Metallogeny of the Pacific Northwest: Tectonics, Magmatism and Metallogeny of Active Continental Margins

Proceedings of the interim IAGOD-Conference Vladivostok/Russia: 1-20 September 2004

Ed.: A. I. Khanchuk; G. A. Gonevchuk; A. N. Mitrokhin; L. F. Simanenko; N. J. Cook; R. Seltmann

2004. 719 pages, 357 figures, 66 tables, 17x25cm, 1300 g
Language: English

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This publication represents a collection of extended abstracts from the papers presented at the 2004 Interim IAGOD Conference "The Metallogeny of the Pacific Northwest: Tectonics, Magmatism, and Metallogeny of Active Continental Margins" held in Vladivostok, Russia. This meeting and its proceedings volume result from an initiative proposed by the IAGOD Council at the 31st International Geological Congress (2000) held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The aim of this initiative was to bring together professionals specializing in regional and economic geology, geodynamics, metallogeny, and ore deposits modeling with a special focus to the Russian Far East. Scientists from 17 countries have submitted a total 198 of manuscripts for the oral and poster sessions of this meeting. These papers explore and summarize the latest developments in our understanding of the relationship of magmatic contributions to ore forming processes, and the dependence of these processes on the complex geodynamic settings and geological structures of various regions. The volume describes the results obtained from research in to noble, rare, and non-ferrous metal deposits. The volume is of great interest to industry and academic geo-scientists alike. Highlights of the volume include papers on the Muruntau (Uzbekistan) and Sukhoi Log (Russia) giant gold deposits, gold-platinum mineralization at Konder, the Norilsk group of copper-nickel deposits, the Voznesenka fluorite mineralization and rare-metal deposits of Transbaikalia, and the porphyry-related deposits of Chile and Bolivia.

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Preface 13
Plenary session
Kuzmin M.I., DrilS.L, Tatarnikov S.A., Spiridonov A.M., Seminsky
Zh.V., Belichenko V.G.
Intraplate magmatism and metallogeny exemplified by the Mongol-Okhotsk belt 17
Khanchuk A.I., Molchanov V.P., Plyusnina L.P. Gold-platinoid
mineralization in carbon-bearing rocks of the Khanka massif 19
Seltmann R. and SERCAMS team. First U-Pb zircon SHRIMP and Re-Os
arsenopyrite dating of granitic magmatism and gold mineralization from
the Muruntau district and implications on Muruntau style deposits 23
Martineau M.P The rebirth of gold mining in Subsaharan Africa 25
Geodynamics and ore mineralization of continental margin volcanism
Chashchin A.A., Sakhno V.G., Polin V.F., Grebennikov A.V., Martynov
Yu.A., Popov V.K., Tsurikova L.S. Role of fluids in formation of
ore-bearing complexes of marginal- continental volcanic belts of the
Russian Far East 31
Chekrizhov I.Y., Popov V.K., Panichev A.M. Geochemistry and geodynamic
regimes of formation of paleogenic zeolite-bearing volcanogenic
complexes of Primorye 35
Dril S.I., Martynov Yu.A., Golubeva E.D. Geochemistry of basalts from
the Paramushir Island (Kurile island arc): implication for their
petrogenesis and source rock composition 39
Gaskov I.V., Distanov E.G. Preorogenic metallogeny of the Hercynian
continental margin of North-Western Altai (Russia) 42
Koval P.V., Grebenshchikova V.I., Antipin V.S., Yarmolyuk V.V.,
