Magmatism and Metallogeny of the Altai and Adjacent Large Igneous Provinces

with an Introductory Essay on the Altaids
Guidebook of IGM-IAGOD Field Trips

Ed.: Reimar Seltmann; Alexander Borisenko; Geliy Fedoseev

2007. 294 pages, 157 figures, 35 tables, 21x30cm, 1400 g
Language: English

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The field excursion "Metallogeny of the Southeastern Altai (Russia) and Northwestern Mongolia ore district, Permian-Triassic boundary" with total extension of about 2,500 km includes visits to a series of deposits: Cu-Co-W Karakul deposit, Ag-Sb Asgat (NW Mongolia) and Ozemoe (Gomy Altai) deposits, Cu-Hg-Ba Dzhilkydal and Mo-W greisen Kalguta deposits. The occurrences of the Late Paleozoic and Early Mesozoic mafic, alkaline-mafic and granitoid magmatism in this area were also examined along the route of the excursion.
Many geological objects described in the guidebook were formed during the Permian-Triassic stage of magmatism, which was especially productive in terms of metallogeny: Sb-Hg (Aktash, Chagan-Uzun, Kurai), Ag (Asgat, Ozemoe, etc.), Mo-W (Kalguta), and Ni-Co arsenide (Askhatin-gol) deposits. This guidebook may be helpful both for geologists and students to understand the link between ore deposits and magmatic events.

