Oskar Kappelmeyer; Fritz Rummel:

Terrestrial heat from impervious rocks: investigations in the Falkenberg Granite Massif

1988. 252 pages, 139 figures, 15 tables, 17x24cm, 610 g
Language: English

(Geologisches Jahrbuch Reihe E, Band E 39)

ISBN 978-3-510-96047-7, paperback, price: 45.00 €

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Preface 4
O. KAPPELMEYER & A. GERARD: Production of Heat from Impervious Hot
Crystalline Rock Sections (Hot-Dry-Rock Concept) 7
ST. TEUFEL: Geology of the Falkenberg Granite Massif 23
W. REICH, H. HENNING, G. PIECHOTTA & R. JUNG: Technical Facilities at
the Falkenberg Test Site 29
R. JUNG: Propagation and Hydraulic Testing of a Large Unpropped Hydraulic
Fracture in Granite 37
R. SCHELESCHMIDT & R. HAENEL: Thermal Studies on an Artificially Created Heat-
Exchange System in the Falkenberg Granite 67
J. BAUMGÄRTNER, F. RUMMEL & CHU ZHAOTAN: Wireline Hydraulic Fracturing Stress
Measurements in the Falkenberg Granite Massif 83
R. SCHELESCHMIDT & R. HAENEL: Influx and Water Loss in Open-hole Sections of
Boreholes Determined by Temperature Measurements 101
G. MÖHRING-ERDMANN & F. RUMMEL: Borehole Breakout Mechanisms and Stress
Estimation 109
W. Mütter & F. RUMMEL: Fracture Toughness of Granites 125
K. SMOLKA & F. RUMMEL: Thermal Cracking in Glass 137
H. PAPE & J. R. SCHOPPER: Fractal Description of the Falkenberg Granite Micro-
fissure System 149
H. TENZER: Orientation of Microcracks from the Falkenberg Granite 167
E. ALTHAUS & G. HEROLD: Hydrothermal Reactions between Rockforming Minerals,
Falkenberg Granite and Heat Exchange Fluids in Hot Dry Rock Systems 177
G. LEYDECKER: Localization of Hydraulically Induced Fractures by Seismic
Methods 193
F. KUHNKE: Geoelectric Methods forMapping Vertical Conductive
Fractures 219
K. KRAMMER & J. POHL: Determination of the Relative Position of two Adjacent
Boreholes with a Magnetic Dipole Probe and a Magnetometer Probe 241