Encyclopedia of Plant Anatomy - Handbuch der Pflanzenanatomie

Encyclopedia of Plant Anatomy (formerly: Handbuch der Pflanzenanatomie) is a book series covering all aspects of plant anatomy and pathology. The initial volumes of the series were in German, while more recent volumes are all in the English language.

The volumes are internally consistent and either treat functional units (e.g. plant hair, seeds) or provide detailed information on the the anatomy and histology of a group of plants, or deal with general principles (e.g.Pathological and Regenerative Plant Anatomy).

The series is subdivided as follows:
Vol. I-III: Cytology
Vol. IV-V: Anatomy of individual tissues
Vol. VI-VII: Cryptogam anatomy
Vol. VIII-X: Histology of spermatophytes
Vol. XI-XII: Anatomy of phylogenetically important plant groups
Vol. XIII-XIV: Ecological, experimental and pathological anatomy