Kovalenko V.I. Geology and geochemistry database on igneous rocks of
Central Asia 46
Okamura S., Yahata M. Cenozoic Cenozoic volcanism associated with
metallogenic deposits in Hokkaido, North Japan 49
Petryshchevsky A.M. Structural setting of ore deposits of the Taukha
terrane (the Southeast Sikhote-Alin) 51
Popov V.K., Grebennikov A. V., Glascock M.D., Kuzmin
Y.V. Geochemistry, geodynamic regimes, and cesium content of Cenozoic
silicic volcanic glasses of Primorye 55
Rasskazov S.V., Yasnygina T.A., Saranina E.V., Maslovskaya M.N.,
Fefelov N.N., Brandt I.S., Brandt S. B., Kovalenko S.V., Martynov
Yu.A., Popov V.K. Magmatism in the Southwestern Primorye: from
variable crust-mantle impulses within 46 and 32 Ma to
subduction-dominated and mantle-derived processes within 23 and 13-9
Ma 59
Trunilina V.A., Roev S.P., Orlov Ju.S. Compositional characteristics
of magmatic rocks of Indigirka extension belt in the crust of East
Yakutia 63
Yahata M., Okamura S. Spatial and temporal variations of Late Cenozoic
ore mineralization and hydrothermal activity in Hokkaido, North Japan
Geodynamics and metallogeny
Astakhova N.V., Astakhov A.S., Sattarova V. V. Sediment chemistry and
ore mineralization of the Derugin riftogenic zone, the Sea of Okhotsk
Batulzii D., Gantumur H., Gandush B. Late Mesozoic volcanic activity
in Mongolia: implications for post collisional magmatic evidence
resulting from the closure of Mongol-Okhotsk oceanic basin 77
Berzin N.A. Microcontinents at the Siberian convergent-transform margin
of the Paleo-Asian Ocean 80
Bundtzen T.K., Sidorov E.G., Layer P. W., Chubarov V. Geology,
geochemistry, and new isotopic ages of selected PGE-Cr and PGE-Ni-Cu
bearing, mafic/ultramafic complexes in the Farewell and Goodnews Bay
terranes, Alaska and Sredinny Terrane, Kamchatka Peninsula region,
Russian Far East 83
Cherkasov R.F. Two types of Lower Archean tectonic zones and their
minerageny86 Choi S.-G., Pak S.J., Ryu I.-C., Oh C.W., Kim
S.W. Mesozoic precious-metal mineralization and geodynamic
environments in Korea 89
Derbeko I.M. Early Cretaceous intrusive and volcano-plutonic complexes
of the North-Great Khingan zone (Amur Region, Russia) and their role
in Au-Ag mineralization 93
Distanov E.G., Borisenko A.S., Obolenskiy A.A., Sotnikov V.I., Gaskov
I.V., Fedoseev G.S. Metallogenic peculiarities of active continental
margins of various ages in the Altai-Sayan orogenic area, Russia 97
Gerel O., Munkhtsengel B., Oyungerel S., Minjin Ch. Geodynamics,
Phanerozoic magmatism and metallogeny of South Mongolia 101
Izosov L.A. Paleotectonics and paleometallogeny of Japan Sea
continent-ocean transitional zone105 Kononets S.N., Valitov M.G. Ore
mineralization and deep structure of South-Western Primorye 108
Korostelev P.G., Semenyak B.I., Gonevchuk V.G Stages of Meso-Cenozoic
ore formation of the Sikhote-Alin tin-bearing system 112
Kuznetsov V.L., Salnikov A.S., Markov V.M., Titarenko V.V., Feldman
L.L. Seismic tomographic studies of mineral districts throughout
Northeastern Russia 115
Lehmann B. Metallogeny of the Central Andes: geotectonic framework and
geochemical evolution of porphyry systems in Bolivia and Chile during
the last 40 million years118 Mitrofanov N.P. Geodynamics and tin
metallogeny 123
Nemerov V.K., Spiridonov A.M. Geodynamic settings of forming of gold
deposits of Sukhoi Log type, new approach towards their genesis,
Russia 127
Ogasawara M., Sudo S. Characteristics of the Japanese metallogenic
