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German Antarctic North Victoria Land Expedition

1984. 396 pages, 185 figures, 46 tables, 17x24cm, 1070 g
Language: English

(Geologisches Jahrbuch Reihe B, Band B 60)

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The third German geoscientific expedition to the Ross Sea sector of mainland Antarctica took place from early December 1982 to early March 1983. The expedition started and ended in Wellington, New Zealand.

After three months of field work, the scientists returned with 12 tons of rock samples from northern Victoria Land for petrographic, geochemical, radiometric, paleomagnetic, and paleontological study. The results of the field work and the initial laboratory findings are presented in this volume.

The aim of GANOVEX Ill was to continue the i nvestigations started with GANOVEX I in 1979/80. GANOVEX 11 was to have continued this work, but the sinking of the expedition's vessel, the "Gotland II", shortly after the field work was begun, brought the expedition to an abrupt end.

The Bowers Structural Zone, its geology, structural setting, and its continuation from the better known middle part to the northwest (South Pacific coast) and southeast (Ross Sea) was one of the objects of study. Other areas of interest were the metamorphic basement units to the west of this zone in the Mountaineer, Lanterman, and Daniels Ranges, the Kavrayskiy Hills, the volcanic terraines of younger Paleozoic age on Mt. Black Prince and the Lawrence Peaks, the Cenozoic acid volcanics of the Malta Plateau and the granitic intrusive suites.

Fossils of Devonian plants were found in sediments intercalated in the volcanic rocks of the Lawrence Peaks, but one of the most exciting findings was the first Ordovician fossils (trilobites) found in the Antarctic.

New information was also obtained on the tectonic setting of northern Victoria Land: Upthrusting towards the northeast was observed on the west side of the Bowers Structural Zone and in the western part of the Mountaineer and Lanterman Ranges. In the latter, folded Beacon sediments have been sandwiched, due to thrusting, between basement rocks.

New data from radiometric age dating is presented, as well as glaciogeological and paleomagnetic observations. The scientific papers are supplemented with a report on the technical and logistical framework of the expedition.

A revised and considerably extended geological map of northern Victoria Land at a scale of 1:500000 will be included in the second GANOVEX III volume.