Anthropologischer Anzeiger

ISSN: 0003-5548

formerly Zeitschrift für Morphologie und Anthropologie (ISSN: 0044-314X)

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Special Issue: Biological Anthropology: Prospects and Perspectives

20th anniversary of the Society for Anthropology

Ed.: Christiane Scheffler; George McGlynn; Albert Zink

2014. 167 pages, 16x24cm, 430 g
Language: English

(Anthropologischer Anzeiger, Volume 71 No. 1-2)

ArtNo. ES140007101, paperback, price: 208.00 €

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Special Issue: Biological and Cultural Markers of Environmental Pressure

9. International Congress of the German Society for Anthropology, September 12-16, 2011, Gottorf Castle, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Ed.: Michael Hermanussen

2011. X, 185 pages, 109 figures, 120 tables, 16x24cm, 490 g
Language: English

(Anthropologischer Anzeiger, Volume 68 No. 4)

ArtNo. ES140006804, paperback, price: 93.00 €

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Highlights in Physical Anthropology

Eight Invited Reviews

2009. V, 151 pages, 85 figures, 110 tables, 16x24cm, 390 g
Language: English

(Anthropologischer Anzeiger, Volume 67 No. 4)

ArtNo. ES140006704, paperback, price: 89.00 €

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Arboreal Locomotor Adaptation in Primates and Its Relevance to Human Evolution

Workshop held in Kyoto March 5 to 7, 1999

Guest editors: Morihiko Okada; Holger Preuschoft

2002. V, 258 pages, 108 figures, 37 tables, 16x25cm, 620 g
Language: English

(Zeitschrift für Morphologie und Anthropologie, Band 83 Heft 2/3)

ArtNo. ES168008302, paperback, price: 142.00 €

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