belts131 Pavlovsky A.B., Burova T.A. Distribution of tin
mineralization in the structures of the Pacific belt continental
margins 135
Petryshchevsky A.M., Zlobin T.K. Astenosphere, plumes and plates in
the Okhotsk Sea area 138
Prokopiev A.V., Gamyanin G.N., Bakharev A.G. Tectonics, geodynamics
and metallogeny in the zone of junction of the Verkhoyansk foldbelt,
the Okhotsk terrane and Kolyma-Omolon microcontinent 142
Rostovsky F.I. Sources of ore matter for lead-zinc deposits of
Northwest Pacific area146 Schulz K.J., Nokleberg W.J. Major goals of
the global mineral resource assessment project (GMRAP) 150
Scotese Ch.R., Parfenov L.M., Khanchuk A.I., Berzin N.A., Badarch G.,
Tomurtogoo O., Kuzmin M.I., Yan H., Nokleberg W.J. Dynamic computer
model for the tectonics of Northeast Asia 151
Seminsky Zh. V. Metallogenic zoning based on plume tectonics and
deep-seated structure of the earth’s crust, exemplified by
Trans-Baikal area 152
Sirina T.N. Evolutionary geological model of endogenic mineralization
related to the continental crust formation 154
Smelov A.P., Timofeev V.F. Structure of the North Asian craton
basement as a result of formation and breakup of preCambrian
supercontinents (unresolved problems) 157
Surkov V.S., Salnikov A.S., Sobolev P.S., Migursky A.V., Kuznetsov
V.M., Byalobzhesky S.G., Feldman L.L., Palymasky B.F., Goryachev
N.A. Geological studies and geophysical prospecting throughout the
2-DV reference profile (Koni Peninsula-Wrangel Island), North-East
Russia 161
Tishkin B.M. Geodynamic parameters of formation of gold-bearing
tectono-magmatic systems in the Amur geoblock 165
Vovna G.M., Mishkin M.A. An Early Archean continental margin sialic
crust in the NW Pacific: composition and origin 169
Yurkova R.M., Voronin B.I. Bimetasomatosis and ophiolite geodynamics
in the Northwestern Pacific fringe 171
Geochemical and geodynamical types of granites and their ore

Allison D.T., Isphording W.C. Petrogenesis of tin-bearing S-type
granitoids within the Eastern Blue Ridge belt of Alabama: A tale of 2
fluids 175
Antipin V.S., Perepelov A.B. Geochemical types of granitoids of
different geodynamic settings (Siberia, Mongolia, Kamchatka) 176
Bortnikov N.S., Krylova T.L., Anikina E. Yu., Gorelikova N.V.,
Khanchuk A.I., Gonevchuk V.G., Korostelev P.G., Ignatiev
A. V. Tin-bearing ore-magmatic systems of Sikhote-Alin (Far East,
Russia): Fluid inclusion and stable isotope (O, H, S) 180
Burdukov I.V., Tsygankov A.A., Vrublevskaya T.T. Endocontact syenites
of the Khasurta monzonite-granosyenite pluton: magmatic or metasomatic
rocks? 184
Fedoseev G.S. Syn- and postcollision magmatism in the Kolyvan-Tomsk
foldbelt and Kuznetsk basin, West Siberia 188
Gerel O., Kirwin D., Munkhtsengel B., Oyungerel S., Bayasgalan A.,
Myagmarsuren S., Soyolmaa B. Granitiod magmatism in Mongolia-GIS
database 192
Gonevchuk V.G., Gonevchuk G.A., Rodionov S.M. Geochemical and
geodynamic types of tin-bearing granitoids of South Far East of Russia
Goryachev N.A., Newberry R.J., Gamyanin G.N., Layer P.W., McCoy D.T.,
Berdnikov N.V., Church S.E. Granitoid-related gold lode deposits over
the Northern Pacific marginal areas 199
Grebenshchikova V.I., Koval P.V. Geochemical trends of phanerozoic
granite formation202 Gusev A.I. Petrology of gold-generating
granitoids 206
Kempe U., Seltmann R., Graupner T., Wall V.J., Matukov D., Sergeev
S. SHRIMP U-Pb zircon dating of hercynian granite magmatism in the
Muruntau gold district (Uzbekistan)210
