Jahresberichte und Mitteilungen des Oberrheinischen Geologischen Vereins, N.F. (ISSN 0078-2947, e-ISSN 2509-8349)

Earth sciences

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Jahresberichte und Mitteilungen des Oberrheinische Geologischen Vereins is a scholarly journal with an emphasis on geology, geomorphology, stratigraphy, tectonics, landscape evolution, river history of the upper Rhine region (upper rhine graben) and adjacent areas. In addition, papers on problems of this topical range in other areas of Germany and adjacent countries are regularly published. The hardbound volumes are regularly published in April of each year in time for the annual meeting of Oberrheinischer Geologischer Verein, which is held in a different place every year. The journal has been published continously since 1911. A special highlight of contributions to the journals are field trip guides documenting field trips to many interesting field locations, mostly in Germany and adjacent countries.