Journals & Series: Botany

Advances in Bryology

Edited by Royce E. Longton, University of Reading, Reading, UK

Advances in Bryology publishes review articles summarizing rogress in all aspects of research involving bryophytes. The reviews are written both as an evaluation of present knowledge and with reference to contemporary advances in other botanical and iological disciplines. Contributions are by invitation, although the editor welcomes suggestions for suitable papers from interested readers. Papers are published in English with German and English abstracts.

Basic and Applied Dryland Research

ISSN: 1864-3191

Edited by Maik Veste (Cottbus), Randolf Rausch (Riyad) and Nikolaus J. Kuhn (Berne)

Bibliotheca Botanica

ISSN: 0067-7892

Edited by Peter Leins, Heidelberg

Bibliotheca Botanica publishes comprehensive monographs on individual problems in botany. Compared to botanical journals, Bibliotheca Botanica allows for longer publications in a large format with corresponding high quality plates for illustrating complex features. The editors are solicting the submission of english language manuscripts.

Bibliotheca Diatomologica

ISSN: 1436-7270

Editors: Lange-Bertalot, H.; Kociolek, P.

Bibliotheca Diatomologica publishes monographs on all kinds of diatoms (Baccilariophyceae), algae with a siliceous skeleton. This includes papers on the physiology, taxonomy, morphology, ecological aspects, phytogeography and geobotany of diatoms.

Bibliotheca Lichenologica

ISSN: 1436-1698

Editor: Wirth, V. Editorial Board: Elix, J. A.; Nash III, T. H.

Bibliotheca Lichenologica publishes scientific monographs on all problems of lichens, and mosses. This includes papers on the physiology, taxonomy, morphology, ecological aspects, phytogeography and geobotany.

Bibliotheca Mycologica

ISSN: 0067-8066

Editors: Bresinsky, A.; Butin, H.; Tudzynski, P.

Bibliotheca Mycologica publishes monographs and studies of fungi in the widest sense. This includes papers on the physiology, taxonomy, morphology, ecological aspects, and biochemical aspects of fungi.

Bibliotheca Phycologica

ISSN: 0067-8112

Editors: Kies, L.; Schnetter, R.

Bibliotheca Phycologica publishes monographs on studies of algae in the widest sense. This includes papers on the physiology, taxonomy, morphology, ecological aspects, and biochemical aspects.

Botanische Jahrbücher für Systematik, Pflanzengeschichte und Pflanzengeographie

ISSN: 0006-8152

Editors: Hans W. Lack; Peter Leins; Stefan Porembski

Ever since publication of the first issue of Botanische Jahrbücher (Botanical Yearbooks) more than 100 years ago, the Botanische Jahrbücher have cultivated discussion and published groundbreaking results in the field of systematics in the widest sense. In this way, they fulfilled a task of world-wide recognition. In Botanische Jahrbücher Adolf Engler, the renowned systematicist and founder of the journal, created a forum for all those branches of botany which, up to the present day, are closely connected and cover a vast ground from morphology and anatomy by way of taxonomy and phylogeny to plant geography. Botanische Jahrbücher publish original contributions in English, German and French in the fields of phytotaxonomy, morphology and geobotany.

Bryophytorum Bibliotheca

ISSN: 0258-3348

Editors: Heinrichs, Jochen; Dierßen, Klaus; Long, David; Vitt, D.H. t

Bryophytorum Bibliotheca publishes scientific monographs from the entire field of bryology. These include catalogues, revision of genuses, studies of the ecology and structure of associations of mosses, bryophyte floras and evolutionary studies, to name a few.

Colloques Phytosociologiques

ISSN: 1430-5040

The volumes of Colloques Phytosociologiques document the presentations given at the Phytosociology Conferences held in different places throughout France. Every volume is closed thematically and is devoted to problems in phytosociology, both relevant to France and worldwide.

Diatom Research

ISSN: 0269-249X

Diatom Research is a journal devoted to all aspects of diatoms. In the 1950s with the advent of good light microscopes, diatom research progressed noticeably. Diatom Research aims to provides a timely forum for discussion of current problems and approaches in diatom studies and diatom systematics. Notes published in Diatom Research allow for the presentation of current debates as well as the presentation of breaking news. The recent events column reports on relevant meetings, workshops and conferences. Special issues, for example the "Catalogue of the Diatom Genera" (Diatom research Vol 14,1) are published on an 'as needed' basis.

Dissertationes Botanicae

ISSN: 0070-6728

Zur Veröffentlichung kommen Arbeiten aus dem Gesamtgebiet der Botanik, ausgenommen rein systematische Arbeiten über Blütenpflanzen, die in der Reihe Phanerogamarum Monographiae und Arbeiten über Kryptogamen, die in den entsprechenden Bibliotheca-Reihen veröffentlicht werden.