Khabibulina T.S., Trunilina V.A. Zircon typology as a criterion for
determining the origin and ore potential of granitoids in the Northern
belt of the Verkhoyansk-Kolyma region 214
Khubanov V.B., Shadaev M.G. Late Paleozoic dyke belts: geology,
geochemestry, and isotope records (Transbaikalia) 218
Kolonin G.R., Shironosova G.P., Kupriyanova 1.1. Thermodynamic model
of REE distribution between apatite, fluorite and complex hydrothermal
fluid 220
Kozlov V.D. Granitoids and mineralization - geochemical criteria of
ore-bearing potential 224
Kuznetsova L.G. Petrological investigations of unusual spodumene-rich
granitoids in the tastyg rare-metal deposit (Tuva Republic) 228
Lelikov E.P. Geochemistry and petrology of granitoids from the
marginal seas of the Pacific Ocean 232
Lykhin D.A., Kovalenko V.I., Yarmolyuk V.V. Early Mesozoic age of the
Western Transbaikalia beryllium ore province (Rb-Sr isotopic data) 236
Mitrofanov N.P. Potassium and tin in the granitoid complexes 239
Nedachi M., Sato K., Furukawa Y., Kovalenko S.V., Korenbaum S.A.,
Khanchuk A.I. Geochemistry of Cl, F and S in the felsic magmatism
associated with mineralization in the circum Japan Sea region 243
Polin V.F. Petrogenesis of the Dar’ya alkaline complex of the
Ketkap-Yuna magmatic province of the Aldan shield from geochemical
data 247
Sato K.y Kovalenko S.V., Nedachi M., Rodionov S.M., Berdnikov N.V.,
Romanovsky N.P., Ishihara T., Suzuki K., Korenbaum S.A., Gonevchuk
V.G., Khanchuk A.I. Granitoid types and evolution of crust:
implications from granitoids and mineralization in the Circum-Japan
Sea region 250
Savina E.A., Antipin V.S., Mitichkin M.A. Rare metal granites with
fluorite, topaz and cryolite of the peralkaline and peraluminous types
Shadaev M.G., Khubanov V.B., Posohov V.F. Petrogenesis of
intercontinental volkano-plutonic structures (Transbaikalia) 258
Shmakin B.M. Mineralogical and geochemical peculiarities of granites
and granitic pegmatites in the Damara belt of Namibia (after materials
of the IAGOD excursion in 2002) 262
Soboleva A.A., Kuznetsov N.B., Udoratina O.V., Andreichev V.L.,
Dorokhov N.S. Geodynamics of formation of the granitoid
volcanic-plutonic associations of the Northern Ural 265
Syritso L.F., Volkova E.V., Badanina E.V., Abushkevich V.S., Mikhailov
V.V. High-evolved ultra-potassium trachyrhyodacites in the area of the
Orlovka massif of Li-F granites of East Transbaikalia and problems of
their linkage with rare-metal granites 267
Valuy G.A. Some genetic aspects of formation of magnetite and ilmenite
granitic rocks of the Sikhote-Alin 270
Zagorsky V.Ye., Peretyazhko I.S. Geochemical evolution and petrology
of the Malkhan gem tourmaline-bearing granite-pegmatite system,
Central Transbaikalia, Russia 274
Sub-session: Ore-forming fluids in inclusions in minerals Borisenko
A.S.y Borovikov A.A., Reif, F.G. Analysis of fluid inclusions using
modem techniques and problems of data interpretation 281
Damdinova L.B., ReyfF.G., Ishkov Yu.M., Kanakin S.V. The effect of
fluid composition on mineralogy and structural peculiarities of the
F-Be stockworks at the Yermakovka deposit, Transbaikalia, Russia 284
Doroshkevich A.G., Ripp G.S. The composition of magmas and fluids of
carbonatite complexes of the Transbaikalia: data on study of
inclusions 288
Grillo S.M., Prochaska W. Inclusion fluid chemistry and the origin of
talc and chlorite mineralizations of Central Sardinia-Italy 292
Krivolutskaya N.A., Sobolev A.V., Sluzhenikin S.F., Pokrovsky B.G.
