International Conference 4th Hot-Dry-Rock (HDR) Forum
Strasbourg, France 1998

Draft Papers

Ed.: Roy Baria; Jörg Baumgärtner; André Gérard; ; Reinhard Jung

2002. 418 pages, 360 figures, 60 tables, 21x30cm, 1190 g
Language: English

(Sonderhefte Reihe E - Geol. Jahrb., Heft 1)

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This book includes about fifty papers presented in the technical sessions of the Forum. Technical papers were organized into 7 sessions concerning: current status of the HDR projects, resource and economics, geology, geochemistry, stress and rock thermal properties, microseismics, reservoir creation and assessment.

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D. Duchane: The History of HDR Research and Development 7
N. Tenma, and S. Iwakiri: Program of the Preparatory Period for a Long-Term
Circulation Test on the Hijiori HDR Project 19
K. Kitano, Y. Hori, K. Suzuki, and Y. Fujimitsu: Results of Underground
Structure Exploration and Individual Flow Test of Multiple Reservoirs at Ogachi
HDR Site in 1997 25
R. J. Hopkirk, and M. O. Häring: The Swiss Deep Mining Project 31
J. H. Sass, and A. R. Robertson-Trait: Potential for "Enhanced Geothermal
Systems" in the Western United States 35
P. Chopra, and D. Wyborn: The Commercial Framework for the Planned HDR Project:
Hunter Valley, Australia 43
G. Axelson, G. Sverrisdóttir, O. G. Flóvenz, F. Arnason, A. Arnason, and R.
Bödvarsson: Thermal Energy Extraction by Reinjection from a Low-Temperature
Geothermal System in N-Iceland 51
R. Baria, J. Baumgärtner, A. Gérard, R. Jung, and J. Garnish: European HDR
Research Programme at Soultz-Sous-Foêts (France); 1987 - 1998 61
P.-H. Bourrelier: Future Steps for the Development of Large Engineered Heat
Mining Systems 71
J. Dornstädter, O. Kappelmeyer, and M. Welter: The Geothermal Potential in the
Upper Rhine Graben Valley 75
H. Tenzer, U. Schanze, and G. Homeier: Development and Characterization of a
HDR Heat Exchanger at the HDR Test Site at Soultz-Sous-For?ts: Flow Logs, Joint
System, and Hydraulic Active Fractures 83
A.Genter, Ch. Dezayes, S- Gentier, B. Ledesert, and J. Saussé: Conceptual
Fracture Model at Soultz Based on Geological Data 93
J. Saussé, A. Genter, M. Lespinasse, and J. L. Leroy: Desription and
Quantification of Vein Alterations: Paleopermeabilities in the Soultz-Sous-
Forêts-Granite (Bas-Rhine, France) 103
C. Dezayes, T. Villemin, A. Genter, A. Pecher, and J. Angelier: Latent
Fracturation and Microfissuration in the Granitic Geothermal Reservoir at
Soultz-Sous-Forêts (France) 111
T. Villemin, L. Empereur-Mot, C. Dezayes, and A. Genter: 3-D Geometrical
Simulation of a Rock Mass Fragmentation Based on Drillhole Data 119
S. Kitani, K. Tezuka, M. Yagi, and M. Miyairi: Geologic Structure in and Around
Hijiori HDR Tets Site 125
E. Jacquot: Description of the Geothermal HDR Site of Soultz-Sous-Forêts
(BasRhin, France) Based on Data Collected During Previous Stimulation and
Circulation Experiments for a Modelling Purpose 135
K. Kiho, and T. Ohsumi: Geochemical Study at the Hijiori HDR Site, Japan -
Chemical Dissolution by Water-Rock-Interaction 145
J.J. Drieux, A. Girou, I. Ignatiadis, and C. Roque: Electrochemical Study of a
Scaling and Corrosion Sensor, Application to Geothermal Plants 153
T. Hettkamp, G. Klee, and F. Rummel: Stress Regime and Permeability at Soultz
Derived From Laboratory and In-Situ Tests 165
Y. Oikawa, T. Yamaguchi, I. Matsunaga, and N. Tenma: Differential Strain Curve
Analysis to Estimate the Stress State at the Soultz Field 173
S. Sasaki, and H. Kaida: Stress State at the Hijiori HDR Site Inferred From