Encyclopedia of Plant Anatomy

Handbuch der Pflanzenanatomie

Encyclopedia of Plant Anatomy (formerly: Handbuch der Pflanzenanatomie) is a book series covering all aspects of plant anatomy and pathology. The initial volumes of the series were in German, while more recent volumes are all in the English language.
The volumes are internally consistent and either treat functional units (e.g. plant hair, seeds) or provide detailed information on the the anatomy and histology of a group of plants, or deal with general principles (e.g.Pathological and Regenerative Plant Anatomy).

Flora Mycologica Iberica

Edited by Real Jardin Botanico, Madrid

The volumes of Flora Mycologica Iberica describe and document the variety and nature of the fungi of the Iberian Peninsula. At the same time the volumes provide keys for the identification of the species treated.
As fungi differ considerably, their study requires a certain degree of specialization. On the other hand, some groups have received a greater degree of attention than others.
All volumes of Flora Mycologica Iberica are bilingual (english/spanish) and are profusely illustrated.


ISSN: 0018-0971

Leaf Venation Patterns

Edward P. Klucking

The 9 hardbound volumes of this series have now been completed. The series was conceived in 1986 to present a survey of the various leaf venation patterns found in woody plant families. This compilation provides additional tools for plant identification, and comparative studies. Each volume portrays leaf venation patterns of 500-600 species in splendid high resolution images, contains a written characterization of the observed venation pattern of the genera of each family, and a key to aid in species identification.

Of interest to botanists, systematicists and plant scientists in general.

Nova Hedwigia

Zeitschrift für Kryptogamenkunde (Journal of Cryptogamic Research)

ISSN: 0029-5035

Chief Editor: R. Kirschner Editorial Board: Van de Vijver, B.; Blaszkowski, J.; Bennert, W.; Schnittler, M.; Jiménez Fernández, J.A.; Kirschner, R.; Langer, E.; Neustupa, J.; Kastovsky, G. McGregor, J.H.; Engel, J.; Lücking, R.

Nova Hedwigia is an international journal publishing original, peerreviewed papers on current issues of taxonomy, morphology, ultrastructure and ecology of all groups of cryptogamic plants (including cyanophytes/cyanobacteria and fungi). The half-tone plates in Nova Hedwigia are known for their high quality, which makes them especially suitable for the reproduction of photomicrographs and scanning and transmission electron micrographs.

Nova Hedwigia, Beihefte

ISSN: 1438-9134

Perspectives in Phycology

ISSN: 2198-011X

Edited by Burkhard Becker and J.Mark Cock and an international advisory board.

Perspectives in Phycology (PiP) is a peer-reviewed quarterly electronic journal covering all domains of phycology, including the contributions of phycological research to current and emerging issues in environmental, health and industrial sectors. Work on both eukaryotic algae and cyanobacteria falls within the scope of the journal. The subject areas covered include: Applied phycology and biotechnology Morphology and cell biology Macro- and microalgal ecology Macro- and microalgal systematics and evolution Molecular biology and genomics Physiology and biochemistry Toxicology, health and risk management


International Journal of Vegetation Ecology. Journal of the International Association for Vegetation Science - Organe officiel de la Fédération Internationale de Phytosociologie

ISSN: 0340-269X

Editors-in-Charge: Erwin Bergmeier, Jürgen Dengler, Monika Janišová, Florian Jansen, Pavel Krestov, Wolfgang Willner

Phytocoenologia is an international, peer-reviewed journal of plant community ecology. It is devoted to vegetation survey and classification at any organizational and spatial scale and without restriction to certain methodological approaches. The journal publishes original papers that develop new vegetation typologies as well as applied studies that use such typologies, for example, in vegetation mapping, ecosystem modelling, nature conservation, land use management or monitoring. Particularly encouraged are methodological studies that design and compare tools for vegetation classification and mapping, such as algorithms, databases and nomenclatural principles. Papers dealing with conceptual and theoretical bases of vegetation survey and classification are also welcome. While large-scale studies are preferred, regional studies will be considered when filling important knowledge gaps or presenting new methods.

Plant Diversity and Evolution

Phylogeny, Biogeography, Structure and Function

ISSN: 1869-6155

Editors: Hans-Peter Comes; Jan Kirschner; Peter Leins; Stefan Porembski

Plant Diversity and Evolution (PDE) publishes original contributions to plant sciences from the fields of phytotaxonomy, systematics, morphology, anatomy and geobotany, ecology, synecology and their relationships to biogeography, plant distribution and dispersal. Emphasis is on vascular plants. The editors also encourage the submission of papers on ontogeny and its genetic aspects.

Studies on Tropical Andean Ecosystems

Estudios de Ecosystemas Tropandinos (Ecoandes)

Ecoandes is a book series documenting the ecology along several transects across the Colombian Andes. The seven book volumes published in this series are the splendid and careful documentation of the legendary Dutch-Colombian ECOANDES expeditions in the three cordilleras of the Andes in Central Colombia (1980-1983) and in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (1977) of Studies on Tropical Andean Ecosystems and were edited by Thomas van der Hammen, who led five of the seven expeditions. Publication language is Spanish, with some english language papers.