Olivine-hosted magmatic inclusions from the Noril’sk Intrusions:
application to Origin of Pt-Cu-Ni Deposits (Russia) 296
Naumov E.A., Airiyants A.A., Borisenko A.S., Borovikov A.A, Kamenskiy
I.L., Reutskiy V.N. Helium, carbon and oxygen isotope composition
study of the epithermal deposits 300
Pavlovsky A.B., Marshukova N.K. Spatial-temporary relations of the
traditional and untraditional types of tin ores 304
Peretyazhko I.S., Smirnov S.Z., Thomas V.G., Zagorsky V.Ye. Gels and
melt-like gels in high-temperature endogeneous mineral formation 306
Prochaska W., Krupenin M. Evidence of inclusion fluid chemistry for
the formation of magnesite and siderite deposits in the Southern Urals
ReyfF.G., Damdinova L.B., Ishkov Y.M., Karmanov N.S. Diverse
specialization of ore-forming fluid flows, simultaneously produced by
a single granite intrusion (The Yermakovka F-Be deposit,
Transbaikalia, Russia) 314
Sushchevskaya T.M., Matveeva S.S., Ignatiev A. V., Velivetskaya T.A.,
Spasennykh M.Ju. Oxygen isotopic zonality and movement of
hydrothermal solutions near large ore (Sn, W) bodies, connected with
granites 318
Geodynamic types of basic and ultrabasic rocks and their ore

Akinin V.V., Vysotskiy S.V., Mazdab F.K., Miller E., Wooden
J.L. SHRIMP dating of zircon from the Podgelbanochny alkali basalt
volcano in Primorye, Russian Far East: application to genesis of
megacrysts 323
Barkar A.V., Vysotskiy S.V., Gulay N.P. Mineralogical analogies of the
alkali basalt megacrysts and related sapphire-bearing placer 327
Baskina V.A. Early Cretaceous withinplate basalts - role in the
control of the Dalnegorsk ore cluster 329
Efimov A.A. The nature of platinum-bearing dunite in Uralian type
complexes of Northern Eurasia 332
Graham I.T., Sutherland F.L.} Webb G.B., Fanning C.M. Polygenetic
corundums from New South Wales gemfields, Australia 336
Isbrodin I.A., Ripp G.S. Rare and collection minerals in metamorphosed
high-aluminum rocks of the Western Transbaikalia 340
Ishii T., Bloomer Sh. Geological and petrological studies on the
recovered ophiolitic rocks from Izu-Ogasawara-Mariana and Tong Trench
inner wall 344
Ivanov A. V., Perepelov A.B., Puzankov M.Yu., Yasnygina T.A., Malykh
Yu.MRasskazov S. V. Rift- and arc-type basaltic volcanism of the
Sredinny Ridge, Kamchatka: case study of the payalpan volcanotectonic
structure 345
Izokh A.E., Agafonov L.V., Borisenko A.S., Tolstykh N.D., Slutzker
E.M., Babich V.V., Lobanov K.V., Govergovskiy V.A. Kuznetsk
Alatau-Altai platinum-bearing belt in West Altai-Sayan fold region
(Russia-West Mongolia) 350
Koroteev V.A., Fershtater G.B. Subduction-related magmatism
of the Central and South Urals 353
Lazarenkov V.G., Talovina I.V. X-ray diffraction types of serpentine:
implications for platinum-group elements redistribution in hypergenic
cobalt-nickel deposits 355
Morteani G.y Gilg A., Kostitsyn Y., Preinfalk C., Gatter I., Disperati
L. The paleohydrology of the guarani aquifer and the genesis of the
amethyst 357
Morteani G., Kostitsyn Y., Preinfalk C.f Gilg H.A., Disperati
L. Genesis of the amethyst geodes in the Cretaceous Serra Geral/Arapey
basalts of Brazil and Uruguay 359
Morteani G., Preinfalk C., Voropaev A. The imperial topaz from Ouro
Preto, Ghundao Hill and Sanarka River: crystallization from
metamorphic fluids of Cr-bearing topaz in equilibrium with carbonates