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Part A: Metallogeny of the Southeastern Altai (Russia) and Northwestern Mongolia Ore District, Permian-Triassic Boundary
Introduction 9
1. Geological structure, magmatism and metallogeny of Altai
(A.S. Borisenko, A.G. Vladimirov, V.A. Goverdovskiy, A.A. Obolenskiy, A.V. Travin) 9
1.1. Geology and history of geological development of Altai 9
1.2. Magmatism and age of magmatic events 13
1.3. Metallogeny of Altai 15
2. Silver-antimony mineralization of SE Altai and NW Mongolia
(A.S. Borisenko, G.G. Pavlova, V.A. Goverdovskiy, A.A. Borovikov, E.A. Naumov) 18
2.1. Yustid Ore Cluster 19
2.1.1. Asgat-Ozernoe silver ore zone 21
2.1.2. Asgat deposit 23
2.2. Tolbonur Ore Cluster 30
2.2.1. Tolbonur deposit 30
2.2.2. Sharabureg deposit 31
2.2.3. Sagsay deposit 31
2.3. Mineral composition of the ore of Ag-Sb deposits 35
2.3.1. Main ore minerals 37
2.3.2. Minor ore minerals 43
2.3.3. Rare ore minerals 45
2.3.4. Gangue minerals 46
2.3.5. Hypergene minerals 46
2.4. Sequence of the Ag-Sb ore forming 47
2.5. Fluid inclusion study 49
2.6. Endogenous zonation of Ag-Sb mineralization 52
2.7. Thermodynamic modeling of deposition processes at the Ag-Sb deposits 54
2.8. Genesis of Ag-Sb mineralization 58
3. Mercury mineralization of SE Altai and NW Mongolia
(A.A. Obolenskiy) 60
3.1. Chagan-Uzun deposit 64
3.2. Aktash deposit 66
4. Rare-metal mineralization of SE Altai and NW Mongolia
(I. Yu. Annikova, A.G. Vladimirov, N.N. Kruk, A.S. Borisenko) 69
4.1. Kalguta Mo-W greisen deposit 69
4.1.1. Geological structure 69
4.1.2. Mineralogical-petrographical and petrochemical characteristics
of the Kalguta granite-1 eucogranite complex 71
4.1.3. Mineralogical-petrographical and petrochemical characteristics
of the East-Kalguta complex 73
4.1.4. Mo-W mineralization of the Kalguta ore cluster 75
4.1.5. Mineral composition of the ore in Kalguta deposit 77
4.1.6. Main stages of ore formation at the Kalguta deposit 79
4.1.7. Age of mineralization of Kalguta deposit 81
4.2. Ultra-rare-metal granites of South Altai 83
5. Cobalt mineralization of SE Altai and NW Mongolia
(V.A. Goverdovskiy, G.G. Pavlova, A.S. Borisenko, I.G. Tretyakova) 89
5.1. Cu-Co-Bi-W Karakul deposit 89
5.2. Ni-Co-As Askhatin-gol deposit 92 References 97
Part B: Permian-Triassic, Devonian, and Early Paleozoic Igneous Provinces of the Altai-Sayan Fold System (Kolyvan-Tomsk Fold Zone, Kuznetsk and Minusinsk Troughs, Kuznetsk Alatau)
M.A. Usov 105
Yu.A. Kuznetsov 107
I V. Luchitsky 108
Introduction (A.E. Izokh, A.S. Borisenko, G.S. Fedoseev, and V.M. Kalugin) 109
1. Permian-Triassic Magmatism of the Altai-Sayan Fold System
1.1. Permian-Triassic magmatism of the Kolyvan-Tomsk Fold Zone
(G.S. Fedoseev) 115
1.1.1. Granitoid complexes 116
1.1.2. Basic complexes 117
1.1.3. Field excursions 118 Stop 1. The Borok open pit 118 Stop 2. The Gusiny Brod open pit 120
1.2. Plume-related basalts of the Kuznetsk Basin
(M.M. Buslov, I.Yu. Safonova, G.S. Fedoseev, M. Reichow, A.V. Travin, G.A. Babin) 121
1.2.1. Geol ogy and stratigraphy 122
1.2.2. Petrography and geochemistry of basalts 125
1.2.3. 40Ar/39Ar age of basalts and dolerites 129
1.2.4. Field excursions 130 Stop 3. The Karakan and Planerny open pits 130 Stop 4. The Kyrgai-1 and Kyrgai-2 open pits 131
References 132
2. Early and Middle Paleozoic Magmatism of the Kuznetsk Alatau
2.1. Granitoid province of the Kuznetsk Alatau
(B.D. VasiPev, G.S. Fedoseev, and A.Yu. Falk) 136
2.1.1. The Ulen-Tuim Complex of granitoid batholiths 137
2.1.2. The Tuim-Karysh (Tuim) pluton 137
2.1.3. The Kiyalykh-Uzen Cu-Mo deposit 138
2.1.4. Field excursions 140 Stop 5. The Kiyalykh-Uzen Cu-Mo deposit 140
2.2. Plume-related alkaline basic magmatism of the Kuznetsk Alatau:
The Goryachegorsk Complex (I.F. Gertner, V.V. Vrublevsky, V.N. Voitenko,
P.A. Tishin, T.S. Krasnova, O.M. Grinev, and A.M. Sazonov) 141
2.2.1. Tectonic setting of alkaline intrusions 141
2.2.2. Petrography of the Goryachegorsk Complex 143
2.2.3. Age of the Goryachegorsk Complex 143
2.2.4. Internal structure of the Kiya-Shaltyr pluton 143
2.2.5. Petrography of the Kiya-Shaltyr pluton 145
2.2.6. Magmatic sources and geodynamic setting of alkaline basic
intrusions of the Kuznetsk Alatau 146
2.2.7. Field excursions 150 Stop 6. The Kiya-Shaltyr open pit 150
2.3. Multistage granitoid magmatism of the Sora ore field (A.N. Berzina) 153
2.3 .1. Geochemistry of host rocks and porphyry intrusions 155
2.3.2. Geology of the Sora deposit . 158
2.3.3. Field excursions 161 Stop 7. Open pit of the Sora Mo deposit (A.E. Izokh) 161
References 163
3. Intracontinental Basic Magmatism of the Minusinsk Trough
3.1. Early Devonian rift-related magmatism: The Kuz’me Complex of sills
(G.S. Fedoseev) • 166
3 .1.1. Field excursions 168 Stop 8. Lake Matarak. Basalt and dolerite bodies in stratotype
of the Matarak Formation 168 Stop 9. Lake Shunet. Basalt and dolerite sills in stratotype
of the Shunet Formati on 170
3.2. Late Cretaceous intracontinental alkali basaltic magmatism of the Chebaki-Balakhta Basin: The Tergesh Complex
(A.E. Izokh, G.S. Fedoseev, and V.A. Kutolin) 171
3.2.1. Location of pipes 173
3.2.2. Geology of pipes 173
3.2.3. Age of pipes 177
3.2.4. Origin of pipes 177
3.2.5. Field excursions 178
Stop 10. The Krasnoozersky pipe 179
Stop 11. The Tergesh pipe 181
References 182
Part C: Eduard Suess and the Altaids: What is in a Name?
An introductory Essay on the Altaids
by C. Sengör and B. Natal'in

Introduction 190
Continental tectonics 191
Plate boundary structures within continents 196
Classification of orogens 197
Altaids 209
Developing ideas on and changing appellations of the Altaids after Suess 225
Altaids in the Soviet Union 245
Conclusions 272
Acknowledgements 275
References 276