Contributions to Sedimentary Geology (ISSN 1436-3542)

Starting with volume 20, Contributions to Sedimentology has been renamed to "Contributions to Sedimentary Geology" with new editors, an editorial board and a larger paper format (21 by 28 cm) suitable for publications which require large illustrations such as cross-sections and stratigraphic columns.


The broadened scope of this series, as reflected by the new title, is the publication of papers, monographs, and symposium proceedings from he entire field of sedimentary geology. Emphasis is on longer-than-normal papers, monographs and sets of papers on a single topic, setting Contributions to Sedimentary Geology apart from most other journals. These may include state-of-the-art summaries and reviews of a subdiscipline within sedimentary geology.

All submissions are peer-reviewed. Criteria for acceptance are excellence and clarity of presentation.

Editorial Policy

Publication language is English. Authors with a mother tongue other than English are strongly encouraged to seek advice from a native English-speaking colleague prior to submitting a manuscript. Before preparing or submitting a manuscript, potential authors should peruse the instructions for authors or contact E.Schweizerbart Publishers if there are individual problems with a particular manuscript. Preferentially, authors should contact one of the editors-in-chief with an abbreviated outline of the proposed manuscript, including list of contents, abstract, etc. for an initial evaluation of appropriateness, prior to submission of the full manuscript.

Publication frequency

The volumes of "Contributions to Sedimentary Geology" are published on an 'as needed' basis. There is no schedule for publication and you may submit a paper for publication at any time.

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