German Antarctic North Victoria Land Expedition GANOVEX

From Oates Coast to Marie Byrd Land. Polar Issue No. 6

Ed.: Norbert W. Roland

1997. 370 pages, 131 figures, 27 tables, 6 plates, 17x24cm, 770 g
Language: English

(Geologisches Jahrbuch Reihe B, Band B 89)

ISBN 978-3-510-96257-0, paperback, price: 71.00 €

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The German Antarctic research campaigns are directed at the crustal evolution at the boundary of the East Antarctic Shield and the west Antarctic mobile belts. Orogenic history and crustal growth during the Paleozoic Ross-Orogenic event. origin of crustal blocks and crustal weakening as the result of Mesozoic/Cenozoic rifting events. geology:This issue features contributions on the Geology in the Gondwana Station area and the area north of Reeves Glacier, Antarctica. Occurence of erratic blocks in the Outback Nunataks of Northern Victoria Land. Evidence for Arc-related Magmatism associated with the Ross orogeny at the Walker Rock Nunataks, Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica. The Berg-Group of Oates Land, East Antarctica. Geochronological Evolution of the Eastern Margin of Northern Victoria Land: Rb/Sr and K-Ar dating of the Berg Group and Berg/Archangel Granites. Petrogenesis of granitoid rocks, Oates Land, Antarctica. Metamorphic rocks in the Northern Wilson Terrane, Oates Coast, Antarctica. petrology/geochemistry Kirkpatrick Basalt flows and associated pyroclastic rocks: New occurrences, Definitions and Aspects of a Jurassic Transatlantik Rift. Glaciation and Deglaciation of the Uplifted Margin of the Cenozoic West Antarctic Rift System, Ross Sea, Antarctica. Mantle P-T path for the Ross Sea Rift Margin, Antarctica, as derived from the zoning of minerals of peridotite Xenoliths. Migmatites of the Alexandra Mtns, West Anarctica: P/T-conditions of formation and regional context. geophysical studies: Aeromagnetic Programme of Ganovex VI, Layout, execution, data-processing. Sub-ice morphology deduced by radio echo soundings (RES) in the area between David and Mawson glaciers, Victoria Land. A rapid method for gravity terrain corrections usind a spreadsheet program such as EXCEL (c) or LOTUS-1-2-3 (c). Gravity surveys in Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica during GANOVEX VI.