Journals & Series: Meteorology

Meteorologische Zeitschrift

Contribution to Atmospheric Sciences

ISSN: 0941-2948

Edited by the Deutsche Meteorologische Gesellschaft, Österreichische Gesellschaft für Meteorologie, Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Meteorologie; Technical Editor: Schnee, Marion; Editor-in-Chief: Emeis, Stefan; Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Haimberger, Leopold; Language Editor: Richard Foreman; Editorial Board: Brönnmann, Stefan (classic papers); Friederichs, Petra; Geresdi, István; Gohm, Alexander; Goldberg, Valeri; Pfahl, Stephan; Schluenzen, Heinke; Schroedter-Homscheidt, Marion; Wang, Yong; Wendisch, Manfred

Meteorologische Zeitschrift publishes high-quality, peer-reviewed english-language contributions on all aspects of observational, theoretical and computational research from the entire field of meteorology, including theoretical and experimental investigations, numerical simulations, statistical studies, information about operational work in meteorological services and on applied meteorology (including environmental meteorology and energy meteorology). This comprises interactions of the lower atmosphere with the oceans, land surface as well as the middle and upper atmosphere.