Original paper

Investigations on intra- and interannual coarse sediment dynamics in a high-mountain river

Bimböse, Martin; Nicolay, Alexander; Bryk, Alexander; Schmidt, Karl-Heinz; Morche, David


A major task of sediment budget studies is the data acquisition of sediment supply to river channels. In high mountain rivers, fluvial sediment transport is strongly connected to available sediment generated from slope source areas (e.g. talus and debris cones). The processes of fluvial sediment transport and slope slope-channel coupling can be studied in detail in the Reintal Valley (Bavarian Alps, Germany). Since a dam-break flood in 2005, the river system has been in a state of disequilibrium. To quantify the sediment input the to the fluvial system sediment source areas and their surface changes were measured using a high resolution terrestrial laser scanner (Optech ILRIS 36D) in the observation periods 2008 and 2009. The aim of this study is to compare the quantified sediment input with the concurrent bed load measurements at the catchment outlet for the investigation period. The results show declining amounts of transported sediment and also results declining sediment input from the sediment sources throughout the study period. Furthermore, a detailed from description of the data acquisition and analyses using the Optech ILRIS 36D terrestrial laser scanner is given.


terrestrial laser scanningsediment transportbed loadreintal