John A. Stevenson:

An Account of Fungus Exsiccati

Containing Material from the Americas

1970. 563 pages, 120 figures, 17x24cm, 1500 g
Language: English

(Nova Hedwigia, Beihefte, Beih. 36)

ISBN 978-3-768-25436-6, paperback

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The issuance of uniform series of dried plant specimens has long been an established practice in taxonomic botany. All groups of plants susceptible to herbarium treatment have been so distributed, but the cryptogams more commonly have been made available as formally published series under the general title of exsiccatae or exsiccati.
The use of this Latin terminology is explained by reference to pertinent definitions in several of the standard botanical and mycological glosseries. Jackson (11:141) notes, "Exsiccata (exsiccatus, dry) dried plants, usually in sets for sale or for subscribers, frequently with printed tickets." Jackson appears to have in mind informally issued series of phanerogamic plants not meeting the standards of fungus exsiccati. Ainsworth and Bisby (1:147) come closer to the mycological concept of an exsiccati: "Exsiccat—us (= fungus exsiccatus), a (= planta or flora exsiccata), um (= specimen exsiccatum), a dry specimen, especially one of a series published for distribution to herbaria."
Snell and Dick (19:56) are still more explicit: "exsiccata, exsiccatae, exsiccati. In general and indiscriminately dried specimens in herbaria; by the meticulous and those trained in Latin, these terms are used as follows: "exsiccata’ sets of dried and labelled specimens for sale or exchange; exsiccatae, dried plants (chlorophyllous); exsiccati, dried fungi."
The fungus series to be considered here are those usually known as exsiccati and in fact many of them contain this term in their titles. It may be noted that not all series using the term exsiccati-qualify as will be pointed out hereafter. In this account I have used the terms exsiccati, series, and fungus series interchangeably. There are no set rules established by Botanical Congresses or otherwise to govern the form and other features of exsiccati.
However by reason of a more or less general understanding, developed through the years, such a series should contain well selected material, adequately prepared, correctly named, securely packeted, or boxed if necessary, with completely printed or at least processed labels. The latter point in particular insures uniformity throughout the series, an essential requirement. The specimens making up each series must be consecutively numbered throughout to permit the same definite reference to each as is afforded by the numbered pages ofa book. For ready reference a descriptive title for each series to appear at the head of the labels is a ‘sine qua non.’ Each title should be all inclusive of the actual contents of the series involved.

