Journals & Series: Limnology

Advances in Limnology

Fundamental and Applied Limnology Special Issues: Ergebnisse der Limnologie

ISSN: 1612-166X

Editor: Maarten Boersma

Advances in limnology (formerly: Ergebnisse der Limnologie) publishes topical contributions to all branches of limnology. The published papers are peer reviewed and should reflect the state of the art in limnology or review a pertinent problem in limnology.

Algological Studies

Journal of Phycological Research

ISSN: 1864-1318

Edited by R. Chapman; J. Komárková; L. Krienitz; J. Kristiansen Managing Editor: L. Hoffmann

Algological Studies is an international journal of phycology which publishes peer reviewed scientific papers of international significance from the entire field of algology (phycology): taxonomy, systematics and floristics, physiology, biochemistry, genetic studies, hydrobiology, phytogeography, cultivation including algal technology, applied algology, methodology, in short all fields of algology. Algolgical Studies are continuously published since 1968 as a supplement of "Archiv für Hydrobiologie", since 2007 as an own journal.

Archiv für Hydrobiologie - Supplementbände

Archiv für Hydrobiologie - Supplementbände began publishing supplement volumeis in 19##. Each supplement volume published at the same time was part of one of the following subseries.

Die Binnengewässer

ISSN: 0067-8643

The volumes of Binnengewässer comprehensively cover different aspects of aquatic ecology and limnology. The aspects covered range from economic aspects of freshwater bodies, to running waters and lakes, their fauna, flora, individual species, plant groups (algae, reeds), oxygen and CO2 budget, lake sediments and more.

The work consists of 29 volumes, some of which have multiple parts. Most of them are clothbound. Older contributions are in German, the more recent volumes are in English language.

Ecovision World Monograph Series

Ecovision Series will publish peer-reviewed groups of original papers in a book form on specific topics, themes, issues, subjects, concepts, or ecosystems. It promotes an ecosystemic, multi-disciplinary, multi-trophic, and integrated approach. The Series focuses on the integrity, health, restoration, remediation, and management of stressed ecosystems. It encourages publications dealing with the effects of environmental perturbations on ecosystem health at the structural, functional, and ultra-structural levels. It publishes material dealing with the integrated assessment of environmental issues, involving interactions between air, water, land and human health. The Series fosters trans-disciplinary and cross-sectoral linkages between the environment and ecological, socio-economic, political, ethical, legal, cultural, and management considerations.

Fundamental and Applied Limnology

ISSN: 1863-9135

Editor: Robertson, Anne; Grossart, Hans-Peter; Erős, Tibor Editorial Board: Alahuhta, Janne; Lorenz, Stefan; Nagata, Toshi; Pardo, Isabel; Sandin, Leonard; Stubbington, Rachel; Tiegs, Scott; Vrede, Tobias; Yang, Zhou

Fundamental and Applied Limnology (up to and including 2006: Archiv für Hydrobiologie) is an international journal for freshwater research in the widest sense, including problems of marine biology and brackish water research. The journal emphasizes the publication of papers on ecological questions, especially if associated with experimental or physiological studies. All papers published in this journal are peer reviewed. The journal was renamed to Fundamental and Applied Limnology on the occasion of its 100th anniversary in 2006. Archiv für Hydrobiologie has been published continuously since 1906. formerly Archiv für Hydrobiologie - Hauptbände (ISSN: 0003-9136) originally Archiv für Hydrobiologie und Planktonkunde (ISSN: 0365-2890)

Large Rivers

Fundamental and Applied Limnology/Archiv für Hydrobiologie Supplement Volumes

ISSN: 0945-3784

Editor: Martin Dokulil

Limnologie Aktuell

ISSN: 0937-2881

Prof. Dr. Heinz Brendelberger, Kiel Dr. Mario Sommerhäuser, Essen

Die Bände der Reihe Limnologie Aktuell beschäftigen sich mit aktuellen Themen der Limnologie, Hydrobiologie und Ökosystemforschung, z.B. einzelnen Ökosystemen, Flußsystemen bzw. den ökologischen Auswirkungen von Vorgängen (Überschwemmungen).

Mitteilungen der IVL

ISSN: 0538-4680

River Systems

Integrating landscape, catchment perspectives, ecology, management

ISSN: 1868-5749

Editor in Chief: Hein, Thomas Editorial Board: Borchardt, Dietrich; Bunn, Stuart; Drago, Edmundo; Dokulil, Martin; Delong, Michael; Fischer, Helmut; Janauer, Georg; Jewson, David; Pinay, Gilles; Schmutz, Stefan; Steel, Ashley; Teodorovic, Ivana; Tockner, Klement; Thorp, James

River Systems is an international journal that integrates landscape, catchment and human perspectives into a holistic view of river systems. It is dedicated to promoting innovative basic research results and their application in management and conservation. Interdisciplinary research on rivers from the catchment and landscape perspectives is particularly welcome. “River Systems” thus bridges the gap between inter- and transdisciplinary research and highlights management applications and science implementation at multiple temporal and spatial scales. An innovation of “River Systems” will be the inclusion of relevant science education cooperations. The language of the journal is English. The journal “River Systems” is a relaunch of the “Large Rivers, Supplement to Archiv für Hydrobiologie”.

Senckenbergiana maritima

International Journal of Marine Sciences

ISSN: 0080-889X

Editors: Wehrmann, A.; Mosbrugger, V.

S. maritima publishes one Volume per year with contributions on problems of marine geology, marine biology, actuopaleontological studies and papers on the ecology of the marine realm. Papers are peer-reviewed, publishes current and origial contributions to all fields of geology, paleontology, stratigraphy and related subjects. All papers published are peer reviewed and in the English language.

Tropische Binnengewässer

Tropical inland waters

Verhandlungen IVL

ISSN: 0368-0770

Edited for the association by J. Jones

The Proceedings of the International Association of Theoretical and Applied Limnology (SIL) (Verhandlungen der IVL) are the proceedings of SIL's quadrennial international congresses. On the occasion of each international scientific congress four to five volumes with between two and three thousand short papers (extended abstracts) are published which summarize the sessions convened at the congress, marking the state of discussion in these particular fields or subdisciplines of limnology, freshwater science or aqueous ecology.