Bibliotheca Botanica - Original Contributions to Botany (ISSN 0067-7892)

Bibliotheca Botanica (contiuously published since 1886) is a series of in-depth, monographic contributions to botany on all plant groups.
Bibliotheca Botanica distinguishes itself from competing publications by its high-quality large format illustrations, figures and plates.

In contrast to journals, which mostly do not publish, lengthy, image-heavy contributions of monographic character, Bibliotheca Botanica recognizes the scholarly value of these and invites the submission of such manuscripts. The journal is accredited by the International Association for Plant Taxonomy (IAPT) for the purpose of registration of all new plant names.
Publication language is English (preferred); German or French language manuscripts may also be considered.

Potential authors are encouraged to contact one of Bibliotheca Botanica's editors, or the editorial office for details on submitting a manuscript for publication in Bibliotheca Botanica.