Gold-Silver Telluride Deposits of the Golden Quadrilateral, South Apuseni Mts., Romania

Guidebook of the Intern. Field Workshop of IGCP project 486 Alba Iulia, Romania 31st August - 7th Sept. 2004. IAGOD Guidebook Series 12

Ed.: Nigel J. Cook; Cristiana L. Ciobanu; IAGOD: International Association on the Genesis of Ore Deposits

2004. 266 pages, 141 figures, 41 tables, 20x29cm, 760 g
Language: English

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This volume is a guide for the field workshop held in the "Golden Quadrilateral" (GQ), South Apuseni Mountains, Romania, between 31st August and 6th September 2004, under the auspices of the International Geological Correlation Programme (IGCP), project 486 'Gold-silver-telluride deposits'. This project is designed to increase international collaboration among geologists who are interested in aspects of the geology, mineralogy and geochemistry of telluride-related gold mineralisation on a global basis. The main aim of this IGCP project is to better define the petrogenetic significance of tellurides/selenides in the context of gold metallogeny.

Table of Contents top ↑

1. Preface 1
Nigel J. Cook, Cristiana L. Ciobanu
2. Geological evolution of the Apuseni Mountains with emphasis on the Neogene magmatism - a review 5
Ioan Seghedi
3. Neogene ore deposits and metallogeny of the Golden Quadrilateral, South Apuseni Mountains, Romania 23
Cristiana L. Ciobanu, Bogdan Gâbudeanu, Nigel J. Cook
4. The Roçia Montana deposit 89
Steve Leary, Gary O'Connor; Adrian Minut, Câlin Tâma§, Scott Manske, Kyle Howie
5. The Bucium (Rodu-Frasin) deposit 99
Steve Leary, Gary O'Connor, Kyle Howie, Laurenfiu Nadasan
6. Geology of the Certej project area and a new model for high-grade gold mineralisation hosted within the Dealul Grozii - Hondol Perimeter (Certej deposit) 105
Mihai Pricopie, Liviu Tu§a, Petru Cristea, Nicu Câpraru, Istvan Marton
7. Tellurides and sulphosalts from deposits in the Golden Quadrilateral 111
Nigel J. Cook, Cristiana L. Ciobanu, Gheorghe Damian, Floarea Damian
8. Telluride and sulphosalt associations at Sâcàrîmb 145
Cristiana L. Ciobanu, Nigel J. Cook, Gheorghe Damian, Floarea Damian, Grigore Buia
9. Tellurides-gold-base metal associations at Roçia Montana: the role of hessite as gold carrier 187
Cristiana L. Ciobanu, Nigel J. Cook, Câlin Tâmaç, Steve Leary, Scott Manske,
Gary O'Connor, Adrian Minut
10. Telluride metallogeny in the 'Golden Quadrilateral' and beyond: Quo Vadis? 203
Nigel J. Cook, Cristiana L. Ciobanu
11. Extended abstracts:
Porphyry-epithermal Bi-Te-Se assemblages as a guide for gold ore enrichment 211
K. Bogdanov, C.L. Ciobanu, N.J. Cook
Typomorphic features of tellurides and native gold in Proterozoic Au-deposits of the Ukrainian Shield 214
S. Bondarenko, O. Grinchenko, V. Siomka
Kostovite: Deposits and mineral associations 216
I.K. Bonev, R. Petrunov, N.J. Cook, C.L. Ciobanu
New interpretations of the structure of the Sâcàrîmb project area 218
N. Câpraru
Ag and Bi-bearing sulfides, tellurides and selenides, El Valle-Boinás Cu-Au skarn, Asturias, Spain 219
A. Cepedal, A. Martin-Izard, M. Fuertes-Fuente
Lead-bismuth tellurides and related minerals in the Upper Cretaceous Bâita Bihor Cu-Mo-Zn-Pb-Ag-Au skarn, North Apuseni Mts., Romania 221
F. Damian, C.L. Ciobanu, N.J. Cook, G. Damian
