Studies in dinoflagellate cysts in honour of Hans Gocht

Herrn Prof. Dr. Hans Gocht zum 70. Geburtstag gewidmet

Ed.: H Luterbacher; J. Pross; W. Wille

2001. 240 pages, 79 figures, 7 tables, 530 g
Sprache: English

(Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie - Abhandlungen, Band 219 Heft 1)

ISBN 978-3-510-66023-0, paperback, Preis: 125.00 €

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Luterbacher, H., Pross, J. & Wille, W.: Widmung 1-2
William R. Evitt, W. R.: EISENACK'S dinoflagellates from the
amber-bearing beds of East Prussia. (With 6 figures) 3-14
Piasecki, P.: Three new Middle Jurassic dinoflagellate cysts from East
Greenland. (With 4 figures) 15-31
Feist-Burkhardt, S. & Monteil, E.: Gonyaulacacean dinoflagellate cysts
with multi-plate precingular archaeopyle. (With 20 figures and 2
tables) 33-81
Davey, R. J. :A summary of the palynology of the lower Hauterivian
(Lower · Cretaceous) from Speeton, east England. (With 2 figures) 83-93
Duxbury, S.: A palynological Donation scheme for the Lower Cretaceous
- United Kingdom sector, Central North Sea. (With 17 figures) 95-137
Schioler, P., Roncaglia, L. & Wilson, G. J.:
Alterbidinium? novozealandicum, a new dinoflagellate from the Herring
formation (Upper Cretaceous), southern Marlborough, New Zealand. (With
5 figures) 139-152
Nohr-Hansen, H. & Heilmann-Clausen, C.: Cerodinium kangiliensen.sp.
and Senegalinium iterlaaense n.sp. - Two new stratigraphically
important Paleocene species from West Greenland and Denmark. (With 6
figures) 153-170
Eaton, G. L., Fensome, R. A., Riding, J. B. & Williams, G. L.:
Re-evaluation of the status of the dinoflagellate cyst genus
Cleistosphaeridium. (With 9 figures and 4 tables) 171-205
Pross, J.: Dinoflagellate cyst biogeography and biostratigraphy as a
tool for palaeoceanographic reconstructions: An example from the
Oligocene of western and northwestern Europe. (With 1 figure) 207-219
Elbrachter, M. & Meyer, B.: Plate pattern variability and plate
overlap in a clonal culture of the freshwater dinoflagellate
Peridinium umbonatum STEIN species complex (Dinophyceae). (With 8
figures) 221-227
Brenner, W. W. & Biebow, N.: Missing autofluorescence of recent and
fossil dinoflagellate cysts - an indicator of heterotrophy? (With 1
figure and 1 table) 229-240