Entomologia Generalis

Aims and Items of Publication: Entomologia Generalis is an international Journal for General and Applied Entomology, concerned with experimental, comparative and descriptive problems in all ?elds of research in insects and other terrestrial arthropods. It aims to continually supply new information about recent results and theories in this science, relating simultaneously to various of its branches, or closely con­necting them. Themes of just locally and taxonomically limited or transitory interest will not be considered.

The main emphasis of publication is placed upon original research papers [Articles of 6-20 printed pages]. Furthermore, reviews are offered on topical entomological problems, as well as summaries of stan­dard research results [Reports of 6-20 printed pages]. Besides, short communications are published about new records, ideas, observations etc, as well as exchanges of views and methods [Notes of 4-10 printed pages]. Finally, preview abstracts are presented of work which is being completed, but not yet ready for publication in a more extensive form [Synopses of 2-6 printed pages].