Jian Wang; Rui-Liang Zhu; Robbert Gradstein:

Taxonomic revision of Lejeuneaceae

subfamily Ptychanthoideae (Marchantiophyta) in China

2016. 141 pages, 2 tables, 50 plates, 14x21cm, 280 g
Language: English

(Bryophytorum Bibliotheca, Band 65)

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Bryologyliverwortsepiphytic floratropical forestsubtropical forest


Synopsis top ↑

This work is the first treatment of the Chinese members of the Ptychanthoideae, a subfamily of Lejeuneaceae, provides detailed descriptions and illustrations of 38 species from 11 genera. Lejeuneaceae are the species-richest family of liverworts and are an important component of the epiphytic fl ora of humid-tropical and subtropical forests. The genus Gradsteinianthus R.L. Zhu & Jian Wang bis is newly described based on molecular and morphological evidence. The molecular data also confirm the generic status of the monotypic Asian genus Tuzibeanthus. Frullanoides tristis, Schiff - neriolejeunea polycarpa, S. pulopenangensis and Thysanan thus convolutus are newly reported from China and the occurrence of Lopholejeunea applanata in China is confirmed. One species, Acrolejeunea sinensis, is exclusively known in China.
The present study confirms the taxonomic status of Caudalejeunea tridentata and the relationships of Ptychanthus and Tuzibeanthus by using evidence from three molecular markers (rbcL, trnL-F, nrITS) and morphological traits, improving the understanding of the diversity of Chinese Ptychanthoideae. It incorporates the most recent results of the ongoing revision of the genera of Ptychan thoideae based on morphology and molecular analysis.

Table of Contents top ↑

Summary 4
Introduction 4
Materials and methods 6
Sampling, DNA extraction and sequencing 6
Sequence alignment and phylogenetic analysis 6
Results 7
Molecular dataset 7
Morphology 8
Discussion 8
Taxonomic treatment 10
Key to genera of Ptychanthoideae in China 10
Acrolejeunea (Spruce) Steph 11
Key to Chinese species of Acrolejeunea 12
Caudalejeunea (Steph.) Schiff n 25
Frullanoides Raddi 27
Gradsteinianthus R.L.Zhu & Jian Wang bis, gen. nov 29
Lopholejeunea (Spruce) Steph 31
Key to Chinese species of Lopholejeunea 32
Mastigolejeunea (Spruce) Steph 43
Key to Chinese species of Mastigolejeunea 44
Ptychanthus Nees 49
Schiffneriolejeunea Verd 51
Key to Chinese species of Schiffneriolejeunea 52
Spruceanthus Verd 56
Key to Chinese species of Spruceanthus 57
Thysananthus Lindenb. 67
Key to Chinese species of Thysananthus 67
Tuzibeanthus S.Hatt 72
Doubtful and excluded records 74
Acknowledgements 76
References 77
Index of scientific names 83
Tables 1–2 87
Plates 1–50 91