Supply and Demand of the Steel Industry in the EU Countries and the PR China

Scientific Cooperation between BMWi/BGR and MLR/ICMLR

Ed.: Liu Shuchen; Ge Zhenhua; Liu Ji Xiang; Hermann Wagner; ; Thomas Thielemann; Dieter Huy; Markus Wagner

2006. 24 pages, 10 figures, 7 tables, 21x30cm, 150 g
Language: English

(Rohstoffwirtschaftliche Länderstudien, Band XXXV)

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This publication gives an overview of the major players in the world iron ore and coal markets. The steel industry of the EU-25, in particular of Germany, and of the PR China, as two major economies, are described as an example.

The processes involved in technological growth usually plot along a sigmoidal curve. The growth rates of global steel consumption in the previous century averaged over five years precisely reflect this situation. However, it is notable that the curve became steeper again in the 1990s, what can be interpreted as the beginning of a new growth curve which is now being entered by countries such as China, India and others.

The growing global demand in mineral resources is at the beginning of a new growth curve.

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1 Introduction 6
2 Raw Materials from Global Markets 9
2.1 Iron Ore: Producers (Countries), Grades, Major Exporters 9
2.2 Iron Ore: Consumers (Countries), Grades, Major Importers 10
2.3 Iron Ore: Concentration According to Producers and Future
Projects 11
2.4 Coal: Producers (Countries), Grades, Major Exporters 12
2.5 Coal Market: Concentration According to Producers 13
2.6 Germany's Competitors in Covering the Raw Materials
Demand 13
2.6.1 Iron Ore: Other Major Importers and Domestic Import
Structure 13
2.6.2 Coking Coal/Coke: Other Major Importers and Domestic
Import Structure 13
2.7 Contracts, Spot Market 14
2.7.1 Iron Ore 14
2.7.2 Coking Coal/Coke 14
3 EU-25: Steel Industry Supply and Demand 15
3.1 Germany 16
3.1.1 Raw Steel Production, Iron and Steel Works, Coking
Plants 16
3.1.2 Consumption of Iron Ore, Scrap, and Coke 17
3.1.3 Trends in Iron Ore Imports (Grades) 17
3.1.4 Trends in Coking Coal and Coke Supply 18
4 China: Iron Ore Supply and Demand 19
4.1 Iron Ore Reserve and Resources 19
4.2 Production 19
4.3 China's Import and Export of Steel Industry Raw
Materials 21
4.4 Company Ranking in the World Steel Industry 22
5 Conclusion 23
5.1 The Demand of Raw Material in the World is at the
Beginning of a New Growth Curve 23
5.2 China's Demand of Mineral Raw Materials 23
5.3 The Availability of Mineral Raw Materials 23
5.4 China's Iron Ore Potential 23
5.5 Outlook 24