Plate Margins and Orogeny. Comparative Studies

Herrn Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Frisch zum 60. Geburtstag gewidmet

Ed.: Martin Meschede; Jürgen Kuhlemann

2003. 324 pages, 87 figures, 7 tables, 16x23cm, 690 g
Language: English

(Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie - Abhandlungen, Band 230 Heft 2-3)

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Meschede, M. & Kuhlemann, J.: Widmung 145­161
Gawlick, H.-J. & Frisch, W.: The Middle to Late Jurassic carbonate
clastic radiolaritic flysch sediments in the Northern Calcareous Alps:
sedimentology, basin evolution, and tectonics ­ an overview. (With 15
figures and 1 table) 163­213
Kuhlemann, J.: Global Cenozoic relief formation and mountain uplift in
convergent plate margins. (With 5 figures) 215­256
Székely, B.: The Eastern Alps in an envelope ­ an estimation on the
"missing volume". (With 5 figures and 1 table) 257­275
Neubauer, F. & Unzog, W.: Halfgraben formation in an extruding wedge:
the Neogene Waldheimat basin in the Eastern Alps. (With 8 figures and
1 appendix) 277­297
Behrmann, J. H.: Coeval shearing of eclogites and low-grade
metasediments: petrofabrics in a possible Eo-Alpine subduction channel
(Schobergruppe, Austria). (With 9 figures) 299­318
Dunkl, I.: The exhumation of eclogites ­ induced by the heterogeneity
of the subducting rifted margins? (With 3 figures) 319­329
Trautwein, B.: Accretion versus subduction erosion along the northern
margin of the Eastern Alps ­ evidences from zircon and apatite
fission-track geochronolgy. (With 8 figures) 331­357
Spiegel, C.: Mylonitization, dry shearing and the exhumation of the
former lower crust: The Curinga-Girifalco Line (Calabria, South
Italy). (With 11 figures and 2 tables) 359­390
Duenkel, I, Kuhlemann, J. & Nohlen, U.: Iron ore formation and
neotectonic evolution in Elba (Tuscany, Italy) during Messinian
plutonism. (With 6 figures) 391­407
Meschede, M.: The Costa Rica convergent margin: a textbook example for
the process of subduction erosion. (With 6 figures) 409­428
Völker, D. & Meschede, M.: Eingrenzung der Randbedingungen der
tektonischen Erosion durch Finite Elemente Modellierung am Fall der
Nicoya-Halbinsel (nördliches Costa Rica). (Mit 5 Abbildungen und 1
Tabelle) 429­449
Hann, H. P., Fukun Chen, Zedler, H. & Sawatzki, G.: Zircon ages and
geochemistry of metavolcanic layers from the northern
Badenweiler-Lenzkirch Zone (southern Schwarzwald, Germany). (With 6
figures and 2 tables) 451­469