A tectonic model for the spatial occurrence of porphyry copper and polymetallic vein deposits - Application to central Europe 225
L.J. Drew
Kinematics of Pliocene-Recent fault-controlled gold mineralisation in Morobe and Central Provinces, Papua
New Guinea: the Kathnell, Kora Creek, Maniape, Hidden Valley and Tolukuma prospects 226
R.H. Findlay
Ag-Au and Au-PGE deposits and occurrences with tellurides and selenides mineralization in the NE
Fennoscandian Shield 227
B.V. Gavrilenko, N.N. Galkin, S.M. Karpov
The magmatic-to-hydrothermal evolution of porphyry Cu-Au systems in the Apuseni Mountains of SE
Europe: A melt inclusion study using LA-ICP-MS microanalysis 229
P.M. Iva§canu, K. Kouzmanov, T. Pettke, C.A. Heinrich
Se-Te mineralogy of Neogene epithermal deposits and occurrences of Slovakia 230
S. Jeleh, E. Mato, P. Kodera, V.A. Kovalenker
Mesozoic telluride-rich gold deposits in eastern China 232
Jingwen Mao, Xiaofeng Li, Zuoheng Zhang, Huabin Hu
Gold-bismuth-telluride mineralization in Archaean greenstone belt, Central West Greenland 235
A. Juul-Pedersen, P.W.U. Appel
Gold-epithermal mineralization of Kurama volcanogenic area (Uzbekistan): Ag-Au-Te and Au-Ag-Se types 236
R. I. Koneev
The porphyry-epithermal continuum: A case study from the porphyry Cu-Au deposits of Rosia Poieni and
Valea Morii (Apuseni Mts., Romania) 237
K. Kouzmanov, C. Heinrich, T. Pettke, S. Wallier, R. Rey, P. Ivascanu
Ore mineralogy, fluid inclusions, age and isotopic characteristics of the Late Paleozoic high-sulfidation
epithermal gold-telluride deposits in the Kurama Mountains, Middle Tien Shan 239
V. A. Kovalenker, I. V. Chernyshev, O. Yu. Plotinskaya, V. Yu. Prokofev
Bi-tellurides of the Transcarpathians (Ukraine): Mineralogy and genesis 241
V. Melnikov, S. Bondarenko
Te-Bi-Au-Ag-Pb-S Mineral assemblages within the Late Hercynian polymetallic deposits in the Western Sudetes (Poland) 242
S.Z. Mikulski
Au-Ag-Bi-Tellurides and orogenic gold: Examples from the Ukrainian Shield 244
I.V. Mudrovska, C.L. Ciobanu, N.J. Cook, V. Sukach
Copper-silver sulphotelluride from Babaryk VMS deposit (Urals, Russia) 246
C. A. Novoselov, E. V. Belogub
Efemgukuru B-rich epithermal gold deposit (Izmir-Turkey) 249
T. Oyman, F. Minareci, O. Pipkin
Skam-gossan mineralisation in the roof-pendants of the Egrigoz Granitoid (Western Turkey): Preliminary results249 I. Ozgeng, T. Oyman
Mineralogy, geochemistry, and genesis of the Kairagach gold-selenide-telluride high-sulphidation epithermal deposit (Kurama ridge, Eastern Uzbekistan) 250
O. Yu. Plotinskaya, V.A. Kovalenker, R.I. Koneev
Selenium in the Recsk epithermal mineralization and its correlation with gold and copper 252
E. Seres-Hartai, J. Foldessy
Breccia structures and Au-Ag Mineral assemblages in Rosia Montana ore deposit, Apuseni Mountains, Romania 254
C.G. Tămaş, L. Bailly, B. Cauuet
Tellurium and precious metal mineralogy in large VMS deposits of the Southern Urals 255
I. V. Vikentyev
Ore mineralogy and evolution of Te-rich magmatic-hydrothermal systems in Northeastern Greece 256
P. Voudouris, D. Alfieris
Tellurides from the Jilove, Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic 259
A. Vymazalova, J. Litochleb
Ovacik Gold Deposit: An Example of Quartz-Adularia-Type Gold Mineralization in Turkey 261
H. Yilmaz