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The role of the Italian scientific community in the first HyMeX SOP: an outstanding multidisciplinary experience

Davolio, Silvio; Ferretti, Rossella; Baldini, Luca; Casaioli, Marco; Cimini, Domenico; Ferrario, Massimo Enrico; Gentile, Sabrina; Loglisci, Nicola; Maiello, Ida; Manzato, Agostino; Mariani, Stefano; Marsigli, Chiara; Marzano, Frank Silvio; Miglietta, Mario Marcello; Montani, Andrea; Panegrossi, Giulia; Pasi, Francesco; Pichelli, Emanuela; Pucillo, Arturo; Zinzi, Angelo

Meteorologische Zeitschrift Vol. 24 No. 3 (2015), p. 261 - 267

21 references

published: Jul 16, 2015
published online: Feb 11, 2015
manuscript accepted: Oct 22, 2014
manuscript revision received: Oct 16, 2014
manuscript revision requested: Aug 7, 2014
manuscript received: Jun 10, 2014

DOI: 10.1127/metz/2015/0624

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The first Special Observation Period (SOP1) field campaign of the HyMeX (HYdrological cycle in the Mediterranean EXperiment) program was held in fall 2012 and was devoted to the investigation of heavy precipitation and floods in the Western Mediterranean. Both the Italian research and operational meteorological communities actively participated by providing a valuable contribution through the organization of an ad hoc national Operational Centre. The paper presents an overview of this participation, resulting in a fruitful multidisciplinary experience able to build a bridge between academia, researchers, forecasters, end-users and decision makers. The benefits provided by the wide national involvement and the consequent possible national impacts and progress are discussed within the context of the complex organization of meteorology in Italy.


HyMeXItalian meteorologyheavy precipitationfloodfield campaignNWPresearch and operational synergy