30th Congress of the International Association of Theoretical and Applied Limnology. Montreal, Canada, 12-18 August 2007


Ed.: Jack Jones; Janice Faaborg

2010. IV, 209 pages, numerous figures (8 coloured), 21x28cm, 730 g
Language: English

(Verhandlungen IVL, Volume 30 Part 10)

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Oseguera, L.A., J. Alcocer and E. Escobar: Seston flux in a tropical
saline lake 1477
Grubbs, S.A., A.J. Meier and O.D. Meier: Assessing the influence of
watershed- and reach-scale environmental variables on the speciose
darter (Percidae: Etheostoma, Percina) assemblage of a central
Kentucky (U.S.A.) landscape 1482
Fukuhara, H., A. Ohtaka, N. Kimura, M. Ochiai, Y. Yamamoto and Oze
Akashibo Research Group: Vertical distribution of invertebrates in red
snow (Akashibo) at Ozegahara mire, Central Japan 1487
Brumbaugh, E.N. and D.A. Culver: Diets of juvenile hybrid striped bass
(Percichthyidae: Morone chrysops fem. M. saxatilis male) 1493
Tóth, A., K. Zsuga, T. Lörincz and S.A. Nagy: Species diversity of
planktonic and epiphytic Rotifers in the Hordódi-Backwater (2005,
2006) 1496
Auer, M.T., N.A. Auer, N.R. Urban and L.A. Bub: Primary production,
carbon flux and the distribution of the amphipod Diporeia in Lake
Superior 1499
Baranyai, E. and L. G.-Tóth: The influence of turbulence on vertical
distribution of zooplankton in shallow, kinetic Lake Balaton (Hungary)
Powell, K.D. and M.T. Auer: Organic carbon lability and
community-level physiological profiling of bacterial populations in
Lake Superior 1509
Ii, H., J. Sherwood and N. Turoczy: Salinization of the Glenelg River
in Southwest Victoria, Australia 1515
Wada, C., K. Hayakawa, T. Suzuki, T. Kumagai and Y. Sugiyama:
Characterization of UV-absorbing organic matter in Lake Biwa using
high-performance liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry 1520
Sweeney, N.F. and S.M. Linnane: Epilithic diatom communities of
Milltown Lake’s catchment, Co. Monaghan, Ireland 1525
Silva, W.M., K.F. Roche and O. Rocha: Zooplankton communities of
hyposaline Pantanal lakes in Brazil (Abstract) 1530
Mitamura, O., J. Tachibana, K. Kondo, S. Ueda and Y. Seike: Seasonal
change in urea decomposition by epiphytic and planktonic algae in a
reed zone of Lake Biwa, Japan 1531
De Stasio, B.T., M.B. Schrimpf, A. Beranek, W. Daniels and E. Hoyer:
Dreissenid driving tests: going the “wrong” way in Green Bay, Lake
Michigan? 1540
Prairie, Y.T., P.A. del Giorgio, C. Roehm and A. Tremblay: Insights on
riverine metabolism from continuous measurements of CDOM fluorescence
in Eastmain-1 Reservoir, Quebec 1545
Röske, K. and I. Röske: Investigation of the complex microbial
community in freshwater sediments in Saidenbach drinking water
reservoir, Germany 1549
Becker, J.C. and A.W. Groeger: Distribution of mercury in the
sediments of Amistad International Reservoir, Texas, USA 1555
Lohman, K. and J.R. Jones: Longitudinal patterns in nutrient chemistry
and algal chlorophyll below point sources in three northern Ozark
streams 1559
Gualtero-Leal, D., G.A. Martinez, C.J. Santos-Flores and
D. Sotomayor-Ramirez: Benthic algal diversity and biomass as
indicators to establish reference streams in Puerto Rico 1567
Cartier, V., C. Claret, A. Cazaubon and E. Franquet: Spatial
distribution of Chironomus salinarius Kieffer (Diptera: Chironomidae)
in brackish water in Mediterranean area: First results 1573
Likens, G.E. and D.C. Buso: Long-term changes in streamwater chemistry
following disturbance in the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, USA
Ureche, D., C. Ureche, M. Nicoara and G. Plavan: The role of
macroinvertebrates in diets of fish in River Dambovita, Romania 1582
Taniguchi, M., H. Ii and T. Hirata: Analysis of organic nitrogen
compound in domestic sewage in Yamato River using a social
experimental test 1587
Bruno, M.C., B. Maiolini, M. Carolli and L. Silveri: Hydropower
effects at different temporal scales in an Alpine river 1591
Lewis, Jr., W.M.: Biogeochemistry of tropical lakes 1595
Schmieder, K., A. Woithon, T. Heege and N. Pinnel: Remote sensing
techniques and GIS modeling for monitoring and assessing the littoral
vegetation at Lake Constance 1604
Helal, H.A.: Eutrophication of the Nile: Comparative nutrient data of
the Damietta Branch, Egypt, from 1978 and 2003 1607
Chandra, S., L. Atwell and D. Mosely: The food web structure of a
large, deep saline lake 1610
Griffiths, R.W. and T.G. Northcote: Are autumn-growing detritivorous
mayflies most productive? 1613
Knoechel, R., D. Copeman and C.E. Campbell: Long-term trophic
evolution of a northern reservoir following impoundment: different
temporal response patterns of primary production and plankton biomass
with a predictive model for future trends 1619
Rubim, M.A.L. and M.A. Villacorta-Correa: Limnological
characterization of the lakes of black- and white-waters in the
central Amazonian, Brazil 1625
Jones, J.R.: Missouri reservoirs in the Glacial Plains: evaluating
small impoundments 1629
Lehmann, A., P. Stucki and Y. Gonseth: Generalized regression analyses
and spatial predictions of river fauna 1634
Maiolini, B. and L. Silveri: EPT species distribution in 108 Alpine
springs in Trentino (Italy) 1639
Ramcharan, C.W., R.D. Linley and B. Wissel: Diet and trophic position
of zooplankton, Chaoborus, and yellow perch as determined by stable
isotopes 1643
Cornett, J.A. and R.J. Cornett: A new technique for paleolimnology:
dating sediments using the optically stimulated luminescence signal
from diatom frustules 1649
Tarvainen, M., A.-M. Ventelä, H. Helminen and J. Sarvala: Selective
removal fishing – water quality and practical viewpoints 1653
Koncsos, L. and Z. Kozma: Use of a 1D hydrodynamic model for assessing
phytoplankton dynamics in Tisza River (Hungary) 1657
Jayanthi, M.: Trophodynamic interference of cyanotoxins on the growth
and reproduction of Heliodiaptomus viduus 1660
Salonen, K., M. Pulkkanen and P. Salmi: Humic fingers – water pockets
migrating through lake ice 1665
Jones, J.: Verhandlungen Epilogue 1671
Volume 30 lectures arranged alphabetically by author 1672