Nechaev V.P., Khanchuk A.I., Sutherland F.L. Geodynamic settings of
gem corundum deposits 366
Palazhchenko V.I.} Stepanov V.A., Makeyeva T.B. Epitaxis minerals of
platinum group elements from the deposits of the Upper Priamuriye 370
Seifert Th. Post-collisional bimodal magmatism and related Sn-W-Mo and
Ag-rich base metal deposits at the northern border of the Bohemian
massif, Central Europe 373
Sharapov V.N., Perepechko L.N., Rakhmenkoulova I.F. Dynamics of
oceanic rock melting above hot spots in upper mantle convection
beneath the lithosphere of various thicknesses 376
Shcheka S.A. The plates, plumes, fluids and magmatism 379
Shcheka S.A., Nozdrachev E.A., Popov V.K., Chashchin A.A. On Some
features of geochemical evolution of the Cenozoic basaltoid volcanism
in Primorye, Russian Far East 382
Sutherland F.L., Graham I.T., Webb G.B. Sapphire-ruby-zircon deposits
from basaltic fields, West Pacific continental margins 385
Tolstykh N.D., Sidorov E.G. Compositions of Pt-Fe alloy from
Alaskan-type sources as indicators of formation conditions 388
Vrzhosek A.A., Oktyabrsky R.A. Dunite-hornblendite-gabbro complex of
Southwestern Primorye and related platinum-group minerals 391
Vysotskiy S.V., Karabtsov A.A., Kuryavyi V.G. The problems of
ultradisperse state of natural crystals and fractal pattern of their
nanostructure 395
Zhmodik A.S., Zhmodik S.M., Akimtsev V.A., Verkhovtseva
N.V. Distribution features of precious metals in oceanic basalt
glasses 398
Ore deposits: geological setting, structural features, ore
composition, and genesis

Alpatov V. V. Mineral Associations and formation conditions of
metasomatic ores of the Nezhdaninskoe gold deposit 403
Badmatsyrenova R.A., Orsoev D.A. Computer simulation of
titanomagnetite-ilmenite mineralization formation, Arsentyev massif,
Transbaikalia, Russia 407
Bonev I.K., Vassileva R.D. Manganoan skams, hydrothermal karst, and
ore deposition in the carbonate-hosted skarn Pb-Zn ore deposits in the
Central Rhodopes, Bulgaria 410
Distler V.V., Mitrofanov G.L., Yudovskaya M.A., Lishnevsky E.N.,
Prokofev V.Yu. Sukhoy Log gold-platinum deposit: a modem view on
geology, setting, and genesis 414
Fadda S., Fiori M.y Matzuzzi C., Pretti S. Sedimentary-exhalative
features in Cu-mineralized sandstones at the base of the miocene: the
example of Pala Mantedda (Nw Sardinia, Italy) 419
Fadda S., Fiori M., Matzuzzi C. Grillo S.M. Vertical zoning of
mineralization in some drillholes of the M. S. Miali sector at the
Furtei epithermal gold deposit, Sardinia, Italy 423
Fatyanov 1.1., Khomich V.G. Dynamic model for interaction of magmatic
fluids and vadose thermal waters in gold-concentrating hydrothermal
systems of volcano-plutonic belts 427
Fatyanov 1.1., Khomich V.G. To the problem of separation and
combination of gold and tin endogenic concentrations 431
Gamyanin G.N., Goryachev N.A., Kravtsova R.G., Okrugin V.M., Savva
N. Ye. Silver lode deposits of Northeastern Asia 433
Gamyanin G.N., Goryachev N.A., Okrugin V.M., Bortnikov N.S., Anikina
E.Yu.y Savva N.E., Ignatiev A.V., Nosik L.P., Ponomarchuk
V.G. Velivetskaya T.N. Geologic characteristics of sulfur isotopes
from Mesozoic and Cenozoic lode deposits in Northeastern Asia 436
Glotov A.I., Polyakov G.V., Lavrenchuk A.V., Balykin P. A., IzokhA.E.,
Kovyazin S.V., Hoa T.T., Phuong N.T., Thanh H.H. Petrology of the Cao
Bang PGE-Ni-Cu-bearing complex, NE Vietnam 439