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Introduction - 1
Arthur and Holway: Uredineae exsiccatae et icones 17
Baenitz: Herbarium Americanum 21
Baker: Pacific Slope fungi 23
Balansa: Plantes du Paraguay 28
Bang: Plantae Bolivianae a Miguel Bang lectae 31
Bartholomew: Fungi Columbiani. See Ellis and Everhart 32
Bartholomew: North American Uredinales 33
Bethel: Reliquiae Bethelianae 50
Brenckle: Fungi Dakotenses 51
Brenckle: North Dakota fungi 60
Briosi et Cavara: I funghi parassiti delle piante coltivate od utili, essicati, delineati e
descritti 61
Buchtien: Herbarium Bolivianum 67
Burlingham: The Lactariae of North America 68
California fungi 7O
Calkins: Florida fungi 76
Carleton: Uredineae Americanae exsiccatae 78
Chodat: Herbier Barbey-Boisser 80
Ciferri: Mycoflora Domingensis exsiccata 82
Clements et Clements: Cryptogamae formationum Coloradensium 88
Clinton: Economic fungi, Supplement C. See Seymour and Earle 91
Cooke: Mycobiota of North America 92
Cummings: Myxomy cetes of New England 96
Davis: Fungi Wisconsinensis exsiccati 97
Ellis: Fungi Nova-Caesareenses 99
Ellis: North American fungi. Ser. I 101
Ellis and Everhart: North American fungi. Ser. II 1.15
Ellis and Everhart: Fungi Columbiani 139
Farlow: Herbarium W Farlow 165
Fischer: Graminicolous smuts of North America 166
Garrett: Fungi Utahensis 169
Grant: Fungi Washintonae 173
Griffiths: West American fungi 174
Guba: Plants of Nantucket County, Massachusetts 178
Heller: Plants ofthe Hawaiian Islands - 180
Heller: Plants of Porto Rico, Porto Rican fungi 18]
Heller: Plants ofCalifornia 183
Herter: Plantae Uruguayenses exsiccatae 185
Holway: Reliquiae Hdlwayanae 193
Hostman ct Kappler: Plantae Surinamensis 199
Hume: Fungi of Florida 200
jaap: Mycomycetes exsiccati 202
Jenkins and Bitancourt: Myriangiales selecti exsiccati 206
jones: Flora of California, Nevada, Utah 217
Kabat et Bubak: Fungi Imperfecti exsiccati 218
Kellerman: Ohio fungi 225
Kellerrnan: Fungi selecti Guatemalenses exsiccati 230
Kellerman: Flora of Kansas 232
Kellerman and Swingle: Kansas fungi 233
Kellerman and Swingle: Kansas fungi-Kellerman and Swingle 236
Klotzsch: Herbarium vivum mycologicum. 236 See Rabenhorst 274
Korf: Discomycetae exsiccatae 237
Kryptogamas exsiccatas editae a Museo Palatino Vindobonensi 239
Kunze: 251 See Weigelt 503
Kurtz: Herbarium Argentinum 252
Merrill: Lichenes exsiccati 253
Nash: Plants of Florida 254
Neger: Uredineae Austro-Americanae. 256 See Sydow: Uredineen 4
Nelson: Plants from the Rocky Mountain Herbarium 257
Patterson: Mycological exchange, 1902 260
Patterson, Diehl, and Cash: Mycological exchange of 1921 262
Petrak: Mycotheca generalis 265
Pringle: Mexican fungi 272
Rabenhorst: Fungi europaei exsiccati 274
Ravenel: Fungi Caroliniani exsiccati 297
Ravenel and Cooke: Fungi Americani exsiccati 307
Rehm: Ascomyceten - 316
Rick: Fungi Austro-Americani 338
Roberts: Kansas fungi 345
Roumeguere: Fungi selecti Gallici exsiccati 347
Santo Domingo Commission of Inquiry: Flora Domingensis 368
Seaver and Bergman: North Dakota fungi 370
Seymour:Journey to Washington Territory : 372
Seymour: Reliquae Seymourianae 373
Seymour and Earle: Economic fungi 374
Shaw and Cooke: Reliquiae Suksdorfiana 384
Shear: New York fungi 386
Smith: Central American fungi 389
Solheirn: Mycoflora Saxirnontanensis exsiccata 392
Spegazzini: Hongos Sud-Americanos 399
Spegazzini: Fungi Guaranitici 401
Sydow, H.: Fungi Exotici exsiccati 402
Sydow,P.:Uredineen, 415
Sydow, P.: Ustilagineen 430
Sydow, P.: Phycomy ceten et Protomyceten 435
Thaxter and Linder: Reliquiae F arlowiana 438
Theissen: Decades fungorum Brasiliensium 444
Thuemen: Mvcotheca universalis 448
Thuemcn: Herbarium mycologicurn oeconomicum 460
Thueme n: Fungorum exoticorum decades 404
Torrend: Fungi selecti exsiccati 466
Tracy: Plants of the Gulf States 470
Ulc: Mycotheca brasiliensis 472
Underwood: lndiana- flora, parasitic fungi 477
Underwood and Cook: A century of illustrative fungi 479
Vestergren: Micromycetes rariores selecti 481
Warm and Muenscher: North American Myxomycetes 494
Weesc: Eumycetes selecti exsiccati 498
Weigelt: Surinam fungi (Kunze) _ 503
Whetzel: Bermuda fungi 508
Wilson and Seaver: Ascomycetes and lower fungi 511
Wollenweber: Fusaria culta et Fusaria culta excludenda 514
Wollenweber: Fusaria autographice delineata 516
Wright: Fungi Cubensis Wrightiani 526
Zillig: Ustilagineae of North America 528
Index 529