Donald F.M. Brown:

A Monographic Study of the Fern Genus Woodsia

1964. 154 pages, 40 plates, 17x24cm, 400 g
Language: English

(Nova Hedwigia, Beihefte, Beih. 16)

ISBN 978-3-768-25416-8, paperback

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Up to the present very little research has been done in the genus Woodsia R. Brown with respect to its morphology, anatomy, taxonomy and cytology. It is the author's intention to make up partly for this deficiency in the following study and follow the course laid down by Wagner (1952) in his treatment of Diellia.
Field trips were made to Arkansas, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, southern Ohio, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and the Canadian province of Ontario to collect and study the plants as they grew in their natural habitats.

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Preface VIII
Table of Contents V
List of Tables VI
List of Illustrations VI
Introduction 1
Techniques 4
Morphology and Anatomy 7
Spores 8
Gametophyte 9
Mature Sporophyte 11
Root 11
Rhizome 11
Scales of Rhizome and Stipe 11
The Frond and its Integral Parts 12
Leaf Axis 12
General Plan of Frond 13
Pinnation 13
Laminar Anatomy 14
Trichomes 16
Sorus 17
Chromosomes 19
Hybridization 21
Geographic Distribution and Habitat 24
Species Relationships ' 32
Taxonomic Revision 36
Woodsia 37
Key to the Species of Woodsia 38
Woodsia polystichoides 40
Woodsia macrochlaena 42
Woodsia alpina 44
Woodsia x gracilis 50
Woodsia ilvensis 51
Woodsia x abbeae 69
Woodsia subcordata 7O
Woodsia hancockii 72
Woodsia glabella 73
Woodxia elongata 80
Woodsia fragilis 81
Woodsia mollis 83
Woodsia manchuriensis 85
Woodsia montevidensis 87
Woodsia scopulina 91
Woodsia x maxoni 99
Woodsia cycloloba 99
Woodsia lanosa 100
Woodsia andersoni 102
Woodsia cinnamomea 103
Woodsia rothorniana 105
Woodsia plummerae 106
Woodsia obtusa 109
Woodsia oregana var. oregana 123
Woodsia oregana var. cathcartiana 129
Woodsia mexicana 131
Taxa and Names of Uncertain Status 134
Excluded Species 136
Summary 138
Literature cited 139