Journals & Series: Geography

Atlas Ost- und Südosteuropa

Editor: Peter Jordan

Atlas of Eastern and Southeastern Europe is a series of maps published periodically. It offers up-to-date information on topics of ecological, demographic and economic relevance in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe. The multicoloured thematic maps with accompanying texts reflect the most recent scholarly studies in this field.

Relief Boden Palaeoklima

ISSN: 0720-4876

The series "Relief, Boden, Paläoklima" ("Relief, Soil, Paleo-climate") has a threefold aim: 1. First, to make possible the inclusion of monographs covering all aspects of relief genesis in a large region of the earth. 2. Important regions of the earth or major problem sectors on which there alredy exist many articles and special works are to be presented in summarized form. Divergent views are to be integrated to form a new, meaningful general picture. 3. The series is to include works which present the problems indicated and their conclusions in a form useful for practical application.

Urbanization of the Earth

ISSN: 0944-422X

Edited by Heiko Schmid, Heidelberg

Urban geography and urban studies are lively and almost unlimited fields of research. Supported by their neighbouring disciplines such as demography, sociology, economics and technologies of construction, traffic management and communications, it seeks to recognize trends and principles, and with regard to the future, to facilitate structured action. “Urbanization of the Earth” provides a platform for critically investigating a crucial junction in the relationships between man and Earth. Humans as individuals or society as a whole, have proved to be a powerful force for shaping the surface of the Earth, almost equalling natural phenomena. Many urban phenomena were studied and analysed in this series – providing a great deal of insight on the lively interface between humans and their environment.

Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie, NF

ISSN: 0372-8854

Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie main volume is a peer-reviewed international journal presenting original contributions of high scientific standard from all fields of geomorphology, encompassing basic research and applied studies. Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie (ZfG) invites the submission of original papers from the entire field of geomorphological research, both applied and theoretical.