of Ore Deposits;

2004. 221 pages, 172 figures, 29 tables, 21x29cm, 890 g
Language: English

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This volume has developed from an excursion guidebook that was initially prepared for the international workshop “Geodynamics and Metallogeny of Mongolia” that has been held in Ulaanbaatar, 30 July - 1 August 2003, with a one-week follow-up expert field trip to Oyu Tolgoi and some adjacent deposits and exploration targets in the South Gobi. Increasing interest in the geology of Cu-Au and other mineral deposits of Mongolia has encouraged the editors to produce the present up-dated, largely revised and expanded book that includes supplementary chapters on other famous deposits such as the giant Erdenet Cu-Mo porphyry system and the Boroo gold deposit. This monograph represents simultaneously the guidebook of the SEG-IAGOD field trip “Copper and Gold Deposits of Mongolia” visiting the Oyu Tolgoi, Erdenet and Boroo deposits (14-16 August 2005). The trip took place as pre-conference excursion related to the 8th Biennial SGA Meeting in Beijing/China (18-21 August 2005).
We hope that these data published under the auspices of the IGCP-473 project will prove helpful in understanding the geology and metallogeny of Mongolia.

Table of Contents top ↑

Preface, by Gerel O., Kirwin D.J., Seltmann R. 3
1. Tectonics and structural evolution of Mongolia, by Tomurtogoo, O. 5
2. Geodynamic evolution of accreted terranes of Mongolia against the
background of the Altaids and Transbaikal-Mongolian collages, by
Yakubchuk, A. 13
3. Summary of pre-accretionary and accretionary metallogenic belts of
Mongolia, by Dejidmaa G., Badarch, G. 25
4. Preliminary description of mineral deposit models (types) for
Mongolia, by Dejidmaa G., Dorjigotov D., Gerel O., Gotovsuren, A. 31
5. Analysis of magmatic belts of Mongolia utilising a new combined
geology map and petrochemistry GIS product, by Herrington R.,
Armstrong R., Yakubchuk, A., Seltmann R., Shatov V, Gerel O., Koval
P., Bersina, A. 53
6. Unidirectional solidification textures associated with
intrusion-related Mongolian mineral deposits, by Kirwin, D.J 63
7. Erdenetiin Ovoo porphyry copper-molybdenum deposit in northern
Mongolia, by Gerel O., Munkhtsengel, B. 85
8. Geology of the Boroo gold deposit, northern Mongolia, by Cluer, J. K,
Kotlyar B., Gantsetseg O., TogtokhD., Wood G., Ullrich, T. 105
9. Tectonics of South Mongolia, by Badarch, G. 119
10. Intrusive magmatism of South Mongolia, by Gerel O., Oyungerel S.,
Minjin, Ch. 131
11. Mineral resources and metallogenic belts in Southern Mongolia, by
Dejidmaa, G. 149
12. The Oyu Tolgoi copper-gold porphyry deposits, South Gobi,
Mongolia, by Kirwin D.J., Forster C.N., Kavalieris I., Crane D.,
Orssich C., Panther C., Garamjav D., Munkhbat TO., Niislelkhuu, G 155
13. Whole rock geochemistry of Late Devonian island arc and intrusive
suites from Oyu Tolgoi, South Gobi, Mongolia, by Kavalieris I.,
Wainwright, A. 169
14. Exploration history, geology, and mineralization of the
Kharmagtai gold-copper porphyry district, South Gobi region, Mongolia,
by Kirwin D.J., Wilson C.C., Turmagnai D., Wolfe, R. 175
15. The Shuteen Cu-Au porphyry deposit, by Bignall G., Batkhishig B.,
Tsuchiya N., Delgertsogt, B. 193
16. Petrology and geochemistry of the Lugiin gol nepheline syenite
complex, South Mongolia, by Munkhtsengel B., Iizumi, Sh. 203
17. Mushgai Khudag and Bayan Khoshuu volcanic-plutonic alkaline
complexes with REE±Ta, Nb, Fe carbonatite mineralization, by Gerel O.,
Munkhtsengel B., Enkhtuvshin H., Iizumi, Sh. 215