The Iron Ore Deposits of Europe and adjacent Areas = explan. Notes to the International Map of Iron Ore Deposits in Europe 1:2 500000

Volume I: Text and Figures. Volume II: Lists and tables

Ed.: Arnold Zitzmann

1978. 804 pages, 79 figures, 74 tables, 2200 g
Language: English

(Monographien von BGR und LBEG)

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On the occasion of the 20th International Geological Congress the Commission for the Geological Map of the World under the presidency of M. F. BLONDEL undertook the publication of the International Metallogenic Maps of the Continents. The whole Map consists of 16 sheets and covers areas of 42 countries. It includes more than 800 iron ore deposits, on fifth of which are mined. All deposits of importance, either actually being mined or else but recently abandoned, were included as well as those deposits of only genetic or historic interest. More than 70 geoscientists from Europe, North Africa and the Near and Middle East collaborated with the Editorial Staff in the compilation of the map and the editorial notes.

Vol. I of the explanatory notes to this international map of the iron deposits of Europe contains a description of iron-ore deposits in general and of specific deposits in 40 countries.

Volume II contains more detailed informations of the individual iron-ore deposits in Europe and adjacent countries. This book is divided into four parts. Part A - Lists. A brief description in the form of lists is given for specific iron-ore deposits: their location and size, geology, mineralogy, contents and mining. In general, these descriptions are only given for those deposits for which additional information was available than could be presented within the scope of Volume I. Thus, only 60% of the known deposits in Europe and adjacent countries are treated here (528 deposits in 34 countries). The authors of these descriptions are identical to those of the text descriptions in Volume I. Additional information for inclusion in this volume was compiled by the editorial staff. The references cited in each description correspond to the literature covered under each country in Volume I. Part B - Tables. These tables contain information on genesis, age, mineralization, chemical composition, production and reserves for the 887 known iron-ore deposits in all European and neighbouring countries. Parts C and D contain the indexes of localities and authors quoted in Volume I and Volume II.

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Contents of Volume I
Introduction to the International Map of the Iron Ore Deposits of Europe,
Arrangement of the International Map of the Iron Ore Deposits of Europe,
by A. ZITZMANN 11-12
The genetic types of iron ore deposits, by A. ZITZMANN and Chr. NEUMANN-REDLIN 13-35
The distribution of iron ore deposits, by A. ZITZMANN 37-68
The iron ore economic situation in Europe, by A. ZITZMANN 69-78
The iron ore deposits of Europe and adjacent areas: Albania — l'Algérie — Austria — Belgium — Bulgarie — Cyprus — Czechoslovak Socialist Republic — Denmark and Greenland - Egypt - Finland - France - German Democratic Republic - Germany - Greece — Hungarian People's Republic — Iceland — Iran — Iraq — Ireland — Israel — Italy — Jordan — Lebanon — Libyan Arab Republic — Luxembourg — Maroc — Norway — Pologne — Portugal — Romania — Saudi Arabia — Spain — Sweden — Switzerland — Syria — Tunisie — Turkey — U.S.S.R.- United Kingdom - Yugoslavia 81-418
Contents of Volume II
A. Lists Page
Albania — Algérie — Austria — Belgium — Bulgarie — Czechoslovakia — Denmark — Greenland — Egypt — Finland - France - GD.R. - Germany - Greece - Hungary - Iran - Ireland - Italy - Libya - Luxembourg - Maroc - Norway - Poland - Portugal - Romania - Saudia Arabia - Spain - Sweden - Switzerland - Syria - Tunisie - Turkey - U.S.S.R. - United Kingdom -
Yugoslavia 9-305
B. Tables 307-332
C. Index of Localities 333-365
D. Index of Authors 367-386