Contributions to Latin-American Geology

17th Latin-American Colloquium Stuttgart 2000

Ed.: H. Miller

2002. 136 pages, 49 figures, 11 tables, 16x24cm, 330 g
Language: English

(Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie - Abhandlungen, Band 225 Heft 1)

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Schaaf, P., Weber, B., Weis, Ph., Groß, A. Ortega-Gutierrez, F. &
Köhler, H.: The Chiapas Massif (Mexico) revised: New geologic and
isotopic data and basement characteristics. (With 8 figures and 4
tables) 123
Trummer, I., Fluch, E. R. & PAGANINI Working Group: Seismic
constraints on the crustal structure of Cocos Ridge off the coast of
Costa Rica. (With 5 figures) 25- 37
Blanco-Pinon, A., Frey, E., Stinnesbeck, W. & Lopez Oliva, J. G.:
Late Cretaceous (Turonian) fish assemblage from Vallecillo, North-
eastern Mexico. (With 5 figures) 39 - 54
Seibertz, E. & Spaeth, Ch.: Cretaceous belemnites of Mexico. III. The
Albian Neo- and Mesohibolites of the "Mexican Solnhofen" Tepexi de
Rodriguez (State of Puebla) and their biostratonomy (Lower
Cretaceous). (With 12 figures) 55- 74
Acenolaza, F. & Sprechmann, P.: The Miocene marine transgression
in the meridional Atlantic of South America. (With 2 figures) 75 - 84
Halm, D., Gaiser, Th. & Stahr, K.: Seepage and groundwater recharge in
sandy soils of the semi-arid region of Picos, Northeast Brazil. (With
6 figures and 5 tables) 85-101
Dornbusch, U.: Pleistocene and present day snowline rise in the
Cordillera Ampato, Western Cordillera, Southern Peru (15° 15' - 15°45'
S and 73°30'- 72° 15'W). (With 8 figures) 103- 126
Costa de Moura, J., Wallfass, C. M. & Bossew, P.: Health bazards of
radioactive sands along the coast of Espirito Santo/Brazil. (With 3
figures and 2 tables) 127- 136