Afrika Kartenwerk - Thematic maps of Africa

The maps and accompanying commentary texts present a comprehensive data of four major regions of Africa.

These regions are representative of North Africa, tropical West and East Africa and South Africa. Thematic study of these regions, which are the size of a sheet of the International Map of the World 1 :1 million (IMW), complies with the current requirements of scientific geography and with Carl Troll's concept of "using the Map of the World in future for systematic regional studies in map series 1:1 million on a supranational basis". Scientific investigation of the four regions was conducted through interdisciplinary team work mainly involving intensive field research as well as analysis of material from other primary and secondary sources. The results for each of the four study regions of the "Afrika-Kartenwerk" are published in individual map series:
Series N North Africa (Tunisia, Algeria) 32°—37°30' N, 6°—12° E,
Series W West Africa (Nigeria, Cameroon) 4°N—8°N, 3°15'E—9°30'E,
Series E East Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania) 2°N—2°S, 32°E—38°E and
Series S South Africa (Mozambique, Swaziland, Republic of South Africa) 23°10'—26°52'S,29°50'—35°40' E

The selected regions do not coincide with the sheet sections of the International Map of the World.They have been chosen more on the basis of providing a section which is of geographical significance and includes the greatest possible variety of content. The geographical representation of the four regions is therefore independent of political boundaries; it is based on a survey of the geographical components of each study region according to standardized criteria. For each of the four series, a set of maps will be published containing 16 thematic maps in no set order, scale 1:1 million, with detailed keys in three languages. See synoptic table (page 4 of the prospectus). Each thematic map with the exception of the Topography Sheet is accompanied by a monograph. The monographs (17x24 cm) contain in detail the research results as well as the methods of investigation, which were in part developed by the authors themselves. The monographs do not appear in set order. They comprise on average 80-160 pages, numerous figures, supplementary maps and tables as well as detailed summaries in two other languages (English and French for Series N, W and E; English and Portuguese for Series S).

List of available map sheets and commentaries of Afrika-Kartenwerk.