Focal Mechanism Data 179
K. Tezuka, and H. Niitsuma: Fracture System and Stress Estimated by
Microseismic Clusters in Hijiori HDR Test Site 185
P. Talwani: In Situ Determination of Hydraulic Properties in a Shear Zone in
Northwestern South Carolina 195
H. Kaieda, S. Sasaki, K. Suzuki, K. Ushijima, and K. Kitano: Ogachi Reservoir
Evaluation by the AE and Electric Measurements 203
N. Soma, and H. Niitsuma: AE Reflection Method for the Estimation of Reservoir
Structure Inside Deep Basement Rock 209
S.A. Shapiro, J.-J. Royer, and P. Audigane: Characterization of the Reservoir
Permeability Using Fluid-Injection Induced Seismic Emission 219
J. Dornstädter, A. Fabricius, and J. Zaske: Long Term Circulation Experiment at
the HDR-Site Soultz-Sous-Forêts, Hydraulic Impact on the Surrounding Rocks 229
P. E. Rose: Candidate Fluorescent tracers for Use in Hypersaline Hydrothermal
Environment 235
D. Holton, and M. Gardiner: Practical and Theoretical Considerations: HDR 243
A. Jupe, R. Jones, B. Dyers, and S. Wilson: Use of Microseismic Monitoring in
the Development and Management of the Soultz-Sous-Forêts Hot Dry Rock
Geothermal Reservoir 253
D. Pribnow, and C. Clauser: Heat- and Fluid-Flow in the Rhine Graben: Regional
and Local Models for a Hot-Dry-Rock System 261
S.P. Narayan, Z. Yang, S.S. Rahman, Z. Jing, and T. Hashida: HDR Reservoir
Development by Fluid Induced Shear Dilation: A Numerical Study of the Cooper
Basin Granite Rock 269
A. Gerard, J. Baumgärtner, R. Baria, R. Jung, S. Gentier, and A. Genter:
Elements for a Conceptual Model of the Underground Heat Exchanger at Soultz-
Sous-Forêts, France 281
R J. Hopkirk, and T. Mégel: Data Collection, Archiving and Indexing 291
R. V. Macambac, A. T. N. Salazar, R. R. Villa Jr., E. H. Alcober, M. C.
Magdadaro Jr., P. Hirtz, and R. Kunzman: Field-Wide Application of Chemical
Tracers for Mass Flow Measurements in Philippine Geothermal Fields 297
I. Matsunaga, and H. Tao: Geochemical Evaluation of a 1996 Circulation Test in
the Hijiori HDR Reservoir 303
K. Tezuka, K. Watanabe, and M. Miyairi: Deterministic and Stochastic Approach
to Building Fracture Network Model of Hijiori HDR Reservoir 309
M. Kadowaki: Fractured Reservoir Simulation about Hijiori Reservoir Japan 319
Z. Jing, J. Willis-Richards, K. Watanabe, and T. Hashida: A New 3-D Stochastic
Model for HDR Geothermal Reservoir in Fractured Crystalline Rock 323
T. Yamaguchi, G. Zyvoloski, M. Yamashita, T. Takehara, and M. Kuriyagawa:
Estimation of the Fracture Behaviour During Massive Hydraulic Fracturing Test
in Hijiori, 1992 331
M. Sawada, and H. Horii: 3-D Numerical Simulation of the Hot Dry Rock Reservoir
Stimulation by MBC Model 339
Y. Eguchi, T. Yamamoto, K. Kitano, T. Nishihara, and H. Ohnishi: Three-
Dimensional Computation of Velocity and Pressure Fields in the Ogachi HDR
Reservoir 349
M. Yamamura, and F. Ogino: Mass Transfer from Hot Dry Rock to Water Flowing
Through a Circular Fracture 359
K. Nakatsuka: New Project for Design Methology of Supercritical Subsurface
Boiler for Next Generation Geothermal Energy Extraction 371
J. N. Albright, and D. S. Dreesen: Microhole Drilling and
Instrumentation 371
H. Niitsuma, and M. Nishizawa: Potential of Subsurface Micro-Sensing for
HDR/HWR Development 387
H. Asanuma, H. Niitsuma, and R. Baria: The Use of Drill Signals in HDR
H. Niitsuma, R. Baria, M. Fehler, A. Green, K. Hayashi, H. Kaieda, and K
Results and the Next Step of MTC Project: International Joint Research on New
Mapping Technology for HDR/HWR Development 401
J. Baumgärtner, P.L. Moore, T. Gandy, A. Gérard, and R. Baria. Deepening of
GPK2 from About 3800 m to 5000 m Depth 411