Geologisches Jahrbuch, Reihe D, Heft D39

1980. 136 pages, 29 figures, 33 tables, 17x24cm, 300 g
Language: English

(Geologisches Jahrbuch Reihe D, Band D 39)

ISBN 978-3-510-96153-5, paperback, price: 28.00 €

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JASMUND, K.: Preface 5

KÖSTER, H. M.: Kaolin Deposits of Eastern Bavaria and the Rheinische
Schiefergebirge (Rhenish Slate Mountains) 7
KROMER, H.: Tertiary Clays in Northeastern Bavaria (Oberpfalz) 25
VOGT, K.: Bentonite Deposits in Lower Bavaria 47
KROMER, H.: Tertiary Clays in the Westerwald Area 69
ECKHARDT, P.-J., RÖSCH, H. & STEIN, V.: Investigation of Clay Deposits
of Economic Interest in Lower Saxony 85
NIEDERBUDDE, E. A. & SCHWERTMANN, U.: Clay Mineralogy of Soils 99
KOHLER, E. E.: The Occurrence and Properties of Glauconites in
Mesozoic and Cenozoic Sediments in Northwestern and Southern Germany