Ulrich von Rad; H.-R. Kudrass:

Geology of the Chatham Rise Phosphorite Deposits East of New Zealand

Results of a Prospection Cruise with R/V Sonne (1981)

1984. 252 pages, 89 figures, 32 tables, 12 plates, 17x24cm, 600 g
Language: English

(Geologisches Jahrbuch Reihe D, Band D 65)

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The Chatham Rise phosphorite is a loose nodular gravel intermixed pith glauconitic sandy muds. It rests in 400 m water depth on Oligocene chalk which was phosphatized in Miocene times. The nodules have a content of about 21.5% POOL and may be an important raw material for New Zealand's fertiliser industry. The phosphorite deposit was studied during a joint German/New Zealand cruise (1981) with R/V SONNE.

In this volume we present the evaluation of data from physical oceanography; high-resolution seismic stratigraphy; underwater television and sidescan surveys; biostratigraphy based on nannofossils, foraminifern, fish teeth and u hale bones; K-Ar dating of glauconite; sedimentology and geochemistry. There are also economicoriented studies on the phosphorite reserves. soil-mechanic implications for mining, and the benthic fauna, as well as a synthesis on the genesis. diagenesis and dispersal of the phosphorites.

The results of the SONNE-17 cruise provide the first comprehensive evaluation of the Chatham Rise phosphorite deposits. Based on this survey' end a previous VALDIVIA cruise (1978), German and New Zealand companies plan to continue the present prospection phase toward a mining test.

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ULRICH VON RAD Outline of SONNE cruise SO-17 on the Chatham Rise
phosphorite deposits east of New Zealand 5
RON A. HEATH: Summary of current observations from the Chatham Rise
(SO-17 cruise) 25
DAVID J. CULLEN & JOHN S. MITCHELL: Bathymetric chart of central
Chatham Rise 27
Rosin K. H. FALCONER, ULRICH VON RAD & RAY WOOD: Regional structure
and high- resolution seismic stratigraphy of the central Chatham Rise
(New Zealand) 29
DIETER HANSEN: High-resolution seismic results of the detailed
SONNE-17 survey areas (Chatham Rise, New Zealand) 57
HERMANN-RUDOLF KUDRASS & ULRICH VON RAD: Underwater television and
photography observations, side-scan sonar, and acoustic reflectivity
measurements of phosphorite-rich areas on the Chatham Rise (New
Zealand) 69
DEREK A. BURNS: Nannofossil dating and paleoenvironmental
interpretation of some Chatham Rise sediments collected on the
SONNE-17 cruise 91
BARBARA Zollen: Foraminiferal age of phosphorite nodules from the Chatham Rise
(SO-17 cruise) 99
FRIEDRICH H. PFEIL: Neoselachian teeth collected from
phosphorite-bearing green- sand on Chatham Rise east of New Zealand 107
R. EWAN FORDYCE: Preliminary report on Cetacean bones from Chatham Rise (New
Zealand) 117
HANS KREUZER: K-Ar dating of glauconite rims of phosphorite nodules (Chatham
Rise, New Zealand) 121
ULRICH VON RAD & HEINRICH RÖSCH: Geochemistry, texture, and
petrography of phosphorite nodules and associated foraminifetal
glauconite sands (Chatham Rise, New Zealand) 129
HERMANN-RUDOLF KUDRASS: The distribution and reserves of phosphorite on the
central Chatham Rise (SONNE-17 cruise 1981) 179
KURT W. MEYER & DOKEN V. TOAN: Chatham Rise phosphorite investigation
(SON- NE- 17 cruise): soil mechanic properties and implications for
mining 195 Ergnot W. DAWSON: The benthic fauna of the Chatham Rise: an
assessment relative to possible effects of phosphorite mining 209
aspects of the Chatham Rise phosphorite deposits - a synthesis of
SONNE-17 results 233