Gongalsky B.I., Krivolutskaya N.A. Unique copper metallogenic province
of the North Trunsbaikalia (Siberia, Russia) 443
Goryachev N.A., Gamyanin G.N. Silver - rare metal deposit type, the
Verkhny Seimchan mineral district 447
Gvozdev V.I. Scheelite mineralization of Malinovsky ore field
(Primorsky Krai, Russia) 450
Jargalan S., Fujimaki H. Gold mineralization of Tsagaan Tsahir Uul
area, Bayankhongor, Mongolia 454
Kalinin Yu.A., Roslyakov N.A., Shadrina S.V. The model of gold
hypergene transfer and its concentration 457
Kasatkin S.A., Mitrokhin A.N., Utkin V.P. Migration trend of syn-ore
sinistral faulting during formation of the Festivalnoe deposit
(Komsomolsk ore district, Russia) with reference to 3d-geometrical
modelling 461
Khomich V.G., Boriskina N.G., Petrishchevsky AM. Precious-metal
mineralization and deep magmatic centers: spatial-temporal
correlations 465
Kopteva A. V. Creation of base of thermodynamic data on hydrocarbons
(including biomolecules) and its adaptation to the software selector -
W469 Korzhinskaya V.S., Zalishchak B.L., Pakhomova V.A. Application of
experimental study of zircon and baddeleyite stability to genesis of
the Algama deposit (Aldan Shield) 472
Kovalev K.R., Distanov E.G., Gaskov I.V., Naumov E.A., andAkimtsev
V.A. The large Cu-Zn-Pb massive sulfide deposits of the Southern
Siberia: ore depositional environments and Pb, S, C, and O-isotopic
data 476
Laptev Yu.V., Rozov K.B. Experimental study of the change in the
composition of gold-silver alloys and mass transfer of gold under
hydrothermal conditions in the presence of pyrite 480

Makagon V.M., Chokan V.M. Trends of fractination in Nb,Ta-oxide
minerals from rare-metal pegmatites of the East Sayan belt(Siberia,
Russia)483 Marcello A., Pretti S., Valera P., Fiori M. Tertiary
manganese occurrences in Sardinia (Italy) 487
Mironov A.G., Tatarinov A.V., Damdinov B.B. New type of
platinum-ruthenium mineralization in silver- polymetallic ores of the
Sayan-Baikal fold belt491 Mironov A.G., Zhmodik S.M. Riphean gold
deposits of island arc type in Sayan-Baikal fold belt 495
Mishin L.F., Berdnikov N.V. Conditions of the formation of
high-aluminiferous secondary quartzites and their relation to ore
deposits 499
Mitrokhin A.N., Semenyak B.I., Utkin V.P., Sorokin B.K., Gonevchuk
G.A., Gonevchuk V.G., Kokorin A.M., Kokorina D.K., Korostelev P.G.,
Gorelikova N.V. Geodynamical, structural and geochemical aspects of
formation of a boron mineralization within the Komsomolsk ore district
(Khabarovsk Territory, Russia) 503
Molchanov V.P., Khomich V.G., Gorobets Yu.A. Indicator properties of
placer gold used in prospecting for different-type ores within the
Blagodatnensky ore node (Primorsky Krai, Russia) 507
Morelli R.M., Creaser R.A., Seltmann R. Rhenium - osmium geochronology
of arsenopyrite from the giant Muruntau Au deposit, Uzbekistan 510
Nevolin P.L., Utkin V.P., Mitrokhin A.N. Geodynamic structurization of
metamorphic assemblages, intrusive massifs, and gold mineralization
zones (Southeast Primorye, Russia) 514
Pavlova G.G., Gushchina, L.V., Borovikov A. A., Borisenko A.S.,
Palyanova G.A. Factors of geochemical specialization of the ores of
Au-Sb and Ag-Sb deposits518 Petrenko l.D. Gold deposits of Kamchatka
Plyusnina L.P., Likhoidov G.G., Scheka J.A. Platinum in hydrothermal
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